10 Well-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin

Technology is a trend that’ll never go out of style, at least, not in this century. In recent years, we’ve been introduced to online streaming services, video phone chats, and HTC virtual realities... not to mention Elon Musk’s groundbreaking inventions of building an all-electric car that doesn’t suck. People have talked about a world ruled by machines and we’re already living it. It’s great that we have machines working for us but at some point, it gets a bit out of hand.

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For instance, several technological advancements have been made to improve the efficiency of money in the past century. We already have electronic transfers, online banking, and PayPal. The list continues with the addition of Bitcoin, which is a just a fancy term used to refer to digitalized money that can be used in everyday transactions. Bitcoin is so legit that even big-time corporations use them. Here are 10 notoriously-known companies that accept electronic cash.

10. Overstock

Given that the owner of Overstock.com is a big believer in crypto tech, we’re not surprised the company takes Bitcoin as payment. The CEO has supported Bitcoin since day one and so much so that in 2014, his company became the first online retailer to use the currency. He probably even shops with Bitcoin himself. Pretty much responsible for starting the trend of companies implementing Bitcoin as a payment option, Overstock.com has much to be proud of. They certainly have a large selection of household items to choose from. Just check out all the neat things they sell on their site. With the holidays right around the corner, people can be sure to spend a lot of Bitcoin this Christmas.

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9. Microsoft

This company has single-handedly dominated the world of computers since 1975 and continues to provide its customers the best technology has to offer. Microsoft has already introduced us to the amazing worlds of Xbox and Skype and now in 2018, they’re welcoming Bitcoin payers. Word of caution, those of us who don’t have an account should create one, otherwise they’ll be very confused when they get to the checkout page. Just go to the “Billing & Payment Options” section and click the “Redeem Bitcoin” option. The screen will prompt customers to add an additional $100 at a time using BitPay. Talk about convenient!

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8. Shopify

Shopping in stores is becoming a thing of the past as the trend of online shopping continues to grow. Thanks to online stores like Amazon and eBay, people can buy just about anything. They also get great deals on the merch they want and save big. Like eBay, Shopify is an electronic commerce company that allows its customers to build a business online and make a little cash on the side. Selling and buying on Shopify is as easy as clicking a button. The company itself, however, doesn’t accept Bitcoin as payment for professional fees, which is odd considering it’s an e-commerce store. Are we missing something here? Fortunately, there are several companies using Shopify’s platform that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. All hope is not lost!

7. CheapAir

Looking forward to vacationing in the Bahamas this Christmas? Last-minute travelers are in luck. CheapAir.com is the oldest travel site out there but that doesn’t mean they haven’t kept up with modern technology. While their prices aren’t as competitive as CheapOair.com, they are have snagged one of the top spots when it comes to travel sites accepting electronic cash payments. The site constantly boasts about their new payment method on their blogs. Other travel sites have only attempted at implementing electronic money into their site but later removed it. With almost everything being online these days, it’s hard not to understand why some companies just can’t get on board with accepting Bitcoin payers.

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6. Newegg

Another online retailer that is a big seller of computer hardware and electronics is Newegg.com. It is one of the biggest computer parts online store, and when we say they sell everything, we mean they sell virtually everything. Customers who love technology will love shopping on Newegg. They sell hard drives, desktop computers, laptops, headphones, remote-controlled garage openers, you name it. Like the other companies on this list, Newegg.com has made the shift to joining the rest of the businesses who accept Bitcoin cash. This electronic money is really stirring up buzz among these big companies! Now we just need to get stores like Walmart and Famous Footwear to accept Bitcoin.

5. Dish Network

With cable going out of business within the next few years, we’re not sure why Dish is sticking around. Considered one of the worst cable providers ever, Dish has made a comeback and this time, they’re here to stay. Customers may have made complaints about their cable going out during a rainstorm and the rudeness of their call center, but supposedly those problems have been taken care of. Supposedly, but we’re not convinced. The company has made some notable improvements and stayed relevant enough that they now accept Bitcoin as payment. This cable provider just doesn’t know when to quit.

4. Bitcoin.Travel

With the help of technology, traveling has never been easier. Since the holidays are right around the corner, customers might even be able to score few good travel deals. Bitcoin.Travel is not only the second oldest travel site on this list but they accept electronic cash as well. Hence the name Bitcoin in the website name. When booking on this site, people can find affordable flights, hotels and travel packages on Bitcoin.Travel’s partner sites, like Expedia or Orbitz. The only drawback to the site is learning how to read the military time for flights. Since this site is all about using electronic money, it’s only right we should try it out once.

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3. Lionsgate Films

Going to the movies is often treated as an event, rather than just a pastime. Reason being is that people have the alternative option of purchasing tickets online rather standing in line. They can now purchase their tickets ahead of time. It may cost a few cents more than paying for the tickets at the booth but at least we won’t miss the beginning credits. Lionsgate is the proud motion-picture company that brought us films such as The Hunger Games and The Day After Tomorrow and now they’re accepting Bitcoin. Not only can customers pay for the movies they want to watch, but they can also pay however they please.

2. Tesla

Honestly, we’re not surprised that Tesla welcomes Bitcoin payers. If we know anything about the company’s CEO Elon Musk, it’s that he has some serious forward thinking when it comes to high tech. Similar to Overstock’s CEO, Musk probably advocated for Bitcoin as well. Tesla may sell high-end, environmentally friendly and fancy cars and the company now allows its customers to buy them with Bitcoin. It only makes sense. Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and they welcome electronic money as currency, too. While it’s awesome that Tesla accepts electronic cash, it’ll take us years before we can afford these cars.

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1. WordPress

For those of us who are writers, WordPress is probably our go-to for writing all things. It not only gives us a chance to create a website, domain name and get our work out to the world but it also offers several plugins that help its users accept Bitcoin. This way retail websites using WordPress can accept the cryptocurrency from customers without a third-party service. WordPress now carters to all of our writing needs, helping us not only to become professional bloggers but also become entrepreneurs. With all the features WordPress has to offer, it is easily one of the best blogging sites yet to date. Now with the addition of Bitcoin, they’ve only gotten better.

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