25 Apps For People's Phones That Are Actually Lifesavers

Most people will agree that smartphones are amazing and, in some instances, even life-saving. After all, it is thanks to smartphones that we have the option of not only reaching out to people via calls and text messages but also via e-mail and Facebook messenger as well as other social media platforms.

Smartphones make it possible for us to contact our friends and family in times of trouble, write a business e-mail when we’re out of office, “like” or “share” a Facebook post to let our friends know that we’re keeping up with their lives, calculate our share of the bill, take photographs and videos of our everyday life and set dates for important meetings by checking our calendar, among many other things that we take for granted.

Of course, various advanced smartphone apps that are available nowadays further enhance this and make our smartphones more important - and more necessary - than ever. From apps that help us organize our lives to apps that help us edit our photographs, there is an app for everything and some are truly life-saving.

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25 Trello - A Collaborative Task Management Tool


If you love lists, then this app is for you. Rather than scribbling your to-do’s on a piece of paper you can arrange your lists to suit you and your needs on an app called Trello.

You can have as many boards (such as “Personal”, “Project” etc.) as you want within the app and countless of lists within each board. Each “card” on a list also supports comments, file attachments, checklists and due dates.

The best thing about the app however is the ability to invite people to contribute to your boards. This makes Trello the perfect collaborative task management tool. But the app offers much more than just daily to-do lists. If you follow Trello’s blog it will also teach you how to use the app to find your perfect career, among many other things.

24 Skiplagged - "Hidden City" Airline Tickets

When it comes to traveling, there are countless tips and tricks out there to make your trip more comfortable, special and most importantly, cheaper. Those who have caught the travel bug will doubtlessly be aware of Google Flights (which shows you the cheapest flights on any given day). But few will be aware of Skiplagged.

Skiplagged is unique in that it searches “Hidden City” flights which are cheaper than usual flights because they are deemed as layovers to other places. Basically, according to the app's website, the app exposes flights which airlines don’t ever want you to see.

23 SleepBot - An App That Monitors Your Sleep

Troubled sleepers will love SleepBot but really, we can all use this app. Indeed, most of us don’t get enough quality sleep during the night or else we get too much and wake up groggy. This app will give you an in-depth analysis of your sleep.

Sleepbot will tell you the average amount of time that you sleep each night, how much "sleep debt" you have incurred, and your long-term sleeping trends.

In addition, it also has features such as sound recording and motion graphing, perfect for those who suspect that they may be sleepwalking or sleeptalking during the night. It also has an alarm which can be set up so as to wake you when you are not in the middle of REM sleep (also known as deep sleep).

22 Home Budget - Budgeting Made Easy


As adults, we all have to learn how to budget. This means keeping track of our income and our expenses and making sure that the latter does not exceed the former. It’s not an especially pleasant task but luckily the Home Budget app makes budgeting a whole lot easier.

Home Budget helps you track both your expenses and your income. You can group your expenses into various categories and sub-categories and also set a budget. It is also handy how the app supports your various online accounts and bill tracking.

For those who share their expenses with their partner, there is a Family Sync option that makes it possible to share expenses and income.

21 iTranslate Converse - An App That Translates Your Speech Into A Foreign Language


iTranslate Converse is, as the name suggests, a translation app. More specifically, it turns your phone into an effective two-way translation device. All you have to do is speak into your phone and watch as the app translates your speech (in both text and audio).

Currently, iTranslate supports 38 languages and has automatic language detection feature. The app's main pros are that it is incredibly fast and accurate, it can be used in noisy places and it provides transcripts of all your conversations.

20 Enlight Photobox - The Only Photo Editing App You'll Ever Need


If you use countless apps for editing your photos, it’s time you stopped. Enlight Photobox is an all-in-one photo editor that boasts countless amazing features and a slick design. It’s no wonder it won the title of “2015 App of the Year” by the App Store in numerous countries, including UK, Australia, China, and Russia among many others.

The app has been compared to Photoshop but unlike the latter, it doesn’t require you to spend hours upon hours getting used to the various tools available. Some of its features include creating your own presets, analog filters and the automatic repair of photographs.

19 RunPee - An App That Tells You The Best Time To Go To The Bathroom During A Movie

The Georgia Straight

Have you ever needed to run to the bathroom in the middle of a movie? We thought so. And it’s all fine and good if you’re watching a movie at home – you can simply press the pause button and resume the movie when you come back. But what if you’re watching a movie at the cinema? You’re obviously going to miss some of it.

That’s where the RunPee app comes in. This rather unusual app tells you the very best time for you to go to the bathroom (depending on the movie obviously) and then gives you a quick recap of the plot upon your return.

18 Chefsfeed - Restaurant Reviews By Chefs And Celebrities

University of Toronto Food Services

We’ve all been there: we’re hungry and we’re looking for a spot to eat out in. We turn to TripAdvisor and feel like we found the perfect place only to come across contradicting reviews. Or worse, the reviews are raving so we give the restaurant a shot only to come out an hour or two later, totally and utterly disappointed.

If you want to skip this experience in the future, be sure to download Chefsfeed. Chefsfeed is an app that will show you reviews – as well as dish recommendations - that were written by professional chefs, some of which are also celebrities. The app also features foodie videos as well as stories.

17 RunGo - Best Running Routes Wherever You Go


Running can be a fun activity (depending on whom you ask, of course) but it can be challenging in a new locale. It takes a while to get to know the best routes for running in a new place and by that time, you might be ready to leave. But thankfully RunGo app will give you the best running route from the get-go. Plus, it will provide you with audio and visual help to make sure that you don’t get lost.

Not a fan of using someone else’s route? You can create your own! Plus, this app will give you the necessary stats such as the time and the distance covered. Best of all? It works offline – all you have to do is download the routes in advance!

16 Tunity - Stream TV's Audio To Your Device


Imagine this scenario: you’re in a busy bar and you are trying to watch the game. Unfortunately, it is so noisy that you can’t hear the live commentary. Instead of skipping the game altogether or going back home to watch it in peace, you can simply use Tunity.

Tunity makes it possible to watch TV even when it is incredibly noisy around you or when the TV is on mute. All you have to do is scan the TV for one second to get the audio streamed right to your phone. Currently the app supports as many as a hundred channels.

15 Fooducate - An App That Scans And Grades Food Products

MODA Nutrition

Shopping can be both fun and stressful. Nowadays, many products have ingredients that are not exactly good for us but most of us don’t have the time to be reading the ingredients of every single product we want to buy. In addition, we may not even know what a specific ingredient is.

Luckily, Fooducate is here to help. Simply scan the barcode of an item you wish to purchase in a store to get its grade (depending on things such as calories and ingredients). If the item is not exactly good (health-wise) the app will go as far as suggesting a healthier alternative. This app also provides diet tips as well as a health tracker.

14 Duolingo - Learning Languages Has Never Been Easier


Learning a foreign language has never been easier! Duolingo is a language learning app that makes learning fun by giving you points, making you race against the time and by helping you level up. Its lessons rarely last more than a minute and each lesson makes you speak, listen and do translations.

Duolingo truly feels like a game hence why so many people are addicted to it. Currently, the app offers 26 languages, including the less-popular ones such as Irish, Swahili, Ukrainian, Welsh and Greek to name just a few.

13 Dark Sky - The Most Accurate Weather App Ever


Most of us follow the weather forecast and hence know that on average, it is not very accurate. Sure, it can predict whether the day will be hot or whether we can expect rain showers, but it doesn’t detail when to bring an umbrella or when to stay indoors to avoid a heat wave.

Weather forecast skeptics will be pleasantly surprised by Dark Sky app which accurately predicts the weather. Its forecasts are down to the minute and tailored to your exact location. And you don’t have to keep checking the app either – it will automatically notify you when to expect rain or snow or when severe weather conditions are underway.

12 Clarity Money - A Money-Saving App That Helps You Get Your Finances In Check


What am I spending my money on? Could I be saving more? If you’ve ever asked yourself those two questions then you simply need the app Clarity Money in your life. Clarity Money is a money-saving app that looks at your finances and gives you tips on how to improve your financial situation.

For example, the app might suggest you get rid of the subscription services that you never use (and may have even forgotten about) or show you coupons you could use to save money on groceries. You can even set a savings goal and link your bank account and savings account via the app.

11 Evernote - The App That Allows You To Organize Your Life


Evernote is an incredibly versatile app and as it boasts on its website page, it can be used for organizing one’s life. The app has countless functions, some of which are more useful than others. For example, the app allows you to take notes (say goodbye to bulky notepads in lectures or business meetings), make to-do lists, scan documents, and organize your receipts and bills.

You can sync your account to various devices and you can share your notes with others making it the perfect tool for collaboration.

10 LastPass - The App That Will Ensure You Never Forget Your Passwords Again


They say you should never use the same password for multiple websites and yet many will agree that creating a new password each time – and remembering it – is near impossible. Writing the password down on a piece of paper – and then risking losing it – obviously defeats the purpose of coming up with a new and secure password each time.

Luckily, LastPass solves this dilemma. It helps you generate strong, random passwords, automatically saves them and then fills the password field out when you are ready to log in, saves your personal data and fills out forms automatically so you don’t have to, and makes it possible to share your passwords with your friends and family securely.

9 Waze - A Community-Based Traffic Information App

Auto Loan Solutions

Waze is a community-based traffic app that is perfect for those who are always on the go (or those who are planning on taking a road trip). This ingenious app allows you to share traffic information with other users.

The app tells you the exact speed that other drivers are driving at, gives you the quickest commute routes, allows you to avoid traffic jams, and warns you of roadworks, police, and red traffic cameras. In addition, the app will tell you which gas station is the cheapest one on your route.

8 Square Cash - Mobile Payment Service That Helps You And Your Friends Split The Bill

Square Cash is the perfect app to have if you are always dining out with your friends. Splitting the bill is always awkward especially if credit cards - and not cash - are involved.

This is where this app comes in handy. Square Cash allows you to transfer money into your friends’ (or colleagues or family members) accounts in minutes. It is free and easy to use. You may be wondering – how safe is it? And our answer is – extremely. Indeed, more than seven million users are using this app daily and as of this year, it also supports Bitcoin trading.

7 Snapseed - A Hassle-Free Basic Photo Editing App


Nowadays photo apps are probably one of the most popular apps downloaded – thanks Instagram – so it pays to do some research and download a good one from the get-go so as to avoid wasting time. Snapseed is certainly a good photo editing app, especially for beginners or those who want an easy-to-use tool.

Snapseed allows you to do basic photo editing and its features include exposure adjustment, image cropping, fixing skewed lines, removing unwanted people from the image, adding text, softening the background, and adding filters.

6 Headspace - A Guided Meditation App


There is no denying that the world we live in today is a hectic place. Every once in a while we all need to wind down but it turns out that we don’t need to put down our phones to do that. In fact, our phones may help us in our meditation. Or rather, certain apps might help us in our meditation.

One such app is called Headspace. It boasts countless guided meditation sessions that help you to relax, manage stress, focus and even sleep better. The app also has a notification feature that reminds you randomly throughout the day to be present and mindful.

5 The New York Times - Best Journalism On The Go

Lonely Planet

Who doesn’t want to stay in the loop every single day? Unfortunately, that is far more difficult than it sounds, or rather, can be if you don’t know where to get your news from.

Luckily, with The New York Times app, you will not only always know what is happening in the world but you will also be exposed to the best journalism out there.

The app will provide you with news alerts, give you access to podcasts, and make it possible to save articles to read later, among many other cool features.

4 TapeACall - The Easiest Way To Record Calls

As the name of this app suggests – TapeACall - it is perfect for taping calls. Of course, most smartphones come equipped with a tape recorder but one of the biggest pros of this app is that it is incredibly easy to use and that it allows you to record calls that you are already in the middle of (as well as calls that you are only getting ready to make, of course).

This app places no limit on how long your recording can be or how many recordings you can have. Plus, it is incredibly easy to transfer the recordings to your laptop or tablet (or indeed even another phone).

3 Gboard - The Smartphone Keyboard We've Always Wanted


Forget your smartphone keyboard, Gboard (Google keyboard) is so much better. It is efficient and reliable and chances are – once you try it you’ll never turn back.

Gboard allows you to type faster, search for emojis and GIFs, and use Google Translate. This app also allows for multilingual typing so you can say goodbye to the annoying autocorrect.

In addition, you can dictate text by voice and you can search for things on Google without having to switch tabs. In other words, it’s the keyboard we’ve always wanted but never had.

2 Greenify - The App That Saves Battery And Makes Your Smartphone Faster

Macworld UK

It’s a fact of life: when your smartphone is full of apps it immediately slows down. What’s worse, it also drains your battery.

Thankfully, Greenify is here to help. Don’t worry – you won’t have to delete or disable any of your apps. What Greenify does is it puts the apps you are not currently using in hibernation mode thus saving battery and making your device faster.

Greenify does not, however, turn off the functionality of the apps that were put into hibernation mode, meaning that once you launch them again they will work as before.

1 Clean Master - Smartphone Optimization Tool With Mobile Cleaner and Antivirus

Most of us are well aware that we need to run an anti-virus scan on our computers once in a while to ensure that our computers run as smoothly as possible. Of course, no one ever really does it and certainly, no one runs a scan on their phones. But we should.

Clean Master turns this tedious task into a simple one. It helps you keep your phone safe and clean and best of all, it frees up space. Its functions include junk cleaner, antivirus, WiFi security (never risk using fake or insecure WiFi again), boost mobile, battery saver and game master (for game management and speed improvement).

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