25 Things Apple Fans Should Know About The Newest iPhone

Good news, Apple fans: the new iPhone is going to be cheaper. After the iPhone X's fail in that regard, Apple went back to the marketing drawing board and is rumored to be releasing a variety of new iPhones in 2018. As always, the web is brimming with the latest gossip, confirmations, and confusing information in-between. Lucky for Apple lovers, we have sifted through all the latest reports and have gathered up 25 of the finest details about the newest iPhone. If the expensiveness of the 2017 iPhone X was enough to make many switch to Samsung, then they might just want to switch back this year.

It remains to be seen just how exactly the new iPhone will stand-up to the Samsung S9, but many of the improvements to our beloved phone is enough to get anyone excited for the upcoming launch date. Given some of the fail features that Apple has had in the last couple of years, it's clear that they are trying to reclaim their dominance in the phone market out of Samsung's firm grasp. Will the new 2018 iPhones be enough to retain customers on its side? According to many sources, it won't, but it's definitely trying this year.

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25 Discontinuing The iPhone X

Via: Softpedia News

Mere months after the iconic launch of the iPhone X, reports started abounding that Apple was discontinuing it. This came as a shock to the countless Apple fans who splurged on the new phone, but as The Inquirer points out, "Apple is reportedly planning to discontinue the iPhone X and iPhone SE this year due to 'pent-up demand' for its incoming iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus." BGR added, “The company is disappointed with sales, according to a source, and doubts have grown within the company that $1,000 phones aren’t a winning idea in the current smartphone market."

24 The Gossip Is Endless

Via: MacWorld

One of the major things that Apple has become pretty good at capitalizing on is all the hype. Every year, the moment that a new iPhone is revealed, tech gurus everywhere nearly immediately start speculating about the next phone. For this year’s 2018 iPhone, it looks like we’re in for a treat with up to four new iPhones. As crazy as it sounds, Mac World reports that although the fourth iPhone still isn’t for sure, they are sure about the first three. DigiTimes appears to be convinced that the fourth iPhone might have a 5.7-5.8in LCD screen. With that being said, the rumors are endless, but most of them usually turn out to be true.

23 The New iPhone X - Not $1,000 Anymore

Via: Wccftech

With the discontinuation of the iPhone X, that still leaves us needing a new phone. So what is coming to replace it? No one knows for sure yet, but MacWorld is speculating that the new phones will either be called the iPhone 11 and 11 Plus (or more specifically iPhone XI and XI Plus), but it could also go in the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus direction. They also have reason to believe that it might simply be called the iPhone X Plus as a follow-up to the 2017 iPhones. As for the burning question on everyone’s minds: but how much do we need to save up for the new phone? According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it looks like we won’t need to shell out as much for it, with prices dropping. The new iPhone X should be $800-900 (dropping from $999), while the iPhone X Plus should be $900-$1000.

22 A Budget-Friendly iPhone

Via: Forbes

Alongside the flagship new iPhone 11 or iPhone Xs as it might be called, there are also heavy reports that a series of budget-friendly iPhones will be hitting the market in 2018 as well. "KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes Apple will introduce an iPhone with many of the X's features but a cheaper LCD-TFT screen. Initially Kuo suggested this cheaper handset would cost between $649 and $749, but more recently he suggested that the LCD handset could cost $600-$700," reported Mac World. Shelling out close to $1k for the full version isn’t easy for everyone, so the prospect of a “cheaper iPhone X” is definitely exciting.

21 Blue Is The New Black

via: pinterest.ph

When it comes to the budget-friendly iPhone, Apple always makes a huge effort to make it super appealing to customers who might shy away from the more expensive model. The year 2018 is no different with Apple Insider stating, "The choice of bright colors, including blue, yellow, and pink options, will apparently be an attempt to target the 'younger consumer market.'" According to a poll conducted by 9to5mac, the blue iPhone is the one that appeals to customers the most, so you can expect that one to go fast. In order of popularity the other colors are: space grey/black, red, orange, white and rose gold.

20 Finally Faster Charging

via: safebee.com

Samsung phones have had faster chargers for a while now and Apple is finally given its customers what they have been wanting for ages. After pictures were leaked for an iPhone USB-C charger, speculation began to abound about a fast-charging adapter being included in every new iPhone box for 2018. “That could mean faster charging for iPhones without the pain of purchasing third-party adapters,” explained CNET. Given that the iPhone X currently takes about 2-3h to reach a full charge, this is particularly good news, especially if we compare to Samsung, which can fast charge to full in 1.5h.

19 Screen Switch From Samsung To LG

Via: Phone Arena

Although it might sound like a small thing to change glass providers, it's actually a huge deal that Apple is reportedly switching its screen supplier from Samsung to LG. The competition between the two tech gurus notwithstanding, Jerry Kang, a senior principal analyst at IHS Markit, told Bloomberg: "Securing a second supplier for OLED screens is crucial for Apple as it will allow the company to reduce its reliance on Samsung, which is currently the sole supplier. At the same time, it will help accelerate a broad adoption of OLED screens. More suppliers means more volume, and in turn, lower pricing.” Cheaper iPhones? Yes, please!

18 Lightning Port Is Staying – For Now

Via: YouTube

Dislike the lightning port? Sorry to disappoint, but it's here to stay. Although, Apple reportedly considered removing the lightning port to allow the new iPhone to rely solely on wireless charging. While this news comes with mixed feelings, Forbes does point out, "That said, the change will come. Apple has long been on a mission to remove ports and moving parts from its devices and it hasn’t invested heavily in AirPower to make it a secondary charging method. After all, the company didn’t release AirPods for them to be secondary to wired earphones. For Apple, the future is clearly wireless and all wired connectivity is living on borrowed time."

17 Larger Screen For Plus, But Same Size

Via: PC Mag

No matter what it's called, whether the iPhone X Plus or XI Plus, speculators agree that it will retain the same size as the 2017 iPhone 7 Plus, but with a larger screen. How? "The iPhone X Plus appears to be the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus it's stacked up against, despite packing a larger 6.5in screen. This is because Apple has ditched the large bezels seen on its Plus-sized model in favour of its notch-equipped, iPhone X design," explained The Inquirer. According to Forbes, the new iPhone X Plus should also be heavier than the iPhone 8 Plus because of its steel chassis. This is particularly big news since the iPhone 8 Plus was already heavier than the iPhone 7 Plus (not to mention more fragile as well).

16 Expect iPhone X Plus To Sell Out Like Hot Cakes

Via: reviewjournal.com

If you have ever tried to secure the newest iPhone in the days within its release, then you should know the struggle of having to wait for it. Waiting all the way up to November and sometimes even December isn't fun but if you're looking to get your hands on one of the new iPhones in 2018, then keep in mind that the iPhone X Plus is slated to be the most popular out of the three, or possibly four, new iPhones. According to The Inquirer, "Korean website The Bell reports that the so-called iPhone X Plus, which will allegedly pack a 6.5in OLED display, is likely to be Apple's best-seller, with the firm ordering more screen panels for the plus-sized handset than any other model."

15 No Mini iPhone X

Via: TechJuice

For a while, people were saying that there would be a Mini iPhone X. Although that piece of gossip has been nipped in bud, it's the claim with regards to the name that had fans particularly riled up as there was speculation that it would be called the iPhone SE, with another X at the end. No worries if you don't catch on right away to the suggestive name that this would have created. In fact, Apple will also be discontinuing the iPhone SE, alongside the aforementioned iPhone X, according to 9to5Mac. Although as we already covered, a couple of cheaper iPhones are still slated to be released in 2018, which as Forbes states, "will be the same design with upgraded internals."

14 The Much Anticipated Release Date

via: forbes.com

As usual, Apple has been extremely tight-lipped with regards to the new iPhones, going so far as to refuse to give anyone an exact release date. Although Apple started off launching its new products in June way back when, it shifted its launch date to September in 2012 instead, according to CNET. As a result, no Apple tech insider and analyst expects it to be any different in 2018. Since 2012, the new Apple products were also consistently announced around the September 9-12 range, which means that it's not outside the realms of possibilities that it will hover around the same date range for 2018 as well.

13 No iPhone 9

Via: YouTube

As exciting as the iPhone X was when it was first launched in September 2017, it still confused many consumers since Apple blatantly skipped a number in its line-up. Having released the iPhone 7 in 2016, Apple went on to release the iPhone 8 alongside its flagship iPhone X in 2017, effectively skipping 9. But as CNET points out, the iPhone 9 isn't even in the plan, "By calling it the iPhone X, Apple has fast-tracked us beyond the point of no return. The 8 and 8 Plus are already upon us; with an iPhone "10" in the mix, the iPhone 9 is already past due."

12 A Triple Lens Camera

Via: Tom's Guide

Every year, it's the same announcement: new iPhone with a better camera and better specs overall. As expected, the new iPhone X is set to include a triple camera. CNET reports, "Analyst Jeff Pu predicts that Apple may release an iPhone in the second half of 2019 with three rear 12-megapixel cameras and optical image stabilization (OIS). Pu came to this conclusion in a note profiling Largan, a company that manufactures phone lenses for Apple." Given that CNET and numerous other sources have consistently rated the Samsung S8 camera as being the ultimate winner in a iPhone X vs Samsung S8 camera showdown, it remains to be seen how the 2018 iPhone's triple camera will stand up against Samsung.

11 Horizontal Face ID

via: cnet.com

Face ID has been a welcome addition to the Apple line-up but its one-sidedness has been a bit of an annoyance. Along with the iPad reportedly getting Face ID, so is the new iPhone X expected to also get landscape Face ID. According to iDownloadBlog, the news came through the respected Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which "learned that iOS 12, due this fall, will bring support for horizontal Face ID unlock. In other words, iPhone X owners should be able to unlock their phone in both portrait or landscape orientation when iOS 12 releases sometime this fall." Although still unconfirmed, it does seem highly likely.

10 Virtual Fingerprint Scanner Unlikely

Via: 9to5Mac

Sorry, but here's one claim that is going to have to be shelved for the time being. With the removal of the home button in 2017, also came the removal of the beloved Touch ID, a removal that has been met with frustration on behalf of many iPhone users. "While Face ID has largely mitigated the need for a fingerprint scanner, the buzz around Touch ID embedded in the display – a trusty pillar of the gossip cycle since the run-up to the iPhone 8 – persists. And for good reason: we've seen the technology implemented. It's called Clear ID and it's featured in the Vivo X20 Plus UD that went on sale in China in January. But since reverting to any sort of fingerprint sensor would be an 'admission' that Face ID isn't the future, we think its return is a real long shot," points out CNET.

9 A Slower 2018 iPhone

Via: Mirror

Given that the old iPhone X is being discontinued, to be replaced with an upgraded version possibly labeled iPhone XI, most would easily assume that it should be automatically better. Yet Forbes points out, "Breaking down the results for the listed ‘iPhone 11,2’ (expected to be the iPhone X Plus as the iPhone 8 Plus was identified as the ‘iPhone 10,2’), we discover Apple’s upcoming phone has just 10% greater single-core performance and 5% greater multi-core performance than last years models." It remains to be seen, of course, so let's remain optimistic.

8 Dual Sim Optionality – Maybe Even eSim

Via: Báo Thanh Niên

The Apple SIM rumor is twofold. According to Forbes, "Kuo’s report says Apple will introduce dual-sim dual-standby (DSDS) functionality for the iPhone X Plus (no word on other models) allowing users to run two networks simultaneously." Just recently, BGR reported that Apple may be moving in the eSIM direction for the 2018 line-up, which could spell out a huge overhaul in the relationship between consumers and service providers. More specifically, "The eSIM, on the other hand, is a chip that is actually soldered to the circuit board of the phone before it ever leaves the factory. In addition to eliminating the need for a SIM tray, the eSIM can be programmed over the air, rather than requiring consumers to visit a carrier store to swap out their SIM cards."

7 Create A Memoji Of Yourself

Via: YouTube

The addition of Animojis was a big thing for the iPhone X in 2017. While having animal counterparts mimicking your facial expression is great, little people-looking animations are even better. It remains to be seen just how customizable they will be, but they look to be quite developed already. "Not only can you create a Memoji of yourself through a quick and simple process, but you can also use them as stickers within the camera app on iMessage," revealed Digital Trends after testing out the upcoming iOS 11.

6 FaceTime With Up To 32 Friends

Via: Phone Arena

That's right! The new iOS 11 is coming with the functionality to be able to FaceTime with up to 32 people all at once, which is pretty crazy. "You can also make the video chats more fun by adding the same stickers, emojis and Memojis to them as well. While we have yet to try the new FaceTime feature, we’ll be sure to update this story when we do," adds Digital Trends. Given Apple's venturing into the classroom, this is a functionality that could further be useful with regards to teaching and learning.

5 Maps Completely Redesigned

Via: iMore

It's no secret that Apple's Maps has been a major fail, which actually resulted in "the director in charge of Maps — who previously spearheaded the hugely successful Mobile Safari project — was let go and Tim Cook was compelled to issue an unprecedented apology," according to iMore. Lots went wrong with the project but fortunately, Maps is finally getting a major redesign. Although it's actually less a redesign and more a complete restart. According to iMore, there's going to be: indoor maps, lane guidance, speed limit designations, light guidance, and AR flyover.

4 Screen Time – A New Feature

Via: Digital Trends

Always glued to your phone? The new iOS 11 is here to help, introducing a new feature called Screen Time. In an ironic effort to curb smartphone addiction, it lets you set time limits on each app and also shows you how much time you spend in each one. "To help people manage their smartphone usage, iOS 12 adds a new section in the Settings app called Screen Time. It offers a summary of your smartphone use, and the ability to set time limits on specific apps," further explained Digital Trends.

3 Measure With The New App

via: t3p.com

Ever go to measure your furniture or your room only to realize that you lost your tape measurer – or maybe you just never even had one to begin with? The struggle is real and that's yet another area that Apple has tackled. With the use of ARKit, the new Measure app allows users to "measure objects and spaces in the real world with the phone’s camera," as Digital Trends explained. The good news is that it actually appears to be quite accurate, so let's hope it remains that way.

2 Improved ARKit 2.0

Via: iPhone Hacks

Speaking of ARKit, Digital Trends reports that the new iOS 12 will also be coming with the ARKit 2.0, which "delivers improved face tracking, realistic rendering, and support for 3D object detection. There’s also support for shared experiences with multi-user augmented reality — you’ll be able to play AR games against other users in the same virtual environment." The multi-user augmented reality feature is one functionality that is sure to generate some buzz and it will be interesting to see the kinds of games that will be released as a result.

1 Support For iPen


According to CNET, "the iPhone X Plus could copy the Galaxy Note with an iPen." This little rumor is particularly funny when you consider the fact that Steve Jobs once joked in 2007, "Who wants a stylus?" during the unveiling of the original iPhone in 2007. Fast-forward over a decade and Apple might indeed be introducing an iPen device in 2018. “The "iPen" would not be included in the box with the iPhone X Plus, according to analysts. If true, that would give Samsung's Galaxy Note phones an advantage. Those phones have a hollowed-out holster to store the included stylus,” adds CNET. All in all, it looks like customers may want to stay with Samsung this year.

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