The Worst Passwords Of 2018 Have Been Revealed

When it comes to your online privacy and security, a strong password is always a must! Although most of us will abide by the ridiculous password requirements nowadays, there are some people who just don’t seem to care too much. With passwords such as “123456” or “password”, usually ranking in at the top of the silliest passwords, there are a few interesting passwords that have made the list of this years’ worst.

The password ranking, which comes from Splash Data, the very company behind password management software such as Splash ID. Splash Data analyzed more than five million passwords leaked on the Internet and found that there are some online users who are using some of the most guessable passwords out there. Splash Data CEO Morgan Slain said: “it is a real head-scratcher” that people continue putting themselves at risk, despite the constant emergence of online hackers.


Via Kaspersky Lab

It goes without saying that having one capital letter, number and symbol in your password may be annoying, but it certainly prevents anyone from guessing it! If you are wondering what the top passwords were for 2018, then wait no further! Sitting comfortably at number one was “123456”, followed by the actual use of the word “password” as a password, falls in second place. Although variations of numbers between 1 to 10 are the most common passwords, one password truly stood out as the true winner.

The word “Donald” presumably used after the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, made its debut at number 23 on the list! That’s right, thousands of online users used the name “Donald” as their password, and it doesn’t get any more terrible than that. More and more people are doing exactly what they have been advised against doing, which is using celebrity names, their own names, or the more predictable “123456” types.

If you care at all about your online privacy, then please choose your passwords more carefully, and hopefully this list of 100 worst passwords will convince you and anyone else out there, to change your password as soon as possible if it is at all similar to any of the one’s Splash Data added to the ranking!


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