26 Apps That Are Necessary For Everyone Under The Age Of 35

If the reader of this article is anywhere between the ages of 14 and 35, chances are that they have a really good Smartphone, a tablet computer, and probably even a laptop computer. Unlike the older people, who usually use their phones primarily for calling and sending text messages, and their computers for sending emails and browsing news channels, they probably use their gadgets quite differently.

If they fall within the above age bracket, chances are that they use their smart gadgets primarily to chat with friends and strangers online. As well as to take and share photos, to listen to music, to keep up with the latest on social media, and to play various games online.

We can't look down on the older generation for not knowing just how much power they wield in their phones and computers, because they never got to experiment with what we have today back when they were growing up.

Thanks to the numerous apps we can download on to any smart device today, everyone can find an app that would literally help them do anything they want. In addition, it's common to find numerous apps designed to accomplish a particular purpose, most of them identical in function but others far more superior and popular than the rest.

Here's a list of 30 of the best apps in the market for people under the age of 35. Most of these are useful, not just for leisure purposes, but even for business. Many young people are using these apps to market their crafts, to meet new people, to learn more things about the world than they do in school, and to make money. Which of these apps is the most valuable?

26 Twitter

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Twitter is both an online news and social networking site. It is more official and therefore used mostly among professionals. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news, sports, politics and many other stories from all over the world then twitter would be ideal for you.

Twitter users can post messages inform of short messages called tweets which other Twitter users can view and comment on. Non-Twitter users can also view tweets but cannot comment on them.

25 Snapchat

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If you are the kind of person that likes to live in the moment then Snapchat is your go-to app. Snapchat allows its users to interact live with other users by sharing snaps in the form of messages, photos, and short videos.

Snaps shared can be edited with filters and other effects which make it even more fun to use. What makes Snapchat different from the other social networking sites is its ability to self-destroy snaps a few seconds after they are posted. This means you cannot see past snaps at a later date so you constantly have to be online to interact with other users and view their snaps.

24 Browser App: Gmail

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Anyone interested in accessing the Internet or the World Wide Web needs a browser to do so. A browser acts as an interface between people and the Internet. Google currently dominates the market as the most popular browsing app.

It is convenient, fast, secure, and easy to use. Google chrome is also mobile friendly and allows you to open multiple search windows at any one given time. Other popular browsing apps include Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera mini, and Apple’s Safari for iOS users.

23 Email App

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Email is short for electronic mail. Having an email address nowadays is just as important as having a telephone number. Emails allow you to send lengthy messages via the Internet in a fast and efficient manner and require both the sender and recipient of the email to have what we call an email address.

The Gmail app developed by Google is the most used email app in the world. It is both Android and iOS friendly. Users of Gmail are given gigabytes of storage for their messages so there is no need of deleting or archiving messages every other time.

22 Music Discovery App: Shazam

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I'm sure most of us have come across a song we like and would instantly want to know the name of the song and the artist so that we can search, save, and listen to the song again in future. It is at times difficult to identify the artist and the particular title of the song especially if it is from an unfamiliar artist.

Shazam is handy in such situations. It can identify music, videos, adverts, and shows from a short sample being played. All you need to do is open the application near the source of the audio and it is able to retrieve the details of the audio in just a few seconds.

21 Photos Cloud Storage App: DropBox

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Cloud storage apps like DropBox enable you to save on memory space on your phone, computer, and other devices by storing your photos and files in a safe and secure virtual store. Most cloud storage apps are attached to an email address which means with just your email you can access whatever you have stored in your cloud from any device anywhere you are. It also saves you the hustle of having to carry around storage devices like hard disks and flash drives.

20 Google Maps

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Navigating around is much easier with the help of Google Maps. This app offers real-time GPS navigation as well as the current traffic situation. It is able to provide the shortest possible route to get to a particular destination or an alternative if there is a lot of traffic on a particular route.

Google Maps also makes navigating to unknown areas less frustrating. All you need to do is give the app your current location and destination and it is able to direct you to your destination with ease.

19 Remote Control Apps: Unified Remote and Apple Remote

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TV remotes like to disappear when they are needed or are sometimes just too far for your reach. If you have your phone with you, remote control apps like Smart Remote can remotely access your smart TV from anywhere within your Wi-Fi range.

You can also access a PC from your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are a number of remote control apps for different devices and different uses. Unified Remote works well for Android devices while applications like Apple Remote are powerful if you frequently use iTunes to play music and videos.

18 YouTube

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YouTube is the biggest and most popular video viewing and sharing website in the world. Currently owned by Internet giant Google, it is both mobile and computer friendly. YouTube allows people to view, share, upload, download, comment, and subscribe to the videos thereon.

It offers a wide variety of videos, movies, shows, and clips from all over the world and is always up to date with the latest hits and videos. Watching, uploading, and downloading videos is free of charge for anyone with access to the Internet.

17 Mobile Security App: Avast

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Our Android and iOS devices normally carry valuable and sensitive information and documents. They are also prone to malicious viruses and malware every time we access the Internet. It is therefore important to protect them by installing security applications that can detect and destroy malware.

Most security apps offer more than just anti-virus protection. They have additional features like cleaning junk and locking sensitive apps like messages. Avast Mobile Security and McAfee Security are some of the popular security apps you need for your android and apple devices respectively.

16 Skype

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Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, is mostly used for video calls. It is popular with businesses and companies especially when they need to carry out conference calls, group chats, meetings, and interviews with people in different locations.

Skype also makes it possible to celebrate important occasions with loved ones who are millions of miles away. Skype is free of charge as long as you can access the Internet and can be used on phones, computers, or smart TVs that have Skype installed in them.

15 Uber

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Whether you own a car or not a must-have app on your phone is the Uber app. Uber is a car hire service that dispatches a car to a specified location in a matter of minutes. It comes in handy; when you cannot drive your car, late at night when public service vehicles are unavailable, when parking is a problem, or when the area you are traveling to is inaccessible by public service vehicles. Uber is also cheap compared to traditional taxis that charge exorbitant prices.

14 Netflix

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Netflix is a television and online video streaming website that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and videos from your phone or computer particularly in English speaking countries around the world.

This mobile app lets you catch up with your favorite shows during your free time and is handy especially during long commutes as it keeps you busy and entertained wherever you are. Netflix has a good collection of content from entertainment giants like Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and other popular TV networks.

13 Password Manager App: Last Password

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Most of our data and applications are password protected for obvious reasons. If you have a long list of passwords to remember, you are likely to forget some and a good number of people result in noting down their passwords which is not advisable.

An app like LastPass is helpful in such cases. It secures all your password in a virtual vault that no one can access and retrieves them only when needed. LastPass can also generate for you unique passwords and can autofill log in requests with your permission.

12 FaceApp

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FaceApp is a photo editor app. It is a good stress reliever and is mostly used for self-amusement. It uses artificial intelligence to transform the way your face looks. It can make you look more attractive, younger, or older.

You can change your skin color, gender, and other features on your face and head like your hair color, and beard. FaceApp also allows you to add special effects and filters to your face. You can share the end results with your friends on your social media pages.

11 Google Play/Apple Store

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Most devices come with this app already installed in them but if yours does not have it, we recommend that you download it. Google Play Store and Apple Store are the official application stores for your android and iOS devices respectively.

You can search and download a variety of applications that are compatible with your device. These stores also make it easier for you to choose an application if a variety of apps with the same functions are available as they show the number of downloads an application has.

10 Amazon

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People in the world today are interconnected which makes it easier and possible for them to comfortably shop for items outside their country using trustworthy sites like Amazon. If you frequently shop abroad it wouldn’t hurt to have this app on your mobile phone or gadget for easy access.

Amazon has a wide collection of almost everything from clothing, accessories, electronics, literature, gadgets, toys, food, and many more other items. It also connects you to different shops across the world and takes full responsibility for delivering your product safely and in good time.

9 Fitness and Lifestyle App

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If you are a fitness junkie or are looking to improve your health and get in good shape, then we believe there is a fitness app out there that is ideal for you. Starting a fitness routine or making a lifestyle change can be a daunting task especially if you have no one to encourage or motivate you.

Fitness apps will help you to plan and organize your fitness routines. You can also monitor your progress and connect with other users across the world who can offer you the support you need. Some of the popular fitness apps include RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and MyFitnessPal.

8 Candy Crush

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They say hard work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and for this reason, we find it necessary for you to indulge in a game during your free time. One of the most popular games around the world is candy crush.

If you have not heard of it, you need to get out of your cocoon and download this game. It is easy to play and all you need to do is match three or more of the same type and color of candy to eliminate them and earn points.

7 An App For Meeting Friends: MeetUp

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If you are looking for a friend, MeetUp is your app. It is used for meeting new people and interacting with them. The basic principle of the site is allowing users to find people who share their interests, and they can find meet-ups in their area that suit these interests as well. This app is perfect for people who have moved to a new city or are finding it difficult to connect with people in their area.

6 Prisma

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If you are a fan of Instagram filters then you should try Prisma. Prisma is another app that uses artificial intelligence to transform a picture or photo into a piece of art in just seconds. It can also turn videos into a comic book animation.

Once you have been able to edit your picture, Prisma allows you to share it with friends and family through other social media sites like Instagram by simply tapping the respective button. Thanks to Prisma, we can see what we would have looked like in a painting by famous artists like Picasso and Munch.

5 Bitmoji

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Bitmoji which is owned by Snapchat is one of the most downloaded apps. It is entertaining for both you and your young ones. It enables you to create an expressive cartoon version of yourself that can be shared through other apps as well as emails. Bitmoji is compatible with both Android and iPhones.

All you need is to download the app or add it as an extension to your Chrome web browser. You will then be required to either log in with your Snapchat account or email address after which you can begin the fun process of creating your own cartoon characters.

4 Spotify

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If you are a music fanatic then you should definitely install Spotify in your device. Spotify allows you to browse, search, and stream digital music from a wide collection of music from different genres. You can also create and save your own playlist of favorite songs and edit it when necessary.

Users can also share songs with other users even via social media and also get together to create playlists. One good thing about Spotify is the fact that it does not run any advertisements and is, therefore, free of interruptions.

3 Google Drive

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Google Drive is a file storage application with up to 15 gigabytes of storage capacity that enables its users to store files created and edited through Google Docs. Google Docs operates pretty much like the Microsoft Office Applications that create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings.

Once saved on Google drive, the documents can be accessed from multiple devices as long as you have Internet access. Documents saved on Google Drive are also much safer than those stored in PCs and phones. One can still be able to access his or her documents in case their device is stolen or breaks down.

2 Boomerang

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If you want to keep your Instagram followers interested in what you post then you might want to come up with creative ways of posting pictures and videos. One app that helps with this is Boomerang. And when we talk of Boomerang we do not mean the famous cartoon network channel.

Boomerang, in this case, is a mini video of a series of photos taken seconds after each other repeatedly playing back and forth. It is fun, easier to use, and less time consuming than most photo editing apps.

1 Kindle

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If you enjoy online social reading then you should consider installing the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. Kindle was designed to enable e-readers to browse, search, purchase, download, and read e material. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PCs.

Once you join kindle you can connect with other readers online and discuss what you are reading. Your new found friends can also recommend some of the best reads out there. Kindle makes it possible to read e-books at any time as long as you have access to the Internet. You can also read e-books offline by downloading them through the app.

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