Catholic Church Blesses Pokémon Go-Like App Where Users Find Saints

There is a new app where users can find saints and donate to charity. It is a Pokémon Go like app released by the Catholic church.

The Vatican is not directly involved in the app, which was developed by a third party, but the app does have the blessing of the church. It is called JC GO. The name stands for Jesus Christ Go, and yes, it is a total play on the Pokémon Go game that swept the nation a couple of years ago.

It is a pretty clear concept. Instead of catching Pokémon, people will try to catch saints. Players can roam the world trying to catch these holy beings, as well as other biblical characters to join their evangelization team.

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The big difference is that instead of attacking the characters, players have to answer questions before they can officially join the team. Each question has to do with quotes from the bible and other religious quiz questions.

There are various other aspects to JC GO that allows players to eat, drink and pray throughout the game, meaning virtual water, food and spirituality can be collected. When a player engages in any of these activities their stats go up.

Fundación Ramón Pané, a Catholic, evangelical group, is the developer behind the app. The company wanted it to be available for World Youth Day 2019, which is a Catholic youth event that will take place in Panama in January.

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Jesus Christ Go also encourages real-life worship. For example, if a player passes a church, they are encouraged to say a prayer. Plus, there is an option to donate to various religious charities through the app.

The new game was released on Spanish and Italian on Oct. 19, 2018. According to BBC News, English and Portuguese versions are scheduled to be launched soon. Fundación Ramón Pané revealed the goal of the new game is to teach players of all ages about the Catholic faith.

It is a fascinating concept but has received mixed reviews from players, which is typical of a lot of apps but something to keep in mind if you are interested in trying it out. What are your thoughts on the new Catholic Pokémon Go-like app?


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