Google Launches New Search 'Activity Cards' Feature For Easier History Browsing

Google is helping you out with all your search history needs! A lot of the time, we search some pretty silly things on Google, however, there are moments where we go in for some deep research on a topic we've really become focused on whether it be skincare, exercising, cooking, the best travel spots, or figuring out how to budget your life, Google is there for us!

Most of the time we can't search the web endlessly, and only wish to pick up searches where we left them off, however, with history getting deleted, or lost in the endless other searches or sites you've visited, it's not the easiest thing to accomplish. With that being said, Google is coming in for the save and introducing a brand new feature in search today.

According to The Verge, Google has launched a new feature that allows for easier and long-term research. The feature itself is called "activity cards" and can be used, and accessed as long as you are logged into your Google account. This feature will let you access your past history on a particular search topic right in the results tab!


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For example, if you were looking for a brand new skin care regimen or some new recipes to get things spiced up in the kitchen, your previous searches related to that very topic will become available at the top of your results. This makes things "easier to continue your exploration," says Google. Although we don't always want to keep things available and saved in our history or search results, you can always remove items from these "activity cards," and if you are not feeling the feature, you can turn it off completely.

In addition, pages that you have come across before can now be saved into a series of collections so that you can easily access them at a later date. This feature can be found on the menu on the left top corner of the results page, or at the bottom of your Google app, as it is also available on smartphones and tablets. These 'activity cards' are officially available right now on Google's mobile website for everyone across North America, all while an international rollout is expected to be released soon.


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