This Eco-Friendly Notebook Made Of Stone Could Be The Last One You Buy

The phrase "set in stone" could be a reality for you if you want it to, although it won't mean the same thing given that, in this particular case, it's actually reversible.

The Rockbook, a notebook with pages made from actual stone, is now available and can be ordered from Mashable's online store.

Said pages are tear-resistant, waterproof, and mothproof. And anything written on there can be erased at the user's convenience using the rubber tip that comes with the included pen, a wet wipe, water or a hairdryer. You wouldn't have to worry about destroying the pages as they're waterproof - as mentioned previously - and extra durable.


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Writing on stone was always thought to be something of permanence. Yet, ironically, this novel product hands one the luxury of erasing and reusing pages so that it could be the last notebook he or she ever buys.

"Upgrade to a silky-smooth writing experience like no other with RockBooks, the ingenious eco-friendly notebooks with paper made from stone," the store's description reads.

"Amazingly smooth, tear-resistant, waterproof, and mothproof, RockBooks are a much smarter way to jot down your thoughts throughout the day; and they're completely rewritable when an erasable pen is used. This massive bundle includes an A5 RockBook, A6 RockBook, and two erasable pens."

In addition to not having to spend cash on a new notebook every time your pages are done, you'll be playing a small part in helping the environment out too.

via mashable.com

A current bundle from Mashable includes two RockBooks (A5 and A6) and two erasable black and blue pens for $60, 25 percent off the usual $80 price. You could also have six reusable whiteboards thrown in for an additional $5.

So if you feel like getting your Fred Flinstone on, or you'd just like to have a notebook you could use forever, this seems like just the thing. Whether it's worth the price or not is up to you.

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