Apple’s Next iPhone Could have Double The Battery Life

The future looks bright when it comes to the battery life of the next generations of iPhones and smartphones in general.

The technology we hold in the palms of our hands in 2018 via our smartphones is pretty remarkable. Technology continues to develop rapidly in a number of fields but none quite as fast as the cell phone industry. Gone are the days of having to press one button four times just to get the letter S, and having nothing but SMS and Snake when it came to apps.

There is one thing the cell phones of the past had over the smartphones of the present though, battery life. How often did we need to charge our old Nokia 3310s? If we stumbled across one in the attic right now it would most likely still have a couple of bars of power left. The iPhone on the other hand, well you're lucky to get a day's charge out of it, especially after the admission by Apple that it updated older models to run slower because of aging batteries.


via t3.com

However, Apple is now on a mission to make good. According to T3, the next iPhones to hit our shelves and our hands will have an improved battery life. A processor upgrade in the new iPhone will apparently result in a 40% power reduction meaning that in turn, battery life will be enhanced.

On the surface, it sounds as if Apple is merely sacrificing power to make the battery last longer but that's not so. The new processor should actually make the phone run 20% faster than the current latest model thanks to a new 7nm process Apple is using to make the new chips smaller and more efficient. All pretty impressive and some much needed good news following Apple's aforementioned recent admissions.

As always, however, there is a catch. One of the main reasons these changes need to be made is because the launch of 5G is fast approaching. Networks will reportedly start using 5G as soon as 2019. That means smartphones will need more power, and hence more battery life, to keep up with the improved speeds. So in reality, the new iPhone will be faster and more powerful, but when using 5G it will likely feel the same as the one you have now.


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