Artificial Intelligence Technology Is Helping Musicians Become Even Better

Musicians are now using artificial intelligence in order to master millions of songs! Whether you listen to music on Spotify, Apple Music, the car radio, or those good ole’ fashion CD’s, then it’s important to know just how much goes into those songs you are listening to. From the writing, producing, and performing aspects of song making, there are countless invisible forces that go into the making of music, including audio mastering!

This finishing touch on a song is a process that smoothens out the song and “optimizes the listening experience on any device”, making it sound smooth and crisp on whichever platform you are listening to it on. Although this has been done by humans in the past, as of recently, new artificial intelligence algorithms are starting to work their way into the world of music.

Thomas Birtchnell, a researcher at the University of Wollongong in Australia, explains how “mastering is a bit of a black art”, and although we do this very day, don’t have a clear understanding of what mastering does, it is proven to make music come back sounding much better, he claims. Now that AI-based mastering is taking the industry by storm, many newer and younger artists are resorting to us LANDR to master the tracks that they release to get their names out there.


LANDR, which is a mastering service that uses AI technology, offers a monthly service that costs $9 for four tracks. The traditional methods of song mastering take place in a room with “specialized acoustics”, allowing those who are listening to the music to hear any flaws in the music, from glitches, issues in stereo balance, any pops and cracks in the music, which can then be mastered in order to sound pristine!

However, with the emergence of LANDR, which was first launched back in 2014, more than 2 million musicians have used its music creation platform to master about 10 million sounds, according to Discover Magazine. In this very case, a simple algorithm that does it for a fraction of the cost is ultimately replacing the use of an acoustic room, and specialized humans who have an ear to point out any musical flaws! Although this isn’t the best news for those who specialize in musical mastering, this only goes to show just how far we have come in the world of AI.

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