25 Things About NASA Tech That Gets Sci-Fi Fans Drooling

NASA has been the source of fascination for anyone that comes across one of their projects. What they do is simply amazing and is really going to push the human race forward into the great unknown. Space is their main area of popularity as they were the people who put the man on the moon and sent satellites to distant voids of space. These acts alone could suffice the love of everyone who enjoys science and every little bit of information that comes alongside it.

The science fiction genre of reading and film. It draws what the mind can come up with and gives some Hollywood style fo it working. Most of the technology in these films and books won't actually come up in the real world because it's quite unrealistic for our time. However, while most of it won't come within our lifetimes, there is some technology that has been created and is being used in our world today. Some of that tech is similar or can be seen as similar to what we've seen as kids on television.

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25 The internet speeds on the International Space Station

Via YouTube

NASA sometimes has to upload or download huge files. These are important files that can ensure an experiment is done safely and efficiently. They can also be something that allows the people in the space station to just cool off and have a nice time. They do need breaks from time to time or they would just go insane. To do pretty much anything in today's era, you need a good internet connection, this is especially true for astronauts.

24 The fact that the space suit allows us to pull ourselves into the abyss that is space

Via The Verge

Space is incredibly beautiful. It is like the photographer's dreamworld. You can see the universe developing and how tiny and insignificant our planet is compared to the rest of the universe. The space suit was that design to really change how we thought of space. Yes, it's beautiful and very deadly. That is also why it was such a good invention. It allowed us to travel outside, to the unknown, to do amazing things that we have fell in love with. That's why the space suit is one of the best inventions thought up and will make anyone nerd out if they had one.

23 The astronaut food

Via Wiki

Dried food is unique because you would expect it to taste horrible. However, astronauts eat quite well, as in their food is not that terrible. It only needs some water to remove that dry taste and actually make it edible. The fact that NASA can get some dried food and make it last longer and weigh less, is amazing. These two things make it far cheaper for NASA in the long run and can allow them to spend that valuable money elsewhere. This is why people loved the idea when it came out.

22 NASA has got some awesome communication systems

Via NASA's Mars Exploration Program

Communication is more than important in the world of space and science in general. When someone cannot communicate that they have seen or done something useful, it can become dangerous for everyone else who does not have new information. Communication is a vital part of everything NASA does and can certainly save lives. This is sci-fi because not many people thought it was possible to communicate at such a long distance but NASA has managed to do that as well.

21 The possible lunar base

Via Popular Mechanics

The lunar base is the brainchild of someone who loves science fiction. The idea to simply make a base that people can live inside of whilst being on the moon. This is very similar to many video games that have done these kinds of things. If this was to actually happen is could become to dream housing location for millions of people who love space themed games and books.

20 NExSS, the team of scientists searching for aliens

Via Evolving Science

There is said to be a team of scientists dedicated to searching for extraterrestrial lifeforms in our universe. This is something that wasn't really seen in shows that often but was seen in the real world. It's really something that can generate fans pretty much anywhere. There are countless questions that one must go ahead and ask if they are to even begin understanding the difficult task that these scientists have been tasked with doing.

19 The James Webb Space Telescope

Via Health Thoroughfare

Ah yes, the telescope. It has allowed the human race to look outside of this world and see what lies in the great beyond. There have been some pretty useful ones in existence but the James Webb has truly been surprising for the number of uses that it can find itself doing at any point in time. This is a device that can help the human race explore future options for livable worlds, that is a great thing and will make anyone want to have their very own telescope to try and help out.

18 The journey to Mars that will soon be happening.

Mars is about one year away but that depends on when and where you launch the rocket. This means that a human being needs to have everything to survive and maintain sanity for one year in a closed capsule. It will also be dark, meaning, they will see the darkness of space and know that they are journeying where no one has gone before. This mission is a huge one and has been the dream of millions of people who would like to take part in it. It's also a logistical nightmare as you need one year of food, water, entertainment and more.

17 The innovative Orion spacecraft


Orion is like that incredibly cool kid who has great things coming for them. The Orion spacecraft has got some good days ahead of it. It's a multi-purpose crew vehicle and can hold around four people in it. This is a decent amount of people but the real money is in how many times it can be used. It's a reusable capsule which, once again, saves money for NASA in the long run.

16 NASA is going to attempt an asteroid redirect mission

Via Wiki

This is by far one of the most movie-esque things that NASA could do. They want to go on an asteroid, then collect some boulders, then redirect its orbit to travel around the moon. This is not going to be easy and will likely be yet another logistical nightmares for anyone who's tasked with getting it done. This would mean physically altering the path of something to benefit science. It sounds like something directly out of a movie but it is in fact, reality.

15 Operating the Space Exploration Vehicles on Mars


So, you have to know that we are going to Mars and with that in mind, we need to find a way to travel on the red planet. It is fairly large and will require a vehicle. The Space Exploration Vehicle is not named well but has some unique aspects that will create a sustainable environment for people to travel over the red planet's surface. Operating this device is not easy and is going to require someone who is specialized in driving in rough terrain. This is a difficult thing and is rather amazing because Mars can be unpredictable at certain times. That's why it would make someone think whoever is driving it is kind of like an action hero, without the action.

14  The useful acts of mission control

Via YouTube

Mission control is more than helpful. They basically make sure every mission that NASA runs goes smoothly. They are the behind the scenes people who manage every little detail to ensure that everything goes well. The fact that they can even do what they do is amazing. They keep everyone on track for success when people might be feeling down about a mission. On top of that, they go as far as to navigate their way with communications between astronauts and themselves, this is why we often hear them in films. They are very important to everything that goes on in the mission sector of NASA, specifically the missions with space.

13 The laser ranging interferometer

Via grace-fo -NASA

Laster range finding is pretty cool, it's been the dream of helping out everyone who has ever had to measure something. Laser range finding is something straight out of video games, it does pretty much what the name says it would find the distance of something by using a laser. It's a great tool because it might even be more accurate than traditional measuring systems that were used in space.

12 Every tiny calculation that goes into launching something into orbit


As you already know there are a lot of people who take part in making sure everything at NASA ends in success. These people need to do some hardcore math that is probably going to drive many of us off our rocker if we had to do it in high school. They also need to do all of the math correctly to ensure that no one gets hurt or dies because of their inability to do the mathematics correctly.

11 Space robots, they may not be big just yet, but they soon will be

Via IEEE Spectrum

Robots in space are going to really change the game of how everything operates up there. This is especially true for astronauts as this will make their jobs way easier down the line. These robots are going to change how we deal with space and space travel. It's also something that has been an idea and want of many people who think about traveling in space. It's far easier to have a robot do some work than do it yourself, so, why not have one in space to help everyone out?

10 Reusable rocket ship

Via Newsweek

The reusable rocket is going to push us further than we have ever thought. You are already aware that it's not a cheap option for NASA when they need to launch something and ditch it in space, it's a huge loss and many people actually hate it a lot. That's why NASA has gone ahead and decided to work towards building a reusable option. This will allow more trips to space for the human race and keep costs down.

9 The shrunken chemistry lab


Chemistry is important to science. It can really help to understand how the different chemicals and elements react to different environments. Specifically, the environment of space. One element can love it while another breaks down. It could be deadly if not done but it's mostly done for cost-effective reasons. Which is just another reason it's known as the shrunken chemistry lab?

8 Versatile carbon nano-tech, it's said that it can be used in spaceflight

Via Sonali Kulkarnia - Svbtle

Carbon technology is pretty cool and really came into popularity with the mainstream world because of the gaming industry. It's always something that is supposed to be super high quality and powerful in the video games, so, it should carry over to the real world. In this case, it kind of lives up to that want of the human being. It's been said that it can actually be used in spaceflight, which means, it can make travel, faster, easier and more efficient overall.

7 X-ray navigation has been considered for the CubeSat mission.


No one has really ever thought about navigating with X-rays but it is apparently a possibility. Specifically for tiny satellites that do not cost that much money for NASA. This is a great move since it will allow NASA to lower the entire weight of this small satellite. It is a great tool for anyone that wants to navigate through a non-traditional method but also in a modern format. Getting old tech up to space will work but it would show a lack of commitment to the new world if done, that's why this might be considered for future operations on satellites.

6 NASA thinks that nuclear fission could provide the power for exploration

Via IBTimes UK

Nuclear fission is pretty cool and is becoming a huge thing for anyone looking into creating a lot of power. It is also no easy task and might take up a lot of room. This is why NASA needs to be very mindful of all the variables when thinking about using it for exploration. If done, it can be something that allows us to travel to distant lands without somehow getting wasting oil and traditional fossil fuels.

5 NASA’s X1 robotic exoskeleton, it's kind of like some modern video games


Many modern war games tend to give the player an exoskeleton. It's shown as this device that can increase the strength of the user or just make the game more interesting by allowing the player to have more abilities that are attributed to the suit being worn. NASA does, in fact, has a robotic exoskeleton and it can be argued that it is the first step in the world of human bionics in space. It's worn and is not forced onto the user's body but seems to have some promise.

4 3D printed rocket engine parts


3D printing is pretty cool. You can print so many things and even start a business by printing or even selling the diagram to print to other people. NASA has seen this power and gone ahead to print rocket engine parts. These engines are very expensive but using 3D printing, they may be able to reduce the cost and actually change how we see the world of space as of now.

3 Artificial intelligence, it's said it may have helped discover an exoplanet

Via News Medical

Artificial intelligence, much like 3D printing is very useful and can be used for a plethora of things. One thing that is said to have helped us find yet another exoplanet is artificial intelligence. This means that is would have looked for everything in a certain area that resembles a planet and it actually did find one. This is a cool thing because it's both new and has been in everything from video games to television shows.

2 Nasa is actually seeking commercial solutions to harvest space resources

Via NBC 5

In so many games, it is possible to get some resources from space, specifically asteroids, moons and more. NASA obviously knows that these things have tons and tons of resources inside of them that can be used here on earth. They can even help reduce the cost of other resources that might not be in high productivity here on earth. Instead of NASA coming up with a way and building it themselves, they're going to use the commercial sector of the world to do that side of the work for them. This means that there should be an efficient product that comes out and allow us to get some space resources.

1 Clockwork Rover for Venus, it's being looked into.


Venus is a very hot planet that is almost impossible to explore for humans. However, it can be explored by a robot, specifically, a rover but that rover is going to need to be supported by some high temperature melting metals. On top of that NASA needs to have some state of the art communications system to work around any issues that might come up with the planet. This rover is being looked into to be tasked with exploring the planet but it will likely be years before we hear anything on it moving forward.

References: NASA, PCMag

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