Alexa Gets New 'Delete What I Said Today' Command

So Amazon's Alexa is now able to delete your history via a voice prompt, to the relief of just about everyone who owns the nifty device (via Techcrunch).

When it comes to Google and Alexa searches, there are people who would probably rather accept a prison sentence than have their histories revealed. And where Alexa is concerned, it's not just a search history that's at stake, random conversations within the home are also picked up.

Google has long had the option to clear your search history - on your end at least - and Alexa's had the ability to do so for some time now too. But now, owners are able to simply speak it into fruition.

That much was subtly announced as part of Wednesday's Echo Show 5 announcement, along with a few other novel security features. To stray a bit, there's also a built-in camera shutter on the new smart display. But Alexa users are likely to be more excited about the commands that allow them to delete recordings.

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The "Alexa delete what I said today" rolled out on Wednesday, while the "Alexa delete what I just said" will become available in the US and other countries where smart assistant works sometime next month.

The new function works in the same manner as selecting the delete option works via the app and starts the process immediately following the vocal command.

Amazon has long claimed that it does not actively record conversations and protects records on encrypted servers. However, the fact that Alexa is always on has raised alarm among customers.

This new addition is in response to such concerns as Amazon looks to qualm fears and give users more control over what the device keeps.

Of course, there are skeptics who will doubt that the device will actually delete recordings from its servers even if they're cleared on the hardware itself.

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