A $0.99 Upgrade Will Bring Samuel L. Jackson's Voice To Alexa For You

Amazon is bringing actor Samuel L. Jackson's voice to Alexa and owners of the device will be able to have the star swear at them for a 99-cent upgrade if they feel so inclined.

According to Deadline, Jackson is one of several celebrities to lend his voice to Alexa and Amazon's kicking things off with the veteran actor, with other notable personalities to join him next year.

So if perhaps you've gotten bored of Alexa's current soothing voice, a one-time payment of just $1 will let you converse with the MCU star all day. You'll also have two options at your disposal - explicit and non-explicit - but let's be real, no one really wants to hear a non-explicit Samuel L. Jackson. What's the point of having his voice booming from your device if you don't get to hear him call you a mother-effer?

Per Deadline's report, Jackson will be able to tell you jokes, report the weather conditions, become your personal DJ, as well as do a lot more.

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Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities will lend their voices to Amazon’s Alexa devices in a new feature that will be available as a 99-cent upgrade, the tech giant announced at a major product reveal in Seattle.

Other celebrities’ voices will be added next year. The company has recently amped up its affiliations with A-listers in its marketing efforts for Alexa, including Super Bowl ads featuring the likes of Harrison Ford, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins.

Jackson “can tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more – all with a bit of his own personality,” according to the company’s official blog post. The company plans two versions of his voice — “explicit and non-explicit.”

- via Deadline

Amazon also announced updates for its Echo Show devices and a $59 version of the Echo Dot featuring a clock for bedstands.

The company unveiled new Echo units like Studio, Glow, Flex and Bose-powered earbuds called Echo Buds too.

So, if for some reason, you've always yearned for your Alexa to boss you around like Nick Fury does Peter Parker, then you're in luck. Don't ignore it.

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