Amazon Alexa Can Help You Stay Fit

Amazon Alexa can do so many things to make your life easier, but did you know she could also help you stay fit?

Oh yes, Alexa isn't just for playing music, turning on lights or answering your questions. She is also a fitness coach that helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. Think of Alexa as your own personal trainer in the privacy of your own home and one you don't have to share with anyone else.

Alexa has several apps and functionalities that inspire an athletic and holistic approach to life. There are seven-minute workouts for those who are in a time crunch. Instead of blowing off your workout because you are limited on time, turn to one of Alexa's quick routines. She also offers HIT programs such as HiFi and a yoga workout Easy Yoga for those who have more time but don't want to go to the gym.



It is easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to fitness. The motivation to get back in the game is tough, but Alexa can help with both. Her Healthy Habit Skills section is designed to help those struggling by taking baby steps back to leading a healthier lifestyle. Some of her tips include reminding you to drink more water and avoid sugar. Each day, Alexa will share a new healthy tip to get and keep you motivated.

One of the best features about using Alexa to stay fit is she can tell you the calories in any food. Tracking calories are not always easy and can be annoying. However, with Amazon Alexa, all you have to do is ask, and she will tell you. There is no writing it down or looking it up on the Internet; she does it all. Seriously this function alone is worth buying Alexa.

Amazon Alexa and fitness go hand in hand. She can be synced with a Fitbit or other similar health monitors. There are so many functions Alexa has to help you stay fit, including sleep monitoring, motivation, and practicing deep breathing. Honestly, she is better than a personal trainer and makes a great fitness coach.

Would you use Alexa to stay fit?


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