25 Things Anyone Can Do On Their Android To Be More Productive

Has anyone else ever sat down to work and their phone kept buzzing and begging for attention? We finally give in and look at our phones, then the time flies. All of that time we wasted looking at our phones and being distracted has left us feeling panicked because we have work, assignments, and more due in a few days. But what if we could actually use our phones to help us focus more and be prepared for any situation. What if we could actually benefit from using our phones during our workflow and it actually helped more than if we didn’t have these tools? While we’ve almost been trained to completely never use our phones during work and that it’s the worst thing we could possibly do.

We have reason to believe that that might not be the case anymore, especially when there are so many apps out there that really put the user first when it comes to how functional they really are. We’re so excited to look more into these apps that will benefit all of those who really need this kind of help with their focus and workflow throughout the day. Let’s get productive!

25 Astro Email Assistant

Via: Astro

Astro is a fantastic email assistant that will help anyone minimize their workload, will help schedule meetings, and even help people stay in contact with the team they're working with. It’s a great way to really highlight what emails need to be dealt with first and what emails can wait until you have more time. It’s the perfect organizer we all probably need in our lives so we can be as productive as possible. It will change your day!

24 Help With Email Tips From Trove

Via: Trove

Trove is another email assistant that allows you a bit more customization by using a radar-like system that will help you find the emails that are the most important and can even give you tips on how to check up with individuals who haven’t emailed you back yet and you need their response. It’s a great way to get more work done without all the stress that usually comes along with it every single day of the week. Cheers to that!

23 Newton Is Powerful In Your Inbox

Via Newton

While this app isn’t free, it is another inbox organizer that puts the control in your hands. It’s a completely fresh and clean looking system that can even offer many features we have yet to see with other email assistants. Newton is so powerful you can work cross platform, read receipts, and even use other apps through this app so all of your tools are in one single place so you won’t have to waste any time moving forward with this amazing app.

22 Trello Project Boards

Via Trello

Trello is unlike anything else when it comes to a project management tool. It is a brand new tool that many people are not familiar with but it’s fantastic if you want to get a grip on every aspect of any upcoming project. Trello offers you a layout of your project so you can get a really good look at what you need to do and what your team needs to take care of. This tool that you need in your back pocket lets you do everything you could dream of.

21 Evernote Does Everything

Via Evernote

Evernote is a fantastic document organizer and it does so much more than just that. You can use Evernote for just about anything, whether you want to use it as a journal, planner, or even as a business tool to help you and your team share documents, it’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page. While it is a free program, there is also a business upgrade we would recommend if you plan on using this tool with a team of people.

20 Quip The Document Editor

Via Quip

If you want another option for a tool that keeps everything in one place, Quip could be exactly what you need. It’s a fantastic hub to keep all your charts, planning, ideas, brainstorm sessions, and even spreadsheets in one area. It is a free app, but it can be upgraded if you want to introduce this to more than one person on your team. If you want to be able to explore what it means to be productive while also being active in your brand, this is the tool for you.

19 Taskful Helps To Complete Tasks

Via Taskful

Taskful is a simple tool that has a huge impact if you actually use it throughout your work day. Taskful will keep you on task at all times and you’re able to use this tool as a way to track your progress with certain things you want to get into the habit of. It allows you better insight during your day and you’re able to really pick and choose what exactly works for you and your day moving forward. Overall this tool will show you what works in your schedule and what doesn’t.

18 Keep Your Phone Away By Using Forest

Via Forest

Forest is an app that will boost your efficiency to brand new heights. Forest actually is an app that encourages you to stay off your phone so you can be more productive at whatever task you’re currently working on. It even has cute little graphics that will encourage you to keep up the progress of not touching your phone so you can stay focused for much longer amounts of time. It’s a must if you want to be productive today!

17 Google Drive, Everything In One Place

Via Google Drive

Google Drive is a basic app that might seem simple compared to the rest of the options on this list but it is one of the best sharing systems and ways to keep your files. Google Drive is a fantastic way to have everything you need from literally any device you’re signed into and you’ll be able to share it with anyone on your team as well. You can produce so many different kinds of documents, you really do need to have it installed just so you can see it for yourself.

16 A Simple Google Calendar

via: 9to5google.com

Having a calendar that you can access at any point on any kind of device and that also works well with your email account and scheduling is a blessing. Having Google Calendar on your side will allow you to plan everything out perfectly. You’ll even be able to set up reminders as well so you can really stay on top of everything possible when it comes to your schedule. It might be simple, but it works well for anyone or any team.

15 Grammarly Will Keep You In Check

Via Grammarly

Do you write a lot for your work or during your planning? Wouldn’t you like to make sure that your writing is the best it can be at all times? Then you need Grammarly. You’ll have access to all the tools you need to ensure that your writing is perfect and that you’re learning something from the process. This is fantastic, especially if you write tons of emails! You’ll never have to doubt yourself again.

14 Lightroom Keeps Your Snaps Fresh

Via Lightroom

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer, Lightroom on your phone is a fantastic way to make those tweaks in photos before you send them out to clients. It’s a great program that will allow you to be fully productive so you can keep all your pictures and branding fresh and clean for potential clients on social media. You can even use it to show off some new graphics to your team! Everything you could need for photo editing is right there in this app.

13 Otter Helps With Transcription

via: cnet.com

Otter app allows you to transcribe anything you record for free. It’s a great app if you want to be able to just speak into your phone and have it all automatically transcribed. It is perfect for ideas and brainstorming sessions. If you use Otter, you can share it with your team so you can easily keep track of your thoughts and plans for upcoming projects you all need to work on. It's perfect to get ideas out quickly so you can keep working and come back to them later.

12 IFTTT Minimizes Your Tasks Each Day


IFTTT is a very different app compared to other productivity apps on the market right now. It allows you to completely add new ways to work throughout your day, and even allows you to enjoy some aspects of your day a little more. If you want to learn more about the recipes there are tons of guides online about this app, because there does happen to be quite a learning curve when it comes to learning IFTTT. However, it’s totally worth it!

11 LastPass The Password Keeper

via: techkibay.com

LastPass is a concept that is quite simple to understand but it is very helpful for anyone who has any sort of account online. This productivity app allows you to free up some thinking space by not having to remember every single one of your passwords at all times. LastPass allows you to use an authenticator app and log in much faster without wasting any time at all. Having no time is so common but now you’ll have a little bit more throughout your days because of this app.

10 Pushbullet Manages Notifications

Via PushBullet

Pushbullet seems like a pretty simple app at first, but it actually has many uses, such as allowing you to send files to members of your team. It can even send text messages so you can notify people right there on the spot. You can open up different channels for groups of people, especially useful when you want to find a solution for communication and teamwork as well. This tool is helpful and very easy to use, unlike some other more complicated apps. 

9 Slack Keeps Everyone In The Know

Via Slack

Slack is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your entire team. It’s a big chat room where you can set up different groups that people can be a part of and you can really go all out with the customization, especially if you want to be able to stay in contact with your team whenever you think of a fresh idea. It’s a very powerful app that can work well in many different circumstances. You can even try it out for free as well!

8 Tick Tick The Task Organizer

Via Tick Tick

If you love to-do lists then you’ll love Tick Tick. It’s a to-do list app that will help you easily organize tasks, plans, work, and even how you spend your free time. It can be fully customized so you can enjoy using the system and it will also allow you to communicate with your work team if you choose to use it in that way – especially if you are working on a project together. Don’t waste time! Get this app for yourself. You’ll find out just how useful it is.

7 AirDroid Does Everything & More

Via Air Droid

AirDroid is the ideal tool for those who want to do all of their work from their computer without having to completely ruin their flow simply because they need to use their phone to send a text or an email. With AirDroid you can literally do everything from your computer hub so you won’t have to constantly go back and forth and lose your concentration. You can even completely control everything on your phone right from your computer screen – how cool is that?!

6 The Google Now Launcher

Via Google Now

Google Now Launcher is a great way to bring some minimalism into your life by minimizing how your phone screen looks, making it cleaner and keeping your apps minimized so you can have room to think. It also works great with many apps on the market now, so it makes sure not to make anything more difficult than it needs to be. It just makes everything seem perfect and organized in a snap. It’s a must have tool if you want a clean interface.

5 Today Calendar Is A Must

Via Today

Today Calendar is a calendar that will allow you to have widgets that can help offer versatile options that can work with many other scheduling apps like a Google Calendar. It is a fantastic app that will mesh well with any app you have currently that helps you plan, and they even can be custom designed as well to fit your preferred aesthetic choices. You can also access your calendars on many different devices as well, making it easier for everyone.

4 You Never Know When You'll Need Google Translate

Via Google Translate

If you travel a ton for work to different areas of the world that don’t speak your language, having a tool with you that will allow you to understand the world and people around you will not only help you connect with people on your trip but it will allow you to waste less time trying to figure out what’s right in front of you. Google Translate is fantastic to have if you tend to travel a ton for work.

3 SwiftKey Makes Work on The Go Easy

Via SwiftKey

SwiftKey might seem like a simple app to have, maybe even an app that everyone already has, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a keyboard app that makes your keyboard so much easier to deal with while also allowing you to customize it however you would like. While it might not be the most productive tool on the market by far, it is nice to have ready whenever you need to do some last minute email writing on your phone.

2 Tasker Keeps You On Top of Everything

Via Tasker

This is one of the most powerful productivity apps out there right now on the market. The app will allow you to really customize literally every single thing about your workday. It allows you to take control of your life even down to how loud your ringtone is depending on where you are based on your location. It’s very helpful for you to set up this app and go about your schedule so you don’t even have to think about being productive.

1 TripIt Is Key For Travel

Via TripIt

If you’re planning a business trip or even a vacation, you need to have this app right by your side every step of the way so you can fully make use of all the tools and benefits of having every moment of your trip organized and planned out. You’ll never have to go on a half-planned business trip ever again and maybe this time you’ll actually enjoy it as well, instead of just being stressed out the whole time.

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