These Earphones Are Almost Identical To AirPods In Every Way Except Price

If you want a pair of Apple's AirPods but can't afford the frankly extortionate price, then AirSounds Pro True Wireless Earbuds might be what you're been looking for.

Wireless technology is well and truly here and it is probably here to stay. We can play our consoles wirelessly, adjust our heating wirelessly, even charge our phones wirelessly. However, our favorite wireless tech to date has to be wireless earphones. No more tangled mess in our pockets every single time we put them in there.

The leader in the industry when it comes to wireless earphones is Apple. In September of 2016, the creators of the iPhone released the perfect companion in the form of AirPods. Wireless earphones that even come with a wireless case that charges them on the go. Users just need to remember to charge the Pods and the case while at home for maximum efficiency.

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There's one big problem with Apple's AirPods, the price. A pair of them will set you back $129.99 and let's be honest, even for the most up-to-date wireless technology, that's a lot of money. The number of people we see wearing AirPods continues to surprise us considering how much they cost. However, maybe all of those people knew the secret we're about to tell you before we did.

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There's a product on the market exactly like an AirPod in everything but creator and price reports the New York Post. The AirSounds Pro True Wireless Earbuds. As you can see above, they look identical to AirPods. They come with a wireless charging case and also provide lag-free Bluetooth 5.0 audio. A full charge will last four hours, and a further eight hours if you have a fully charged case in your pocket.

So now for the best part, and the bit you're all here for, exactly how much cheaper are AirSounds Earbuds compared to Apple's AirPods? Less than a third of the price at just $39.99. Plus, if you buy two pairs, they'll technically cost you even less as AirSounds will knock off $10 and sell them to you for $69.99. AirPods without the hefty price tag, you can definitely sign us up for a pair.

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