Apple Introduces A Slew Of New Emojis

Just when you thought there was an emoji for literally everything you could possibly feel, Apple hits us with more than 70 new ones.

Like almost everything on Earth, the way in which we communicate with one another has evolved. Also like many other things around the world, the rate at which it has evolved continues to get faster and faster. The telephone was invented during the 19th century and even though it wasn't improved upon for decades after that, nowadays it is improved upon so much that it is almost impossible to keep up with.

While the telephone was invented to make it easier for people to talk to each other, it has now reached a point where receiving a call on the phone is almost alien to some people. Fewer and fewer people use phones to actually, well, phone one another in the present day. It's a means for us to instant message each other, use social media, manage our finances. Basically, smartphones dictate our entire lives.


Moving away from actually talking on the phone isn't enough for some, and the rise of the emoji has led to us not even needing to type. Emojis began with us having to create them out of symbols, now though, there are hundreds of specially created ones at our very fingertips. Sad? Show it with an emoji. Angry? There's an emoji for that. Poop with a smiley face? Apple has you covered.

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In fact, Apple is about to have you even more covered. Cnet reported earlier this week that the masterminds behind the iPhone are about to roll out 70 brand new emojis when the iOS 12.1 update drops. New additions will include a lobster, a sliced bagel, a llama for all you Fortnite fanatics, and a freezing blue face just in time for winter.

Don't go rooting around on your iPhone for the new emojis just yet. They are currently available in the iOS 12.1 beta, but the update has not yet been rolled out to everybody. If the continued rise of emojis has you with your head in your hands worrying about the fate of humanity, we may have a fix for you. Ancient Egyptians communicated via pictures known as hieroglyphs and that era is considered to be one of the most innovative in all of human history. Just try to view emojis as 21st-century hieroglyphs, if you can.

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