Next Batman Arkham Game Could Be Announced At VGAs [Rumor]

It's been four and a half years now since Batman: Arkham Knight was released, and fans of the popular video game franchise have anxiously awaited for the announcement of another installment.

There have been several teases and rumors throughout the years, but nothing has come to fruition yet. And for what it's worth, Kevin Conroy (who voiced Batman in three of the four video game installments) has already stated that he won't be voicing the character in another game.

Well, fans of the series can get excited again, because another report suggests that we could finally be getting a sequel after nearly five years of waiting.

According to Coby from The Daily Wire, the first trailer for a game called Batman: Arkham Legacy will be shown at The Game Awards.

Last month, a Twitter user named Sabi (who's leaked correct video game information before) also suggested that the next Batman game would be called Arkham Legacy. Other than the title of the rumored game, there aren't many details in regards to what the premises of Arkham Legacy could be.

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If WB Games Montreal is producing another game, it's anybody's guess when it would take place. It could be a followup to their Arkham Origins game, or it may take place after Arkham Knight, which ended on a cliffhanger.

We'll just have to wait and see if there's a big announcement at The Game Awards, but fans of the series have good reason to get excited again. Let's hope that the latest report about another Arkham game rings true this time around.

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