Amazon Alexa Can Now Work On Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass and Amazon Alexa now have something in common, each other.

Remember during the 1990s when the singing fish was all the rage? Well, now thanks to technology, that big guy is about to have another hay day. Big Mouth Billy Bass now connects to Alexa's voice assistant. The fish's lips move every time Alexa's voice gives a command, pretty cool right?


Since the fish is connected to Alexa, it can answer any question that you ask it. Plus, the fish will also sing an original song called Fishin' Time. For the fish to work properly, it must be hooked up to an Amazon Echo. However, once connected, there is no stopping the fun you can have by asking Alexa answers that will come out of the fish's mouth. Want to listen to Amazon music? No problem, the new random device can do that, and it will even dance along with you.

If you are thrilled about Big Mouth Billy Bass can connect to Alexa; you can get one right now. The fish now for sale on Amazon for the low price of $39.99. Remember it has to be connected to an Echo, which will add to the expanse if you do not currently own one. It would definitely make a hilarious and fun Christmas present.

There are two other weird and random devices that soon have Alexa's voice assistant. According to USA Today, both the Santa and Christmas Bear has arrived just in time for the holiday season. Both items are paired with Alexa voice commands via Bluetooth. They each lip-sync Alexa's verbal responses. The best part is both Santa and Christmas Bear will twerk when music is played through Amazon music. Each one is on sale now for only $39.99 on Amazon, but again you must have a compatible Echo device for the features to work correctly.

Amazon Alexa has taken on a few random devices, including Big Mouth Billy Bass, to make her even more entertaining. It will be interesting to see what new item will be released next. What do you think about the fish being able to lip sync Alexa's answers?

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