Apple Delays FaceTime Update Featuring Group Chat

Apple has announced something that is sure to create a sense of sadness in a lot of people, at least those of us who may have desperately wanted group-chat on FaceTime. It's a popular app that allows people to communicate, but it won't get that feature.

The original service was supposed to come out in IOS 12 but has since been moved onto an unknown future update. We do know if it should be part of an update later this fall, this means that it's not completely out of the picture just yet, so there's still hope.

The feature is also going to have an option to allow up to thirty-two people in the same video call.  According to The Verge, it has been reported that the user would also be able to highlight a specific person in the main interface since their faces are in a tile format.

This delay could do some damage to the FaceTime user needs. Many people do video calls, especially with large volumes of people, although it's rare to see thirty-two since it can get extremely chaotic in a hot second. If these people can only do one on one calls, as it's generally been popular for, FaceTime could see a drop in people using its service. This is especially true if Apple would like to try and get many companies to run video conferences.


Via TechCrunch

Other than that, Apple is late to the game. A feature like this one may have been revolutionary five to eight years ago, but it has since turned into a standard feature. Even Discord has got a video option now and its service is well-known for the quality and simplicity as well as it's ability to have a large volume of people in the same call.

This can be a bad thing if Apple delays it too much longer. It means that people might eventually just get tired of waiting. However, many could stay since FaceTime is known for its quality, and it could be worth the extra few years it took for group-chat to come to the app.

Apple likely had to hold off on the release of it because of an issue that might have made it rather unusable. If so, these moves make total sense since the launch of the feature may have been terrible. This is also something that many developers might do because they don't want to release an unfinished product or just one that has tons of bugs in it. It could be a move that Apple is taking to make sure a quality product is going out on the market.


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