The New Apple Watch Has Serious Benefits For Your Heart

If you have ever wanted an Apple watch, this is going to be the time to get one. The new Apple Watch Series 4 has some serious benefits for your heart.

Although all smartwatches have a heart monitor function, the Apple Watch Series 4 goes above and beyond with some even calling it a heart doctor on your wrist. Now they that seems crazy that a device you wear on your wrist could be as good as a doctor and it isn't as good but it the functionality to save your life.


There are advanced heart-monitoring features on the new watch that make it so helpful for anyone who stays up on their health. Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams explained some of these functions when the new series was announced earlier this month. One significant benefit, according to PopSugar, is at any time you can do an electrocardiogram or ECG, which can be used to help identify signs of a heart attack.

Another great health benefit of the Apple Watch is that it can detect an irregular heartbeat rhythm. This functionally is important because it can help identify conditions such as atrial fibrillation, which can cause a stroke. Merely knowing that you are experiencing an irregular heartbeat is fantastic because it will alert you to call a doctor immediately or go to the emergency room.

The watch still has the functionality to alert you when your heart rate is too high will be available in the new series. However, it has also gotten an enhancement. There is also an alert for when your heart rate is too low. Both are imperative in helping you stay healthy.

One of the best benefits of the watch is that not only can it detect when you fall, but it will also call 911 if you do not answer an alert in a specified amount of time. Therefore, if you have a condition that knocks you unconscious and no one else is around the watch will get help for you.

Those who are impressed by these benefits of the Apple Watch Series 4, and let's be honest, who isn't? Can check them out for themselves now. The watches are currently for purchase, $399 for GPS models and $499 for cellular models.


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