Artificial Intelligence Will Talk Over Half Of All Tasks By 2025

With science and technology making major moves recently, we can expect massive changes in the future, one of which will be our own jobs.

Huge strides have been taking place in the emergence and growth of Artificial Intelligence and as astonishing as AI may appear, it turns out, they may be the downfall of millions of peoples jobs. According to DailyMail, more than half of all tasks within the workplace will be taken over by machines by the year 2025. Yikes!

If anyone has seen I, Robot, then this is definitely not looking too great. The World Economic Forum recently announced an interesting, yet scary piece of information regarding the growth of artificial intelligence. They revealed that AI and robots will kill off nearly 75 million jobs worldwide by 2022, and even more for years to come after.


Via DailyMail

The World Economic Forum isn't the only ones making such drastic claims, the Swiss non-profit also believed that as many as 133 million new jobs will be created by machines themselves in that same timeframe. It appears that us humans will need to revamp our skills in order to keep our spot secured in the workplace. Many are referring to this change as a “seismic shift,” in how we humans work with machines, and we could not agree more.

We have relied on that work of machines for decades upon decades, so it is no surprise that a time would eventually come for them to complete tasks with no human involvement necessary. The impact AI and robots will have on human employment, may come as a scare to many, and although jobs are at stake, we shouldn’t be too worried just yet.

Via DailyMail

With jobs that require interpersonal “human skills” from sales, marketing, and customer service, need qualities that AI hasn’t mastered just yet. As for many other trades, many believe that it will be necessary for us to retrain ourselves and update skills in areas that require a lot of “creativity, critical thinking, and persuasion,” much of which AI hasn’t mastered.

As for retraining many in other fields, a study shows that as many as 54 percent of the global workforce will require a form of retraining to take on new roles as AI and machines rise. As great as it may be, we can’t say we’re all that excited to know they’ll be taking over in due time.


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