25 Things That Every Pet Owner Needs For Their Pups (No Matter The Cost)

Let's just be honest here for a moment, pet owners are a little crazy. Wait just a second there before you start protesting, because I say this as a pet owner myself. We really are. Pet owners, in general, are just a little bit nuts. We have these creatures that we keep in our homes, we feed, we take care of, we pick up their poop. We'll even arrange our entire lives around our pets (and if you think that you don't then just try and remember how many times you've said the phrase "oh, sorry, I can't I need to go let the dog out"). But the biggest indication that we're a little bit nuts is the fact that we will buy our pets anything.

Our puppies provide us with so much love and affection and general merriment that we find ourselves wanting to give them the entire world. And while that may not actually be feasible, pet owners know that once you see something that was created for your doggo, you're going to buy it, no matter how much money you end up shelling out, because you can practically picture how excited your dog is going to get when you come home and tell him that you have a surprise for him. His tail will start to wag furiously. His mouth will be open with this tongue all lopsided as he prances around, excitedly waiting.

Here is a list of amazingly awesome things that every pet owner is going to want to buy for their dog, like, now.

25 This interactive fetch machine


The one thing that every dog owner knows is that your adorable canine simply cannot get enough of playing fetch. You could throw a ball all day and your cutie pie will joyously bound after each and every toss just as excitedly as the million times you threw it before that. But your arms get way too tired too quickly to keep up with your dog. Now, you have a great way of tiring out your dog without killing your arms with the iFetch. It's rechargeable and even comes with a few tennis balls. (Source: Amazon)

24 This couch that has a space specifically for your pooch


This couch is stylish for your home, but also shows where your priorities are. So many people don't want dogs on the couch, but this entire couch was made so that your dogs have their own spot on the couch all the time. Plus, the design of this is actually well thought out and gives you a coffee table to put your drinks on while your doggo sleeps beside you. The best part is that your cutie pie gets the perfect spot to rest and when company comes over you won't feel the need to hide the dog bed, since it's part of the decor!

23 This window that lets your dog be nosy


Dogs are curious creatures. They want to know what is going on and big wooden fences prevent them from doing just that. Well, now you can allow your pet to give in to their curious side any time that they want by installing the Pet Peek. It's a cute little window that your dog can look through. It's domed enough that your dog can fit his cute little head into it. It's also nice for your neighbors to be able to say hi to your doggo as they walk by. (Source: PetPeek)

22 A jacuzzi for your dog


A jacuzzi is a great way to relax and unwind from your stressful day. But have you ever sat in the tub feeling absolutely soothed and totally zen only to see your precious pooch staring at you with those longing eyes from outside of the tub? Rather than let guilt wash over you and ruin your experience, why not get your dog its own tub to relax in. They can join in the soothing experience with you. (Source: Shop.pawspaw.co.uk)

21 This baby sling made for your dog


Let's just be honest here for a minute, your dog is basically your baby. They're called fur-babies for a reason. And sometimes you just are in the mood to spoil your baby and carry them around, but your arms can get tired quickly when you're toting around your pup, so the best option out there is a dog sling that leaves your hands and arms free but keeps your cutie pie safe and close by. (Source: Amazon)

20 Pawlish


You take the time to make yourself look good by going to the salon and getting your nails done, but why would you want to leave your doggy out of the all the fun? Let them feel like they're just as fabulous as you with polish made for your canine. It's completely safe for your pet. It's also fast drying, which is important in case your dog is not of the patient variety and is not likely to stay still for very long. (Source: Amazon)

19 This bark translator


Every dog owner has wondered what their dog's bark means. Are they telling you that they cannot stand one more day of this dried kibble crap that you keep giving them? Are they telling you that they think that new dress looks nice on you? Who knows! The Bow Lingual Bark Translator won't tell you exactly that but they can tell you your dog's mood and what they could possibly be saying if they could speak English. There is even a home alone feature. (Source: Amazon)

18 This doggie fountain


Imagine your adorable dog just prancing around the backyard in the hot summer heat when suddenly, your pooch gets very thirsty. You could keep a bowl of water outside, but let's be honest, that's not fun or fresh. Instead, get your dog this adorable fountain. Just hook it up to your hose and anytime your dog is thirsty, the can stand on the giant paw and fresh water will sprout up for your dog to drink. (Source: Amazon)

17 This dog house with a balcony


Sometimes your dog wants to go into cave mode and hide in a dog house, and sometimes your dog wants to be out in the open and part of the fun as they rest. This house gives your dog the choice of both things. Plus, how cute is this balcony?  This is actually good for indoors or outdoors, but either way, you know that you're thinking about it for your dog right now, aren't you?

16 This lions mane


Your little cutie deserves to feel like a mighty lion with this adorable costume piece. The adorable, loving, and begging face of your doggy with melt your heart while they pretend to be fierce and brave in this lions mane. But let's be honest here, this is a gift that is mostly for you and for your Instagram account. Because you know that you'll get a ton of likes when your cutie pie is looking even cuter in a costume. (Source: Amazon)

15 This portable water bottle for your dog


You know when you're out walking your dog and you look down and they're panting and you can just tell that they want some water? Well, usually there are not many good solutions nearby to help solve that issue. You can try the whole "dump your water bottle into your cupped hand" thing, but that doesn't really work well. This is the perfect solution. You'll always have a portable water bowl for your thirsty pupper.

14 This doggy ice cream


When you're sitting there eating a delicious frozen treat in the summertime and your cute doggy looks up at you with those giant dog-eyes everything in you wants to share your cone right then and there. Of course, you know that ice cream is not the best food for your dog. This is where Puppy Scoops Ice Cream comes in. It's scoop-able, and is a healthy treat for your dog. You and your puppy can beat the summer heat together. (Source: Amazon)

13 This gadget that is basically FaceTime with your dog


If you're a pet lover then you know how hard it is to leave your adorable fur-baby at home while you're at work. The Petcube is a camera so that you can watch adorable Fido while you're gone, but it's also interactive, which means that you can talk to your dog. It also has a laser tool so that you can play with your pet while you're not there, which means that they're still getting exercise and having fun. (Source: Amazon)

12 This dog perfume


Our adorable furry friends sometimes smell bad. They just do. This luxurious perfume collection will help your cutie smell great all day long, no matter how long they've been romping around in the background. Say goodbye to the smell of wet dog and hello to pretty smells. Of course, this will make you one of those people who buys perfume for their dog, but just don't tell people and enjoy pampering your pooch in private.

11 Gourmet bakery treats


Cookies, cupcakes and donuts are some of the greatest treats that the world has to offer. There is nothing quite as indulgent as treating yourself to a gourmet cupcake when you've had a long day. Of course, it's hard to enjoy your dessert completely when you're seeing your furry friend begging for a taste. The solution is easy, buy Rover a doggy version of whatever gourmet bakery treat you're enjoying. It's a perfect win win solution. (Source: TheDogBakery)

10 This bowl that keeps your dog's water colder longer


This special bowl, the FroBro, was made with a special liner. You put the bowl in the freezer and then once it's ready you can put water into the bowl. This is going to keep the water colder for a longer period of time, which means a happy and pampered pup. Of course, this is especially wonderful during the hot summer months, or if you have a picky puppy who is an absolute diva for cold water.

9 This on-the-go treat


The Leanlix is a great and delicious way to carry around treats for your dog. It comes in a chapstick type of tube and when you want to give your dog a little treat, you let them lick the deliciousness. The amazing thing about this is that it's a low-calorie treat for your doggy, which means that it's also a great on-the-go training tool for your pupper. It comes in many different flavors like chicken, sweet potato, and peanut butter and jam, so you can pick whatever flavor your dog likes best. (Source: Himalayan.Pet)

8 This adorable teepee to keep you and your dog in style


You're not the only one who wants to be living in style. Treat your doggo to the latest trends with this adorable hand made teepee dog tent. Of course the bonus of a dog tent like this is that it looks great in your house even if your dog decides that no matter how much money you spend on a new bed for him, his old, smelly, tatter bed that he's outgrown many times over now is the best place to rest his adorable head. (Source: Etsy)

7 Keep them in mind when you build your kitchen


The kitchen is the central hub of the home. It's where you cook, and bake, it's where the family gathers for food and it usually ends up being an important area during parties. With all of that being said, kitchens are designed with all family members in mind other than the family pet. You can change that by building a pet bed into your kitchen island and making sure to give your puppy a place to sleep while you're cooking for the family.

6 This pet umbrella


No one enjoys getting wet on a walk, including your dog. While, yes, you could just try to avoid going for walks when there is a chance of rain, it's not fair to keep your fury friend cooped up indoors just because the weather is less than ideal. Instead, pamper them and keep them just as dry as you would yourself with this convenient pet umbrella. It's see-through too so that you can make sure that your doggo is doing okay during your walk. (Source: Amazon)

5 This seat belt for dogs


Some dogs absolutely LOVE car rides. And while it's fun to take them around in the car, you want them to stay safe. Some dogs also have the unfortunate habit of trying to visit their favorite person while you're trying to drive, which can be unsafe for you and your doggy. The dog seat belt gives your dog room to roam and enjoy the car while still keeping them and you safe on the road. (Source: Amazon)

4 The drink for your bud


Everyone loves relaxing and having a beer with your best buds, but who out there is a better bud than your dog? They say a dog is man's best friend and now man can share a brew with his best friend. The dog beer is actually beef flavored so your pup will enjoy the drink, and the glucosamine in it will be good on their joints, which is a bonus. Bowser beer is the summer essential for you and your dog. (Source: Amazon)

3 This doggy treadmill


We like to keep ourselves in shape, and it's just as important to keep our furry friends in shape too. Sometimes our puppers put on the pounds and we don't have enough time to take them on the long walks that they need to lose the weight, and that is where the dog treadmill comes in. It gives your dog a chance to be active and exercise and have fun while they're at home. It might be a bigger price tag, sitting at over a thousand dollars, but your dog is worth it. (Source: DogTreadmillHQ)

2 This stylish dog house


If there is anything that I know to be a fact about pet owners, it's that we will buy a better house for our dogs than we will ourselves. It's just fact. This modern and stylish house will have your dog living in a life of luxury, while you still have your regular, non-modern house that you live in. This baby will set you back almost four thousand dollars, but honestly, would you deny your dog this much adorableness? (Source: PoshPuppyBoutique)

1 This kit that lets you bake for your baby


One of my favorite things in the entire world is baking for my friends and family. Nothing beats adorably decorated freshly baked cookies. Your cute and cuddly puppy is the only family member that cannot benefit from your baking...until now. This kit lets you bake and decorate fresh, handmade gourmet cookies for your canine. They'll be delicious and you'll know everything that is going into the cookies, so you know Fido will be getting the best of the best. (Source: Amazon)

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