Staring At Screens Is Ruining Our Posture, But These Devices Are Designed To Fix It

Back problems are becoming an issue for people earlier and earlier in life, so it's probably about time we did something about it.

Technology is pretty incredible, and large chunks of society have become reliant on it. Where would we be without our smartphones and laptops? It's honestly hard to imagine a time before we had Netflix and Facebook. Were we just bored all of the time? As great as all of this tech is, it also comes with a price.

One of those prices that isn't getting much attention right now is the toll this tech is taking on our backs. Chances are when you use your phone, you are hunched over it looking down at the screen. Or when on your laptop, you're craning your neck forward without even realizing to get a better look. It might not take weeks, it might not take months, but eventually, that will take its toll on your back.

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Thankfully, there is even newer tech to counteract those effects, and Washington Post's Elizabeth Kiefer recently gave some of it a whirl. There are items which come in the form of straps, or posture correctors, which are basically backpacks without the actual pack. While not overly expensive, rather than actually correct your posture, it seems as if these items mostly just remind the user to sit up straighter.

For a little more money, you can buy yourself a gadget that does that for you. The Upright Go 2. A patch that goes right between your shoulder blades and connects to an app on your phone. Every time you're sitting poorly, the patch will vibrate to remind you to sit up straighter. Annoying, yes, but that's the point. Soon enough, you'll always sit properly. That's the hope, at least.

Fixing your posture, or preventing it from slipping to begin with, doesn't require tech, of course. There are stretches you can do and it is always advisable to get up and walk around on a regular basis if you work a job that has you sitting at a screen or a desk for hours at a time. As tech becomes more prominent, our posture is destined to worsen, but if we act now, we can make sure we don't get lumped in with everyone else.

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