New Typewriter With Modern Twist Is Perfect For Distracted Writers

Anyone who's done a lot of writing—be it for school, work, or another reason—knows that one of the biggest issues can be the many distractions that occur. They don't just slow down your work —  they can stop it altogether, making it difficult to get your writing done. Fortunately, Freewrite has managed to create a product that will get rid of such distractions, making it easier to get work done.

The Freewrite Traveler is akin to a typewriter from the past, but is clearly much more modern. It's a laptop-like word processor that only offers writing, and nothing else. For those who are still in school or write for a living to some degree, it's the perfect fit to get work done with little to no distractions. This includes no social media, no online shopping, and no computer games; all you can do is write.


The Freewrite Traveler contains both an E ink screen and full-sized keyboard, and is only available in white. You can open and close many "documents", and the product also autosaves everything you're working on. It also syncs to applications such as Dropbox. The editing functions have been improved upon to include virtual arrow keys, allowing you to scroll through the document you're working on. Hotkeys are also available to bring up research, outlines, or notes needed to help get your work done.

This new word processing product is good to write up work or papers on a whim or to edit existing documents. But those that need to make heavily researched pieces such as a thesis will probably need to stick with their laptop so they can access any online sources while writing. Still, if you're in a pinch and don't need WiFi right at that moment, then the Freewrite Traveler is a great choice to write away without running the risk of any distractions causing you to get sidetracked.

If you're interested in buying the Freewrite Traveler, you can back it on IndieGoGo for a reduced price of $279 USD. But if you buy it after the IndieGoGo campaign, it will retail for $599 USD.


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