30 Gadgets That Make Traveling Hassle-Free (And Much More Fun)

Traveling is one of the most fun pastimes ever. That is, when things go perfectly right. Of course, whether you’re traveling in a group or flying solo, something is bound to go wrong. You forget something, a piece of clothing gets ruined, unfortunately for travelers, the list is endless. But traveling can also create unforgettable memories with those you love most. So, we’ve come up with a list of gadgets that you not only need to make your travel experience as smooth as possible, but they also bring the party and the fun with you! Whether you need to quickly clean the shirt you were planning on wearing to a party that evening or need to make more space in your suitcase for essentials that you can’t leave home without, there’s something on this list for you.

For the fun part, picture a backpack that allows you to pour drinks, sunglasses that record your favorite moments on Snapchat, and a gadget that doubles as a scooter and a luggage carrier. See, we told you all the fun and necessary items were here. Before anyone packs what they need for their next trip, they should take a look at our top 30 gadgets.

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30 Spectacles Video Recording Sunglasses

Via: TechCrunch

Created from the same company as Snapchat (a.k.a. Snap), Spectacles allows you to not only look fab and stylish in sunglasses but has the capability to record snapshots of your day. Don’t worry about where to save the footage because it syncs with Snapchat Memories. That way you don’t have to worry about pulling out your phone to capture unforgettable moments. And despite its multi-function stats, the Spectacles actually do protect your eyes from the beaming sun as well. Cool, right?

29 Flux Portable Charger

Via: Twitter

A portable charger will without a doubt save the day when your phone runs out of battery. It’s clearly able to go anywhere you do (hence the word portable in the title). The Flux Portable Charger is the same size as the standard iPhone and has the ability to charge a smartphone more than three times. It comes with built-in Lightning and micro-USB plug-ins so you don’t have to lug around a bunch of other cords just to use it. This is certainly a gadget that can make sure your trip goes smoothly.

28 Pocket-Sized Cinema

Via: Gadget Flow

Be prepared to be amazed. This gadget is the same size as a soda can but can do so much more as it creates 100 inches of a screen! It also comes with a speaker that provides 360 degrees of audio. Keep in mind it does pair up with the Android 7 but also works on other devices. As for the battery life, don’t worry about it copping out halfway between your movie as it should last as long as a full-length movie or a few episodes of your favorite TV show (2.5 hours).

27 Ostrich Pillow

Via: OstrichPillow.com

From risking a neck injury while sleeping on the plane to going to sleep in a bed you’ve never seen before, it’s definitely smart to bring a pillow with you to prevent any issues that could ruin your trip. The Ostrich Pillow helps prevent jet lag and literally encloses in your head to create the most comfortable sleeping pillow. It can also be beneficial when you just need a quick nap in between festivities. It blocks out light, lessens the noise, and any other outside distractions that could stop you from getting in a good nap.

26 Tailgater Dual Tank Backpack Dispenser

Via: Novelty Street

Bring the party with you wherever you go! The Tailgater Dual Tank Backpack Drink Dispenser, described as a party in your backpack, is super convenient for music festivals, sports events, state fairs, and pretty much anywhere outdoors that allows you to bring in beverages. You can pour drinks for everyone around you from your backpack with no detours. While the backpack is sleek, the drink container certainly isn’t.

25 Sandless Beach Tote

Via: Pinterest

As great as a day on the beach sounds during any vacation, it’s safe to say one of the biggest hassles is all of the sand you bring back with you. That’s where a Sandless Beach Tote comes in to save the day. It has two layers to patented woven PVC/PE that blocks all of the extra sand that is otherwise determined to get into your bag. Even the straps have extra box stitch seams and an inside pocket for important devices like your wallet and phone. They’re pretty fashionable so you can still stay stylish. Here’s a bonus: it also prevents mold and mildew.

24 Tile Mate Bluetooth

Via: Amazon

The more we hear about this, the more we realize it can be used even when you’re not traveling. But when you are, it comes in super handy. The Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker can pair up with items as large as your luggage and other smaller items that you’re bound to be extra careful to keep up with while you’re out of town. Some of the objects include a wallet, keys, passport and even your phone. You just pair the device with your smartphone and boom.

23 Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Via: Pinterest

This is perfect for professional and rookie campers alike. You can set up shop anywhere between two trees, although the seemingly most ideal location is on a campsite. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has already been ranked the best of its kind thanks to American Survival Guide and other camp and travel trade publications. It’s waterproof, so no worries about rain damaging the fabric. It’s also durable as its wrapped in ripstop nylon. Yet, it’s still comfortable as net canopy is also a key material. You’ll certainly get your money's worth as the hammock can also work as a tent.

22 Lufi Qi Compact Filterless Air Purifier

Via: Gadget Flow

It’s no secret the odors and smells that can result from traveling for long periods of times. The Lufi Qi Compact Filterless Air Purifier guarantees to push out clean air for you to breathe, no matter where you are. It contains a nano-reactor that gets rid of germs, gases, allergens, and other items and substances that could be floating around in the air. It knocks out more than 80 percent of bacteria and mold in less than 30 minutes.

21 ThermaCELL Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Via: SnowsBest

We know many of our readers have cold feet, especially at night. Whether you’re going away on a ski trip or visiting family and friends who live in a colder part of the globe, you no longer have to be concerned about whether your feet will get cold at night or doing any part of the day. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles have thermal and heating capabilities you can control with a remote. It was developed to keep your feet warm and dry with its control system and waterproof material.

20 Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld Navigator

Via: The Adventure Junkies

It’s the compass for the new millennium. The Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld Navigator specifically touts a rugged and durable hardware. It’s also water-resistant and of course petite enough to be enclosed in your palm. New features of the item include better screens, higher resolution, and clearer graphics. It’s also much easier to use. This will come in handy for when you’re on a hike or trail, or even camping (basically anywhere your cellphone signal isn’t guaranteed to stay strong).

19 SelfieTIK Smart Bluebooth Selfie Stick

Via: Gadget Flow

There are a handful of items on here that let you take iconic pictures for your trip. But this selfie stick helps you make sure you get the right angle. It fits right in your bag as its smallest size is 6.4 inches. But don’t let that fool you. It can stretch to 20.5 inches. Its self-shutter doesn’t make it too heavy as it only weighs 3.5 inches. It also operates as an anti-loss device as it notifies you when your cellphone is more than 10 meters away. Here’s a bonus: it lets you take 20,000 photos before it runs out of battery.

18 Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter

Via: Gadget Flow

Most travelers already love the suitcase on wheels considering it eases any trip to the airport. But think about a luggage scooter that lets you travel just as fast as your suitcase. One of the top brands is called the Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter that works as a scooter for you, and a device for your luggage to ride on as well. It also includes speakers if you want to create a playlist for your day at the airport. How fun does that sound?

17 Scrubba Wash Bag Portal Washing Machine

Via: Camping Discounts

Who knew there was a portable washing machine to clean your clothes? Seriously, you can take it almost anywhere, which will come in super handy for those longer trips. The Scrubba Wash Bag is literally pocket-sized and includes a washboard that cleans your clothes just as well as the washing machine you have at home or use at the laundromat. All you need is 2-4 liters of water and a dollop of detergent and you’re good. The best part? It takes less than 3 minutes!

16 World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

Via: Gadget Flow

This device is just as fun and handy as it sounds. When you’re making that trek around the globe, one of the things you won’t have to worry about with this item is not being able to iron your clothes when you’re on-the-go. Considering it’s the same size as a computer mouse, it will fit right in your carry-on. Still, while it’s small, it certainly packs a ton of power with a 420-watt motor along with three fabric heating levels.

15 Travel Drone

Via: Thynk Drones

Drones are no longer a thing of the future, but definitely something you need for your next trip. The DJI Mavic Pro comes with a 4K camera, has smartphone capabilities, and gives you nearly 30 minutes of flying time (27 to be exact) and lets you travel as far as 4.3 miles. It has HD video at 4K/30fps or 1080p/96fps and captures snapshots in 12MP Raw or JPG formats. It’s sleek, small, and portable. What more could you ask for when it comes to best traveling devices and gadgets?

14 Hauser Weatherproof Hydration Pack

Via: Pinterest

This gadget is perfect for hiking and camping adventures. It’s sleek and stylish yet has the power to make sure all of your important equipment doesn’t get too wet, or wet at all. Its perforated shoulders make it easy and comfortable to carry. It also features several compartments that prevent the gadget from being way too heavy. It even has bonus mesh pockets for hand tools. While it’s waterproof, it also serves as a hydration pack and holds up to three liters of water.

13 Personalized Flip Flops

Via: Pinterest

These bring a literal definition of making your mark on the beach. Personalized flip flops are not only stylish and fashionable but can contain messages on the bottom that leave an imprint in the sand. Whether it’s your name, a pop culture saying, or a message (“Follow Me” seems to be a popular one), the personalized flip flops are becoming a go-to item for vacations. They also come in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes so anyone can enjoy their coolness.

12 Naali Fit Portable Gym Kit

Via: Gadget Flow

Keep your fitness level right with a portable gym kit. If you’ve already been on track with working out, you don’t have to skip out on it when you’re on vacation. The Naali Fit Portable Gym Kit includes everything you need for a complete workout session. It comes with eight resistance bands that fall between 20 and 50 pounds plus a storage pouch, ankle straps, multi-purpose handles, and a backpack. It can be used inside or outside and only needs to attach to the inside of a door.

11 Scosche boomBOTTLE Wireless & Portable Speaker

Via: Scosche

Who doesn’t want to bring their travel playlist and soundtrack with them every step of the way? Travelers can with the Scosche boomBOTTLE. Check out some of its features: it has two 40mm speakers, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours. It is also very durable, waterproof, and features high-quality audio that will certainly grab anyone’s attention who hears it. It’s best used outdoors because of the high volume considering it’s certainly a party starter.

10 Silk Sleep Mask

Via: DHGate

If you’re traveling for work or leisure, a sleep mask is definitely an essential. The Slip silk sleep mask goes beyond the average and guarantees a solid night sleep for late nights and early mornings. We could all use a good night sleep, even when we’re not traveling. But this is certainly a must-have whether you’re on an airplane, train, bus, or trying to adjust sleeping in an unfamiliar space. Plus, it’s literally not too hard on the eyes, so it’s a definite win.

9 Carry-On Mixer Kit

via: independent.co.uk

How much do you love the idea of being able to make a drink wherever you go? Well travelers, it’s no longer a dream but a reality. The W&P Carry-On Kit comes with a recipe card, stainless steel spoon and muddler, a linen coaster, and of course everything you’ll need for two drinks that you can make right on the plane. Everything is proportioned just right so no worries about TSA waving you down because of it.

8 Smallest Automated Travel Vacuum

Via: Indie Traveller

No, it’s not an actual vacuum. But it works like one when it comes to your clothes. It includes a sensor that monitors pressure and can take all of the extra air out of your suitcase, slimming your clothes down to half their size. This allows you to pack even more clothes for the trips that are much longer or save more room for any items you’ll want to bring back to commemorate your trip! Either way, it’s a must-have.


Via: Kickstarter

This gadget is more than a necessity when traveling. The goTENNA is a small and sleek device that was developed amid Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It works for Android and iOS phones and devices and allows you to connect even when the cellphone service is out because of a bad storm. While it’s small, the material is nothing short of hard-core as it works as a two-way radio, has an antenna, and connects with a smartphone’s Bluetooth. It also lets consumers deliver messages and share their location and has a range that reaches 50 miles.

6 Foldable Hanger

Via: Gadget Flow

If you prefer using your own hanger when you’re staying at a hotel, keep in mind this foldable hanger. The HandyHNGR compact, making it easy to travel with you, yet extends far enough to place your favorite piece of clothing that you couldn’t’ take the trip without. A major bonus is that it keeps your clothes intact in case you’re traveling for business. This particular brand features three colors – black, white, and coral. You can also customize it with your name and personal designs.

5 Wireless Headphones

Via: B&H

No trip would be complete without your favorite songs that make up the ideal playlist. Even better are wireless headphones to listen to said songs. You don’t have to worry about plugging them into your phone or any other device. They’re free to operate on their own thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities. They also work for other audio you might want to hear such as a movie. One of the most popular pair on Beats by Dre’s Studio 3 headphones that have noise-canceling capabilities. While they’re not the cheapest in the bunch, rumor has it they’re definitely worth the price.

4 Fogo Smart Multi-Purpose Flashlight

Via: Gadget Flow

Ideal for camping adventures and journeys, a multi-purpose flashlight like the Fogo Smart has several capabilities that can come in handy for any trip. From actually working as a flashlight (go figure) to operating as a GPS and even a walkie-talkie to your BFFs that have the same one, it’s pretty cool and fun. It’s also waterproof and can still operate when under up to a foot of water. It doesn’t depend on cellphone service, so you don’t have to worry about it not working in certain conditions. In fact, it goes as far as notifying you if you’re in danger or need assistance.

3 Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

Via: Mashable

While it only caters to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users, it is sure to capture the most of your vacation and traveling memories. It’s a small case that has a lens that snaps right on to your phone, allowing you to get various angles with its five-lens set. From fisheye and an ultra-wide angle to the super-wide angle and a macro 15x and telephoto zoom 2x, the options are plenty when it comes to getting the best angle.

2 Electric Scooter

Via: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

If you thought the scooter for you and your suitcase was cool, check out the Lime-S Segway Electric Scooter. It’s a Segway you can call your own! It fits in your car for those road trips that are bound to have you exploring the areas around you. You’ll enjoy the leisure and scenic route as it gets up to 14.8. miles. It’s user-friendly, as all you have to do to stop or slow down is pull the handbrake. The only requirements are that riders are over 18 and have a driver’s license.

1 Polaroid Camera

Via: Dice

While there are lots of gadgets on this list to help capture the smallest and biggest moments of your trip, it’s safe to say there’s nothing wrong with going old-school and having a polaroid camera on deck. The vintage gadget is making a comeback as it prints all of your photos instantly. Of course, we know you want to also share them on social media for your close friends and family to see. Well, this is an option too with the click of a button. It’s the best of both worlds in all things photography.

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