30 Inventions From Marvel Fans Wish They Could Own

When the Marvel Universe was created in 1961, technology was in what we might call the stone ages. Ideas like handheld phones, people talking through TV screens and mini-computers were considered pure science fiction. Over the decades, technology has shifted majorly and Marvel has been smart being not just at the forefront but ahead of the curve. It’s justified as there are several utter geniuses about like Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and others to explain some major advances. Some fans may nitpick on it such as how these guys can create ultra-genius stuff but can’t fix simple problems of diseases or environmental issues.

But this is still a universe of amazing things, which is needed when you have mutants, monsters and aliens walking the streets. From suits of armor to handheld weapons, from simply mundane devices made awesome, to some vehicles, the Marvel Universe abounds with technologies fans wish they had. The movies have done a great job bringing them to life and balancing them in a realistic fashion for non-comic book audiences to accept. Obviously, some of these are beyond our capabilities to create but others actually seem achievable.

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30 The Spider-Mobile


Okay, this one is just for the fun of it. In a 1973 storyline, a car company approached Spider-Man to craft a car as a promotional gimmick. Always in need of some cash, Spidey agreed despite the fact he didn’t even know how to drive (having long relied on web-swinging). He went to Johnny Storm for help but soon regretted it when he saw what Johnny built: A dune buggy with a spider-motif that Peter instantly called “a fiasco.”

True, it had nifty bits like being able to drive up buildings and could transform into a regular car for hiding. But it just looked ridiculous and thus Peter was downright grateful when a battle with thugs dropped it into the river. It became a running joke for years although it’s made a few surprising comebacks. Thus, some gearheads would be actually happy to get this nutty ride going for themselves.

29 Mandarin’s Rings

A lot of fans weren’t happy with how the MCU treated the Mandarin as a joke. That includes ignoring the man’s major power thanks to his weaponry. After losing power in the communist revolution, a Chinese nobleman found a temple containing the remains of an alien starcraft that crashed centuries before. He also found ten rings, each with their own unique power: Ice, a “black light,” lightning, wind, gravity, remaking atomic matter, disintegration, power blast and mental control. Since then, the Mandarin has used the rings in his attempts to establish a Chinese empire with himself as ruler.

He’s played around with them (even having them put into his own body for personal power) and even given them to others to use.

28 Kimoyo Beads


In African culture, Kimoyo beads are a common sight, used to show their heritage. In Wakanda, a country a century ahead of the rest of the world, they have a much different importance. The Black Panther movie showcases how these beads are used for a variety of things. They can be holographic communicators or beacons to locate people. Some warriors can turn them into mini-bombs or other devices. T’Challa himself is able to use them to form the nanotechnology to let his Panther suit flow over him in seconds. A single bead has more memory than a dozen computers, able to contain everything from a full medical history to accessing the Wakanda-only Internet which makes the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet feel like dial-up. It shows how Wakanda takes for granted technologies most of us will give an arm for.

27 The Bridge Viewer


It’s long been established that the Marvel Universe is only one of countless alternate realities. Specifically, the mainstream Marvel Universe is called Earth-616 with the movie world called Earth-19999. Some alternate Earths have their own titles like the Ultimate line and Spider-Gwen (where Gwen Stacy was bitten by that radioactive spider). Reed Richards has long been intrigued by these and built a “Bridge,” a device that allows him to observe these other universes. It can also be used to connect him to a few, leading to things like the “Council of Reeds,” a collection of Reeds from across realities.

To say this would be a must-have for people is an understatement. Historians and political junkies will want to see realities where history took a different turn. Sports folks will want to see worlds where, say, the Buffalo Bills won four straight Super Bowls or the Red Sox never sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. And many might just want to see how their own lives are different in other realities. “What if” is a question everyone has and this bridge can let them answer it.

26 Hoverchair

For years, Charles Xavier was using a regular wheelchair to get around, having lost the use of his legs in a battle. In the 1990s, Marvel boosted it by having him take on an advanced hoverchair. Besides looking a lot cooler, it was easier to use, allowing Xavier to skip over surfaces and of course be able to climb upstairs. It gained more fame in the 1990s animated series and a version popped up used by the future Xavier in Days of Future Past.

Quite a few folks who need wheelchairs would love to have something that can navigate rooms easily and get to higher places. Of course, some folks with perfectly good legs might also want it just for the comfort but either way, it shows how hover technology is a much-wanted item.

25 Image Inducer

Holograms are nice in our world but nowhere near as cool as the Marvel Universe. The image inducer first popped up in X-Men as Nightcrawler would use a device to make himself look normal. He gave it up as he felt it was more shameful to hide his true self but it pops up more as some mutants want to blend in better.

It can make a person look and sound like nearly anyone and in a near-perfect way so even up close, you can be fooled. It is obvious as to why people would want this. A lot of people are unhappy with their looks, so it makes sense that they would want to have something like this.

24 Cerebro


Technically, it’s only supposed to work on mutants but it can be tempting nonetheless. Created by Professor Charles Xavier to enhance his mental powers, Cerebro has been used by Xavier to locate mutants, both good and bad. The idea is that it’s best suited for telepaths as a normal person would be driven mad by millions of other thoughts in their head.

Obviously, it might be troubling for some people to know that one man can read all their thoughts. At the same time, there are hints it can be a help, as it has the power to reach the minds of people in comas and fix them. Reading people’s minds is a common wish of people, so this would definitely be high on the list of wants.

23 Falcon’s Wings


Originally, the Falcon wings were given to Sam Wilson by Captain America because Sam had a love for raising birds. Thus, the feathers were pretty much just for show. When Sam wanted to improve it, he went to the Black Panther, who crafted the actual wings to allow Sam to fly.

The MCU has made it a bit simpler with the idea that the Falcon suit was a military creation that basically turns Sam into a one-man jet and he’s used it quite well.

22 Energy Shield


In a 1995 storyline, Captain America found himself framed for treason and forced to go on the run. During this, Steve Rogers found a device which created a photon energy shield capable of absorbing energy and could also create some solid objects for attacks. Cap used it again later when he lost his original shield and it was later used by others like US Agent and the Falcon. It recently popped up used by Phil Coulson on Agents of SHIELD to show it works in the MCU. It’s a cool bit, this energy shield able to pop up out of nowhere and used to defend or just holding back the rain to be a fun addition to your personal arsenal.

21 Yaka Arrow

The character of Yondu was majorly changed from the comics to the screen. In the original comics, he was a noble warrior using a bow and arrow and a mostly solemn figure. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie turned him into a rough and tumble crook but with a good side deep down. What stays is the Yaka arrow, a creation of Yondu’s people. Once fired, it can be controlled by whistling to streak about in any way Yondu wants.

While the comics used it simply, the movies really boosted it up with a memorable scene of Yondu using it to take out an entire ship full of mercenaries with ease.

20 Goblin Glider


More than one person has noted that Norman Osborn could have made another fortune by trademarking and manufacturing this glider. Of course, the fact the man is insane plays into why it never became a big deal. The chief vehicle for the Green Goblin, this glider allows him to fly about at high speeds, take turns tightly and basically a one-man flying motorcycle. It can even be remote controlled to attack when Norman is on foot.

Another version was used by the Hobgoblin and a few other versions have popped up after that. Its capabilities and speed are very good and it always gives Spider-Man a hard time.

19 Life Model Decoys


In our world, robots look like…well, robots. Even those that look like humans are still obviously mechanical and easily spotted as fakes. In the Marvel world, lifelike human robots are a common sight. SHIELD has the Life Model Decoys, often copies of Nick Fury that he uses to fool enemies.  His successor, Maria Hill, copied that which saved her life a few times.

An entire storyline of Agents of SHIELD has the team coping with such enemies making it hard to tell who is who. Bad guys use them too, notably Doctor Doom’s numerous robot copies who are programmed to act and think just like him.

18 Flying Cars


The very first SHIELD story has Nick Fury being chased in a car by HYDRA agents. Fury is jarred when his driver hits a switch and the car’s tires flip over, turning into air-jets that send the car flying into the air. Since then, the cars have been a staple for SHIELD, changed from air-jets to hover technology. The sight of a normal-looking car just taking flight is brilliant and the creators of Back to the Future have admitted it inspired the flying DeLorean.

Agents of SHIELD even used it. Anyone who has been in a long traffic jam wishes they could just take off and fly right over it which means a SHIELD car would be a major grab for any gearhead.

17 Iron Man Armor

It’s a lot more complex than it may seem but come on, who wouldn’t want a massive suit of high-tech armor? For decades, Tony Stark has been utilizing these as Iron Man and is constantly updating them with the latest in technology. He has a variety of suits for special missions from deep space to the ocean depths, a “stealth suit” and more. There are also versions like War Machine, Iron Patriot, Rescue and more.

It’s been noted it’s trickier than it seems to pilot it with the helmet and controls. However, the idea of flying through the air in this suit is something worth paying for and that’s without its variety of fancy tricks.

16 Nanotech


Marvel is always way ahead of the curve on tech. Nanotech is an obvious case. The idea is “nanites,” which are small devices, can restructure matter at a molecular level. While there are boosts in our world, for the most part, it’s experimental. In the Marvel Universe, it’s as common as lawn grass.

A big example was in Infinity War when Iron Man forms his new armor over himself in seconds using it. He’s not alone as quite a few heroes (and villains) use it for the same purpose. It’s almost become a be-all answer as nearly any wild technology can be hand-waved off as nanotech to create suits, weapons, vehicles and more. It’ll probably take a long time for us to get there but being able to form an entire outfit in an instant is an obvious way to save on luggage.

15 Robotic Hands


In our world, prosthetics are a pretty rough thing. They are making progress but artificial limbs are still fake looking and rough. In the Marvel Universe, robot or bionic arms and hands are a common thing. The Winter Soldier boasts an artificial arm and Misty Knight lost an arm herself with a replacement that looks just like the real thing.

It’s been used on Agents of SHIELD with Coulson boasting a hand that looks like the real thing. They even have cloned flesh so it feels real as well and even better. We’re a long way from that but it is definitely something that people would love in the real world.

14 The Tesseract

iron man wiki

Obviously, the implications of this are mind-blowing and more than a little dangerous. Yet it’s also an invention a lot of folks would pay a hefty price for. Created by the techno-terrorist group AIM, the Tesseract has been through a lot of versions and various forces. It basically allows a person to rewrite reality to their specifications. SHIELD once used it to craft a “prison town” where super-villains were made to believe they were normal citizens.

The Red Skull infamously used it to rewrite Captain America’s memories so he thought he was a lifelong HYDRA agent. Of course, there’s always a downside as even if someone has the best intentions, the Tesseract has a way of twisting them in bad ways.

13 Healing ray machine


Doctor Doom is a genius to be sure but also a man convinced that only he knows how best to save the world. Thus, it’s indicated that Doom has come up with a lot of stuff that could be a boon to the planet but keeps it to himself. A key example was when the X-Men were forced to go to him for aid with Storm having sustained a brutal burn on her arm. It would have taken the best hospitals on Earth years of treatment to help her.

Doom, meanwhile, uses a ray device that within hours has restored Storm with no sign of injury. The X-Men himself note how many lives could be saved by Doom sharing this but he just brushes it off nothing that “they’re not worthy.”

12 Jet Powered Skates


This may look goofy but also fun. It was a common thing used by Iron Man in the 1960s and while it’s long faded, it’s been brought back a few times. The idea is nutty but yes, Tony Stark would allow roller skate wheels to pop out of his boots and then use his armor to rocket power himself along the streets.

Tony admitted he could easily fly but he got a bit of a kick out of doing this. Plus, it could be a surprisingly effective charge attack against some enemies to take them by surprise. More than a few skating buffs would love the chance to take off at such high speeds and use them for some epic stunts to give skating a wild edge.

11 Arc Reactor

Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Fandom

True, the way it was created was rough. But the arc reactor has become a key part of the Iron Man mythos. When he was captured by terrorists, a badly wounded Tony Stark crafted a personal engine to keep his heart going. It also formed the basis for what would become his Iron Man armor and still helps Tony out. It can be very beneficial (protecting him from Loki’s mind control) and Tony has done his best to use it in other ways.

The idea of a clean energy source is highly interesting and the potential for how it could be used is nearly limitless. Sure, there are drawbacks to having the equivalent of a mini-nuclear reactor in your chest but some folks may be willing to risk.

10 Adamantium


Created by a rogue scientist, adamantium is said to be the hardest metal ever created. The iconic hero Wolverine is a mutant who got injected with the metal so that his entire skeleton would have adamantium on it. His arch-enemy Sabretooth got the same treatment as did the twisted Lady Deathstrike with her claws.

In real life, the applications of it would be terrific. Imagine how many billions could be saved in infrastructure by building bridges or buildings out of it. Or just crafting an impressive decoration for your house. Either way, an unbreakable metal is something a lot of folks would give a lot to own.

9 Captain America’s shield


It’s one of the most iconic sights not just in Marvel but in all of comics. Originally, Captain America had a metallic triangle shield, good to use but not too effective. It was switched to a disc version as Jack Kirby liked the idea of Cap being able to use it for defense and throw it for attacks. The shield was an accidental merging of vibranium and other elements that made it the ultimate defensive weapon.

Cap’s used a few versions but this remains one of a kind. He’s leant it to others like Bucky and Falcon when they took on the role but considers it almost a part of himself. There are a few copies around but the real deal would be something any Marvel fan would pay to own.

8 Avengers ID Cards


Back in the 1990s, this was truly mind-blowing technology. Yet even today, it can be impressive. For a long time, the Avengers have had special ID cards that not only showed their membership but could be used for things like getting federal agencies to give them information or special clearance.

They were treated so they would only work for the specific bearer and they allowed the Avengers to talk to each other on mini-screens. Obviously, handheld communication has improved since then.

7 The Fantasticar

Wikimedia Commons

This longtime vehicle for the Fantastic Four actually made its way into the second movie. Having a sleek craft that can house four people and able to take off nicely is good. It can cross the ocean in half the time of a regular airline jet and still be in good shape.

It can split into four different sections, and has a personal craft capable of high speeds while sneaking into smaller locales. It’s a quirky design but it works and even though it’s gone through a lot of versions over the years, it retains a classic charm that fans love.

6 Teleporters

Here’s something that existed for a while but the Marvel Universe uses it pretty well. Teleporting is something we’re a long way off from in many ways as breaking down a person and sending them across the planet in an instant is tricky. But Marvel uses it a lot in various ways. Deadpool actually had a personal teleporter in his suit, something the movies have yet to put in. SHIELD can use them easily and even some criminal gangs have teleportation powers for quick escapes.

True, a few mutants have that power but it’s more impressive to have the tech to whisk yourself miles in a second which more than a few would-be world travelers would adore having to save the hassle of airports and such. To be able to zip to Japan and back in an afternoon is worth almost any price.

5 Time Platform

Time travel in the Marvel universe is a tricky thing. Most know it’s best not to mess with it too much as it can make things worse but sometimes, things are so bad that a trip in time is needed. Thus enter Doctor Doom’s creation, a unique time platform. Reed Richards has a copy but Doom’s is far better.

All one does is stand on it as it flows upward to cover them and send them to the past or the future. Again, it has a lot of risks but the idea of a time machine is only natural for folks, from correcting personal mistakes to reliving a great period or seeing history unfold.

4 Universal translator

Technically, the idea had been around for a while but it’s still a great invention by Marvel. It was created by Reed Richards first but has been used by many others. The idea is simple but effective: take an alien language and translate it for humans and vice versa. It’s a very handy bit for traveling to other galaxies and has allowed the FF and Avengers to avoid problems in first contact and carry on with alien races.

It’s a popular sci-fi idea and one fans still wish would be a real one. It can be for small uses like just understanding foreign TV shows but one can see the obvious benefits of being able to understand others and how it could help the world. Maybe it’s too much to hope for but this would be an invention that might be able to solve a lot of issues with the world today.

3 Webbing


Peter Parker himself has admitted he probably could have done a lot more with his life if he’d figured out how to market his webbing when he first created it. That he was able to do so as a teenager is very impressive. The obvious use is his lines when he’s swinging across New York but he can make it strong as steel, able to be as thin as a wire or a huge net. The material is amazing. The only tiny drawback is that after an hour, it dissolves into nothing.

However, you can imagine how handy it is to fire a line to get an object from across the room and use it for some brief work outdoors. It’s also just fun to play with and the fact it melts fast makes for easy clean-up.

2 Pym Particles


Hank Pym gets a bad rep due to some rather rough personal issues and an infamous breakdown. There was also that whole bit of creating Ultron who’s nearly wiped out mankind several times. But Hank deserves credit for creating Pym Particles, the energy source that allows him and the Wasp to shrink and grow in size. Hank doesn’t just use it on himself as he can use the same particles to shrink down most anything he needs from a weapon to a full-sized aircraft.

The movies expertly show how great they can be in letting stuff grow and shrink. Who wouldn’t want to get down to a few inches to navigate rush hour traffic then pop into a parking space at full size?

1 Unstable molecules

HD Wallpapers Backgrounds

A question for newbies to Marvel is about the outfits of some characters. How do Reed Richard’s clothes stretch with him? Why isn’t the Invisible Woman running around with her outfits standing alone? Or the Human Torch’s clothes not catching fire with him? The answer is unstable molecules.

Invented by Reed Richards, these allow super-hero outfits to be able to work with powers and take damage. Reed has shared it with other teams like the Avengers and the X-Men. More than a few folks would want such an item themselves: clothing that can fit no matter your shape or take a lot of punishment on the job.

Sources: Marvel Wiki

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