Apple Music Will Finally Work On Android Tablets

Android lovers will soon be able to access Apple music on their tablets. The exciting news comes three years after the music became available on Android phones.

It used to be that you were either an Android lover or an Apple lover. However, these days people are more open to trying the competition. There is less loyalty which is forcing both companies to find ways to intergrade their products, while still trying to keep an edge in the marketplace.


According to The Verge, Apple music is just about ready to be supported by Android tablets. The app is currently only available to beta testers and is finalizing a few changes for the official release. Version 2.7 will have a navigation tool at the bottom, as opposed to the hamburger at the top left corner. The changes are reportedly happening to make the app more comfortable to use on Android devices with larger screens.

Both Apple and Android tablets are in high demand. Apple might be slightly more popular than Android. However, over the past few years, Android tablets have certainly taken a bite out of the iPad market.

Therefore, this update will be beneficial for those non-IOS users. Verizon is currently offering a six-month Apple music membership to its customers. Those who prefer the Android products now have the option of trying Apple music for free. Incorporating Apple Music to other non-IOS products is a smart move on the company's part. If Apple music wants to keep up with Spotify and Pandora, then the app needs to work on non-IOS devices.

Along with being added to Android tablet's, Apple announced last week its music will also be coming to Amazon Echo. The news is further proof that the company is working hard to get their music supported on all devices. It is all about opening up various platforms so that Apple music can be played on them. People will then hopefully choose Apple music over those other music playing apps on their devices.

What do you think about Apple music being supported on Android tablets? If you are an Android user, does it make a difference to you?


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