Amazon Exec Hyped Up New Echo Buds While Wearing AirPods

Handy tip: if you're bigging up your company's new product on live TV, don't openly use the established product it will be competing against.

As technology develops quicker than we can keep up with it, one thing has become abundantly clear. People hate wires. The internet is wireless, console controllers are wireless, even our earphones are now wireless. While there are a number of different wireless earphones on the market, it's pretty clear that Apple's AirPods are by far the most popular choice.

That won't stop other companies from stepping up to the plate, though. In fact, Amazon recently revealed a product that might well rival Apple's AirPods. They're called Echo Buds and appear to be very similar to Apple's offering. The new tech was unveiled earlier this week via a special event held by Amazon, reports 9to5mac.

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Later that day, Amazon executive Dave Limp appeared on Bloomberg to big up and help sell his company's brand new Echo Buds. As you'd expect from a man in his position, Limp did a terrific job of flaunting the earphones, explaining they're pros and revealing that they will retail at $129.99, so quite a bit cheaper than Apple's AirPods. There was one big problem, Limp was using AirPods during the interview.

via Bloomberg

That's right, an Amazon executive was wearing AirPods during a live interview during which he was trying to sell the product that will be Apple's direct competitor. A pretty big slip up, but as has been pointed out since the footage aired, it might not have been Limp's fault. Bloomberg may have handed him the single AirPod that could be seen in his ear, and he might not have had any say in the matter.

This isn't the first time an Apple product has been used to advertise something being released by a rival. Celebrities often try to hype Android products but fail to hide the fact they are doing so on an iPhone. Chances are this slip-up won't affect Echo Bud sales too much. It's more amusing than detrimental, and perhaps Limp simply needs to preorder his own Echo Buds as he clearly doesn't have a pair yet. Just don't use an iPhone to do it.

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