25 Movie Costumes Marvel Spent The Most Money On

There's a lot that goes on when it comes to producing a Marvel movie such as production cost, set design, and cast. Another cost which is important are the costumes, especially for Marvel movies since comic book characters wear suits which consist of armor or accessories like masks and weapons. Marvel movies can be very expensive to make compared to other films. Costume designers have to design the costumes and the material used can cost a lot, especially when you have to make replicas of it. The Thor franchise was expensive since there was a significant amount of different items for the same character. For instance, there were different capes for Thor because of Chris Hemsworth.

Superhero costumes and props can cost thousands of dollars, so if you want to spend money on Marvel collectible items such as Captain America's shield or Thor's hammer, it will cost you. Superhero costumes can be expensive like Black Panther and the original Iron Man armor. Luckily, Marvel has costume designers to make the costumes but it still costs tons more than your average movie.

25 Iron Man Had many Upgrades

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In 2008, the first Iron Man movie was released and since then, there's been two more, and Iron Man was also featured in the Avengers movie. In all the movies, the armor has had an upgrade and although there isn't a specific amount of how much was spent on new costumes, we do know what it cost for the original. It was $325,000 for the red and gold suit which is a lot of money if you think about. Two suits were built for the movie and they were the Mark XLII and the Iron Patriot suit.

24 Black Panther Costumes were Expensive To Make

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The film cost a staggering $200 million to make which is a lot of money and because the costumes cost so much, the designers could only make a limited amount of costumes for the movie.

“But they’re very expensive — one costume might cost $300,000." 

The high cost is due to the quality of material and also because many of the female costumes had small jewels and African beads. Jewelry maker Douriean Fletcher was hired to do the metal adornments which was done by hand including the panther designs on the belts.

23 Thor's Hammer Was For Sale

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We don't know the exact price tag of what Thor's costume cost, but the costume designer states that they sculpted Chris Hemsworth torso onto a wooden block so that they could sculpt his body onto the silver metal chestplate they used for Thor. Hemsworth's muscle tone was endlessly changing, so the designers had to make over 30 capes to accommodate the change and the whole crew had about 25 sets of armor. Thor's hammer does cost over $5,000 if you want to buy it, though.

22 Ant-Man's Mechanical Mask

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It sounds like Ant-Man's helmet could only be created with CGI, but in reality, costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ designed and made the helmet and it's not known how much it cost to make, but it sounds expensive. Sammy wanted to make it more technological but did stay true to the comic book with the antennae. A mouthpiece was even included for breathing purposes. Differ used leather instead of spandex for the bodysuit. The suit also has tubes that connect to each other and hard pieces of metal which sounds pretty expensive.

21 Costumes For the Stunt Doubles

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Ryan Reynolds dons the popular red suit which is simpler than other superhero armor suits which are only made of metal. It's not known how much was spent making Deadpool's costume, but Russ Shinkle, the costume designer, had to make more than one costume for Ryan to fit his specialties and Shinkle also had to make suits for two different stunt doubles. A number of masks were also made so that there would be no mistakes. The intricate details of the whole costume were sewn together.

20 Black Widow's Sleek One-Piece Costume

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Scarlett Johansson's Marvel character had different styles in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Civil War. In Civil War, Black Widow's costume is sleeker and more functional as the designer wanted her to stand out more because of her character and not necessarily because of the costume. Costume designer Judianna Makovsky even designed  Black Widow's suit with less spandex for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Judianna had to make different versions of the same costume including the cat suit and shoe wear.

19 Chris Pratt's Vintage Style in Guardians

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Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, has a more laid back style than other superheroes. Alexandra Byrne is the costume designer for Guardians of the Galaxy and designed Peter's full outfit. Quill's signature look included a suede leather jacket to make him more like a cowboy and outlaw and his helmet ties in more with the outer space theme. Fabrics and textures were used and the zipper appears to be a double-edged dinosaur tooth which was found at a textile fair in Paris.

18 Apocalypse's Costume Comes To Life In X-Men

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The villain's costume is one of the highlights of X-Men: Apocalypse. Producer Simon Kinberg said they wanted to make Apocalypse stand out like an ancient, mythic god-like character. The fabrics were specifically created and made for him. There were 13 moving pieces and it was all done with 3D printing, and there were also many layers like gauntlets, chest pieces, gloves, and leggings.

17 Ayesha's Gold Suit From Guardians of the Galaxy

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She may look like she was sprayed with gold, but this Marvel costume is actually made with leather and metal. The base has metallic beading on it and a lot of molding. There isn't any indication as to how much it cost to make but it sounds expensive. Ayesha also wears five-inch platform shoes and the skirt is fanned out like a tulip. There were two versions of the skirt — one for sitting and one for standing.

16 Spider-Man Had An Update

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Last year, the latest Spider-Man called Spider-Man: Homecoming was released and the costume was different from the previous franchise. Costume designer Louise Frogley updated the eyes, webbing, and gadgets of the costume. They spent a lot of time perfecting the small details and the texture of the costume. The webbing design was very intricate, therefore, the concept artist had to help to make it perfect. There's no price tag but Tom Holland said they "have like 20 suits."

15 Loki's Warrior Outfit

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The villain from Thor had two outfits. It seems like he wears his blue one when he's actually helping his brother and the green one when he's green with envy and betrays Thor. Loki also seemed to have more of a medieval-looking costume in The Avengers. To get this look, the costume designers made the metal look like actual armor and Loki's headpiece consists of a helmet with horns protruding from it.

14 Valkyrie had Two Different Costumes

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Natalie Portman quit Thor, therefore, in Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson took over the leading female part. Tessa played Valkyrie and instead of having just one costume, she had two. In the beginning, while on Sakaar, Valkyrie wears more of a classic-looking armor. The costume is made out of leather and during the final battle scene, Valkyrie changes into a white-colored armor suit which is almost ceremonial like. This costume is made with an elastic fabric to that it molds to her body.

13 Wasp's Form-Fitting Bodysuit

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Evangeline Lilly's Wasp suit in the latest Ant-Man movie is a leather bodysuit with a built-in corset. Evangelina worked closely with the costume designers to perfect the costume.

 "I worked long and hard for months with the team, adjusting and tweaking."

The outfit also consists of body armor layered on top of the body suit with two electronic wristbands and a metallic headgear similar to Ant-Man's.

12 Doctor Strange's Magical Cape

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Costume designer Alexandra Byrne has worked on a number of Marvel costumes since Thor in 2011 and Byrne designed Dr. Stephen Strange's Cloak of Levitation which is his superpower and a big part of the movie. The cloak has many shades of red and textures. Alexandra found the double weave of wool in Paris and the coat has many designs to it. It  includes some velvet and embroidery and the coat was aged at a textile department for a vintage look as well.

11 Ego Of The Living Planet Is A Unique Character

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In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we meet a new character who says he's Peter's father, Ego of the Living Planet. Costume designers had to make a costume for the human form of Ego who was played by Kurt Russel.

"We wanted something where he was kind of a space frontiersmen mixed with a little bit of Western because that’s Kurt Russell’s style,” 

said one of the costume designers. The costume is made with layers of lace and leather that were etched together and dyed.

10 Mantis' Green Costume is made with some Interesting Elements

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The character was only featured in the second movie and the style of the costume really stayed true to the comic book. The director wanted to make the simple outfit more interesting by changing the texture of the outfit.

"The woven leather in there was fun to do. There's an open-work, woven, double-face leather; it's black and green and twists and petals up the arm."

Mantis has antennas on the right and left side of her forehead which the costume designers didn't have to make thanks to CGI.

9 Captain America's Suit

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The superhero has made many appearances in the Captain America movies and Captain America dons a black suit which sticks to his body during the battle scenes. Judianna Makovsky had difficulty making the Captain America Stealth Suit. Instead of having the suit as a printed stretch suit like they had with previous suits, they wanted hard fabric like Kevlar to be woven into the military-style suit. Thankfully, Steve Rogers' costume is very simple and casual, consisting of just jeans, a white shirt, and a brown leather jacket.

8 Baron Mordo's Many Layers 

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Costume designer Alexandra Byrne made Mordo's robe fit for battle by making it ready for combat. Mordo's costume also has many layers and overlap to reveal the multi-dimensional levels in Doctor Strange. Byrne also dressed the characters appropriately to depict their powers and mental enlightenment. Alexandra made Mordo's sling ring according to his personality which is quite unique.

7 Malekith's Pony Coat

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The character is a villain as he is the ruler of dark elves and is in conflict with Thor. Wendy Partridge worked on the costumes for all the characters in Thor: The Dark World. She made the costumes more naturalistic and the custom-made armor is weathered, textured, and painted. Partridge's favorite look for Malekith is "his beautiful pony coat which was styled to be of another world.”

6 Yondu's Bounty Hunter Look

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There are so many unique characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and Yondu is one of them. He is the leader of the Ravagers and they basically all have a similar look, however, Alexandra Byrne showcased each individual's personality through their outfits. Yondu's signature look includes a coat that looks like a biker jacket. Byrne did the coat to link Quill and Yondu's history as well. Byrne wanted the outfits not to be so colorful because of the character's bold skin tone.

5 Jane's Ethereal Dress

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In Thor and Thor: Dark World, Thor's leading lady was Jane and costume designer Wendy Paltridge designed the jewelry to look like armor. Paltridge says she wanted the outfit to highlight Jane's femininity and strength. Money was one of the issues, however. 

4 Ancient One's Costume Changes

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Tilda Swinton was perfect for the role as Doctor Strange's teacher in the Marvel film. Tilda plays the ancient one and has many different costumes. The Doctor Strange costume designer wanted to showcase Swinton's personality with every outfit.

“Neither young nor old; only ageless. So we ended up going for something pretty raw and unadorned and modern and that has an archaic feel too; something eternal.” 

The Ancient One's blue and white robes were designed to depict hierarchy to showcase enlightenment and power.

3 Darren Cross' Two Personalities

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In Ant-Man, the fictional Marvel character has two roles — one is Darren Cross and the other is super villain Yellowjacket. As Darren Cross, the outfit selection is a business suit which was specially designed and tailored. They made everything except some shirts.

"We made all of his suits because we wanted them to have a metallic feel to them."

Yellowjacket's armor was made on a maquette and his helmet was made with 3D prints.

2 Ronan the Accuser's Dark Villain Outfit

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It's actually the darkest look in Guardians of Galaxy because the costume is fully black and the other costumes are normally a muddy color. Guardians of the Galaxy costume designer said Ronan's spaceship was so extreme, his costume had to reflect that same level of intensity.

Ronan also has a hammer like Thor's, but it's longer.

1 Wanda Maximoff is still learning

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Elizabeth Olsen joined the Captain America cast as Scarlet Witch and Wanda Maximoff. Wanda's look is quite dark and athletic.

 “We were very careful in her regular clothes that they’re not exactly goth, but they’re very organic.” 

Maximoff's battle suit consists of a red leather jacket worn over a corset. Designer Makovsky said Wanda is still finding her superhero abilities and that's why she's not completely covered in armor, but instead, has a simple look which must appear realistic.

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