Boring 3D Robotic Rubik's Cube Can Solve Itself

The world of science and tech is truly changing everything, as we know it, creators are even going as far as self-solving Rubik’s cubes! Do you remember the traitorous task of having to solve those never-ending colorful cubes? Competitions occur across the globe where participants are recorded for how fast they could solve these pesky little games, well, now it appears that we don’t have to solve them anymore.

A scientist has built a Rubik’s cube that can easily solve itself! Although it may sound cool, what is the fun in that? The toy, which has a 3D-printed robotic core, can complete its own iconic puzzle in a shocking 30 seconds! That’s right, the cube moves into formation as it solves its own puzzle in just half a minute.

This format of the Rubik’s cube contains two internal servomotors where the entire system runs on a micro-controlling Arduino board that is small enough to fit inside the original product. The game, which first surfaced in 1974, is the product of Japanese creator and YouTube vlogger, the ‘Human Controller”. The creator uploaded the process of his creation to his YouTube channel last month, displaying the impressive scenes which show the cube flipping and rotating all on its own, allowing it to solve the puzzle.


The video gained a whopping 500,000 views since its release last month, and continued to grow in viewership each day. Although it remains uncertain as to how the 3D Rubik’s Cube works exactly, it’s assumed that artificial intelligence plays a massive role in completing its sequence of turns and wiggles into place. The cube can essentially remember how to manually twist itself from it’s “normal” to “solved” state, and to think I can’t even get it sorted.

The Rubik’s Cube, which is considered to be the world’s best-selling toy to date, is continuing to sell just as much this time around, considering that over 350 million units have been sold worldwide since 2009. As mentioned previously, people compete in solving the cube as fast as possible, and just earlier this year, an Australian man did it in as little as 4.22 seconds!

Although the self-solving cube can do it in 30, it has nothing on our Aussie friend down under! The cube seems like it’s fun, but the creepy act of solving itself is something that may not appeal to everyone.


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