Turns Out Humans Might Not Be As Adept At Stopping An Asteroid Hitting Earth As We Thought

A recent simulation predicting what might happen if we tried to stop an asteroid colliding with Earth did not warrant great results.

There is an awful lot of space beyond our own atmosphere, and although we are gradually beginning to find out a lot more about it, there is still pretty much an infinite amount we are yet to even see. What we also worry/wonder about is some of that undiscovered space finding us first. In this instance, we don't mean aliens, but asteroids.

For most of us, all we know about asteroids colliding with Earth and how to potentially stop that from happening we have learned from movies. However, scientists across the world have been putting potential asteroid stopping methods into practice, at least theoretically. In fact, that was the focal point of the recent International Academy of Astronautics' Planetary Defense Conference, reports Space.com.


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At the conference, different professionals from various fields conducted a simulation depicting what might happen should they try to stop an asteroid from colliding with Earth. Although we have the science and the know-how to do it, the plans we currently have in place might not necessarily work. For starters, during the simulation, of the six spacecraft that were launched, only three made it to the theoretical asteroid.

The good news is that those three spacecraft managed to alter the asteroid's path enough that it would no longer collide with its original target, Denver, Colorado. However, the alteration meant that it would hit New York City instead. No offense to the good people of Denver, but due to NYC being far more densely populated, that would really only made matters worse.

The good news is, and we must stress this, that it is all entirely theoretical. Scientists are currently unaware of any large asteroids being on a collision course with Earth. However, as the movies have taught us, it is far better to be prepared for something that might never happen than to be unprepared if it does happen. If an asteroid comes knocking, we want to get rid of it, not just divert it to another part of the world.


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