25 Things Millennials Have To Teach Baby Boomers About Technology

There is a silent, or maybe not so silent war going on between the baby boomers; born during the post-war season, and millennials who were born close to the start of the new century. In Europe and North America, boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of widespread government subsidies in post-war housing and education, and increasing affluence. Millennials, on the other hand, are generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. In most parts of the world, their upbringing was marked by an increase in a liberal approach to politics and economics.

The boomers don’t like the millennials because they think the younger generation is reckless and whiny; calling them snowflakes who are scared of hard graft and obsessed by status, more interested in posting a selfie to social media than doing anything useful. The millennials, on the other hand, see the boomers as a rapacious generation that’s pretty much ruined everything for them.

However, due to their understanding and command of technology, and every economy and system following in this trend, the millennials always seem to have the last laugh; even though it irks the boomers so. The boomers are having to wake up to the realization that the world has changed and the millennials know how to spin it; forcing them to seek a reprieve.

Here, are 25 things millennials have to teach baby boomers about technology:

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25 They Need To Accept It


Baby boomers have enjoyed the speed and ease that comes with technology. But not all baby boomers are connected. More recent research by the Pew Internet Project has shown that among current Internet non-users, about half say the main reason they don’t go online now is that they don’t think the Internet is relevant to them. They also believe they don’t need it to get the information they want to communicate about. Even when you pull out your smartphone, many look at you like they don’t get what the fuss is all about. (Source: PewInternet)

24 Wi-Fi Speed Actually Matters


Is there anything as frustrating as slow or intermittent network connection? I choose to believe there probably isn’t. Because, every internet provider is working hard to make sure that we have a fast and seamless connection because, for millennials, that is actually a thing; Wi-Fi speed actually matters. They talk about it as though it is a life or death matter because it probably is. Boomers are different, preferring greater safety and privacy, even if it’s at the expense of speed. (Source: Forbes)

23 Filters Are Your Best Friend


We have all done this. You take a picture to capture your good side, to put up on Instagram or Facebook. You want the photo to bring out your good side, away from that blemish or scar so you take several, playing the law of averages. But the photo has brought out the very thing you wanted it to hide. What to do? Simple. Use a filter. Every smartphone has a collection of filters for almost everything you wish to bring out. Examples include sepia, black and white, and aqua. Slap one of these to your picture and problem solved.

22 It Makes Everything Easier

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Technology is changing rapidly. Most people are using modern technology to do various activities. Life has become more convenient and enjoyable. You will realize that the recent development of technology has made it possible for us to lead more comfortable lives. From accessing massive amounts of information on the internet to simply experiencing an enriched personal lifestyle, technology continues to benefit us day in, day out. It is undoubtedly true that technology is an important part of our daily lives. (Source: LongNow)

21 Travelling Has Been Improved

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Nowadays, you can easily locate places by using Google Earth Maps and so on. You just need to install this app on your smartphone or tablet and use it to locate places. This can be very helpful especially when you are going on adventures and so on. In addition, when you are going to new places, you can always locate your next destination so that you avoid getting lost on the way. It also gives you different options on how to get to your destination, allowing you to make the choice best convenient for you. (Source: WorldWideTravelGuide)

20 Embrace Change

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It is correct to say that millennials are quicker and experience less difficulty when it comes to embracing change. It could be due to the fickle nature of the times that we live in, but they find it easy to pick up on something new and get with it. This is why tech companies are losing their wits trying to come up with something different because sooner or later, it will be demanded of them. Have you noticed that no one talks about broadband anymore? Millennials are quick to jump ship, and everyone has to be at par with them. (Source: Medium)

19 Social Media Can Get You A Job

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Technology has made advertising easier. There are many ways through which you can advertise your business. You can use social media and so on. You just need to create a website for your business and then create a page on the social media platforms and encourage your friends and relatives to like and share the page. This can go a long way in increasing the conversion rates and eventually more sales in your business. You can also meet your prospective employers on platforms such as LinkedIn. (Source: 60SecondMarketer)

18 It Has Brought Flexibility


Flexible working is more than just working from home. It’s about working from wherever you need to be. With technology now permeating almost every aspect of business life, workers are naturally using it as an opportunity to work more efficiently. The proliferation of smartphones and affordable laptops, in particular, has brought an end to the concept of 'dead time', and spared many workers from the having to head back to the office to catch up with correspondence after a long day on the road. (Source: Ten2Two)

17 Learning A New Skill Is As Simple As A Tutorial Video


As new technologies change the way people do their jobs or run their businesses, YouTube can help them acquire new skills to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. The video is much more than just a source of entertainment, it’s also a powerful medium for learning. YouTube has a wealth of resources to help people advance their careers, prepare for new jobs or grow their businesses. These videos are made and shared by a highly-motivated group of creators and more than 500 million learning-related videos are viewed on the platform every day. (Source: ThinkWithGoogle)

16 Online Reviews Help You Not To Experience It For Yourself

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If you run a small business today, the single most important thing you can do to attract new customers is to take control of your online review score on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, FourSquare, and TripAdvisor. Also, as a consumer, you can avoid those horrendous experiences by going to the online reviews written about the place you intend to visit, and read about other people’s experiences. You can avoid places that have poor service or bad reputations and focus on those with good ratings. This keeps you from learning about such the hard way. (Source: Forbes)

15 You Can Shop Without Leaving Your House

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We’ve changed the way we go shopping. In just a decade online shopping – buying goods on the Internet – has gone from being virtually non-existent to become worth billions each year. Books, groceries, clothes, electronics; we go shopping online for them all, without ever leaving our living rooms. Where we used to go into town or to a regional shopping center, now we stay at home and surf the Internet. The widespread adoption of home computers and high-speed broadband connections, as well as the number of retailers offering goods online, has created a kind of shopping revolution. (Source: InternetRetailing)

14 Your Phone Is Your Life


The leading makers of smartphones such as Apple and Samsung are striving to make their phones as user-friendly and versatile as possible. Nowadays, you can make calls, text, face time, shop online, visit the internet, take a photo, do banking and even order a taxi from wherever you are. They have been able to condense almost every facet of our lives into an application that can be installed into our smartphones, making our phones to be our lifeline, literally. (Source: TechnologyReview)

13 Selfies Help You Value Moments

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Because of the limited ability of the mind, we normally desire relics that will remind us of the special times and memories created with family and friends. In comes the selfie, which caught global attention after it was named Word of The Year in 2013. For young people, the selfie is a way to record the status of themselves, which they might share with others or not. They will capture the moments when they are waiting for the bus, dining in a restaurant, or even lying in the bed. Even though it has become a bit overdone, it is still a way to preserve those precious moments. (Source: ChinaDaily)

12 Google Is A Savior

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Nowadays, you can get any information on the internet. If you want to know more about somebody or something, you just need to visit the search engines and search for the content that you want. Take for example the information about people's money. We would not have known about the richest footballers in the world if there was no internet. This has made learning easier. If you have assignments, you can get the information that you need on the internet. (Source: EducationalTechnologyGuy)

11 It Makes Entertainment Simpler


Long ago, if you wanted to, say, watch a movie or a particular television program, you had to wait for it to come on the television or you would go to the record store and rent it out. You also had to wait an entire week for the next episode. Nowadays? Why not just binge watch it on Netflix? Technology has made millions of songs, movies, videos and the likes available at our very convenience. If you are not able to attend the concert or the ball game, why not just stream it online and not miss out on the action? Technology has brought entertainment to us, instead of us going to it. (Source: PCMag)

10 It Gives You More Free Time

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By taking out the hassle and arduous task of doing everything manually, and replacing it with simple, easy and more efficient methods, technology has enabled us to have a lot more free time to spend on the things that matter. Email, FaceTime, and WhatsApp have reduced communication to the simple click of a button. The countless hours spent on manually writing and filing of papers have been reducing to simple data management systems, allowing us more time to be expended on what we deem important. (Source: DigitalTrends)

9 It Is Not As Complicated As It Looks

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Contrary to popular belief, mostly by the baby boomers, technology is not as complicated as the jargon suggests it is. If one was to focus on all of its fancy terms like content curation, search engine marketing, and cache, it can give one the impression that it is reserved for geniuses only. However, when you get to experience the gadget for yourself and learn its basic uses, it does not sound like rocket science as it did at the beginning.

8 Love Is Just A Click Away

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With the invention and subsequent takeover of social media, love and relationships have also moved onto the digital platform. Online dating, which was totally unheard of during the time of baby boomers, who mostly relied on mutual friends and sometimes family to meet new people, has become the in thing now. People who are looking for friendships, or even relationships can just sign up and the dating website will connect them to their most suitable mate. It is that simple. (Source: PsychAlive)

7 It Enhances Freedom Of Expression


Social media uses the Internet and mobile technologies to create interactive platforms where individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss and modify user-generated content. They are a cheap, easy-to-use way for people to access and share information. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are all good examples of social media applications that are widely accessible and have a global reach. There are blog sites such as WordPress and BlogSpot that allow users to express their artistic creations and share them with the world, enabling them to exercise their freedom of expression. (Source: Forbes)

6 It Has Made Communication Easier


Earlier on, you had to hand write a letter, stamp and address an envelope and drop it in a mailbox. The recipient had to wait for days and even months. Nowadays, people normally use text messages and emails to pass important messages to colleagues and relatives. If you want to take photographs, you can take a digital camera and upload them directly to your PC. Once you are done, you can attach a copy to an email and send it off to the recipient. This way, you can actually share experiences with friends and relatives. (Source: ItStillWorks)

5 It Has Made The World A Smaller Place


There was a day when high tech communication was a guy on a pony galloping to the next town to deliver a letter, now we have nearly instant communication with anybody in the world right at our fingertips. Communication technology has always served to make the world a smaller place. The recent surge in high tech communications has hastened the process. Maybe the biggest way that technology has made the world smaller is through the internet. The internet or World Wide Web is almost scary when you think about how accessible it has made the places that were once the farthest away. (Source: Independent)

4 It Is Usually Free Or Low Costing


Fast internet has moved from being a luxury to a necessity like running water or electricity in houses. The thought of living without at least one gadget to make your life easier is practically unthinkable. This has driven many of the providers to put prices that are affordable to the normal medium to low-income earner. Technological innovation is great for consumers. As technology gets more advanced, prices drop and products get better. Right now, almost everyone on the planet has access to a smartphone, fast internet, an entertainment system and a computer. (Source: WeForum)

3 It Is Empowering

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One of the perks of technological advancement is that it has helped us cross the hurdles of impossibilities and enabled us to achieve what was previously impossible. Technology has helped educators and students have access to more material, therefore, improving their academic fortitude. Computers and adaptive technology have helped people with disabilities increase their independence, productivity, and participation. Investors and those in the financial sector have embraced technology to improve their trade and revenue options, therefore improving their output. In a nutshell, technology has placed power in our hands. (Source: Telegraph)

2 It Has Made Data Saving and Retrieval Easier


Earlier on, people had to manually file the important data of their customers. Information was stored in files and so on. This actually made the retrieving of data more difficult. It used to be time-consuming and so on. Nowadays, you can actually use a computer to save data and retrieve it. In just one click, you can instantly find the name of a customer, the birth date, address and so on. This actually saves time and so on. In addition, this ensures that the data remains safe from damage and so on. (Source: HarperDb)

1 It Is A Tool To Reinvent Yourself

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In this day and age, we need to stay relevant and interesting if we are to receive any airplay our way. Because of this, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves and the way in which we do things. Some of us may have it figured out while a majority do not. Here is where technology comes in. A quick Google search will expose you to a plethora of materials, be it blogs, vlogs, and books which can be very instrumental in our striving to reinvent ourselves.

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