20 Ways Smartphones Can Help Us Live Longer

Smartphones are practically turning us into superhuman beings these days because they allow us to do just about anything. For a lot of people, their whole lives are on their phone. The new generation of kids has never known a life that didn’t include smartphones. Aside from when the teacher tells them to put their phone in their locker, it’s likely that they have their phones on them virtually every hour of the day. We know that phones keep us connected to each other, but is it possible that phones can help us live longer as well?

The book The Mobile Wave “highlights just one of the many superpowers that mobile phones — and to a lesser extent, tablets — have bestowed upon humanity. In addition to enabling us to video events on a second's notice, potentially altering the course of global politics, these high-tech human "appendages" increasingly have become tools for fighting corruption, buying stuff, bolstering memory, promoting politics, improving education and giving people around the world more access to health care,” said CNN.

It’s crazy to think how far we have come and what smartphones are capable of. Check out these 20 ways smartphones can help us live longer.

20 They Can Unlock Your Front Door

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You might ask how this makes us live longer but just imagine that you are in a dangerous situation. You are walking home and you are almost there when you realize that someone is following you. If you need to get into your home quickly, you can unlock your front door right from your phone. That way you can slip inside and lock the door again immediately keeping you safe from the person outside your door. “Assure lets you get in and out of your home using your smartphone. Hold your phone up and make a key-like twisting gesture to unlock the door,” said Techlicious.

19 Get Quality Sleep

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Everyone knows that the quality of your sleep can help you live longer. Getting a solid eight hours of sleep on the regular keeps our bodies running effectively, which leads to a longer life. There are a ton of apps that you can get for your phone that will help to improve the quality of your sleep.

“I think there’s a great chance for us to extend our lifespans,”

said Julie Kientz, assistant professor and director of the Computing for Healthy Living and Learning Lab at the University of Washington. “And these sorts of technologies that are integrated into our lives really have the potential to make us more aware, even if it’s subtly.”

18 Phones Tell You What to Do

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During a sleep study for an app called "The ShutEye," researchers did a 4-week study to see if the quality of someone’s life could be improved. It’s not just about getting enough sleep, the phone told the user when the best time to jog, take a nap, have coffee or even enjoy a beer. It also determined when it wasn’t a good time to do those things. By doing certain things at the wrong time, you could lose sleep. By re-working your daily routines, you are adding years to your life.

17 Fitness Is Important For A Long Life

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It’s no big surprise to anyone that being fit and healthy is the key to a long life. There is plenty of research to back up the fact that if you live a healthy lifestyle, you are likely to live longer than if you didn’t. The great thing about smartphones is that you can get a top of apps that will track the way you work out and even tell you how many steps you have taken throughout the day. You can track your calories as well to make sure you are eating enough.

16 Phones Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Believe it or not, but you can toss away those chunky heart-rate monitors that you have been carrying around because your phone can also track your heart rate. “'Welltory' pitches itself as an all-purpose monitoring app for your nervous system and stress levels by taking heart rate and variability (HRV) readings.” Your stress levels should always be low because if your body is always highly stressed, that can lead to disease and a short lifespan. By tracking your heart-rate level, you can get yourself back on track.

15 It Can Notify People If there's something wrong

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It’s crazy what smartphones can do these days. A smartphone may not be able to stop you from getting taken, but it can let others know that you are in danger. An app called "I’m Getting Kidnapped" can be downloaded to your phone. You set up a custom message and then enter numbers of people you want the message to go to. A custom message can be, "Hello, if you're receiving this, Alex is in danger. Here is his last location and please alert authorities." It works in a matter of minutes. “When in danger, you open the app and hold your thumb down on the large bullseye target, which vibrates after about a second of contact.”

14 Create a Video to Save A Life

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One time, a girl videotaped her own kidnapping with her phone. She couldn’t make a call without the assailant seeing her phone, so she turned on her camera. She taped the whole thing and then sent the video to her sister. It helped the police to locate the girl who had been shoved into the trunk of a car. Having a smartphone has changed how we do everything and in this case, it can help you during a dangerous situation.

13 It Tracks Your Heal Goals 

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There is actually a  scale called The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale that can connect to your smartphone and measure your muscle and fat mass. By connecting to your smartphone, it can help you chart your weight over a period of time. You can track your weight until it falls into a healthy BMI range. The system shows you how much you are losing so you can get closer to living a healthy lifestyle. You can also connect more than one user to the system so you can track your weight as a family. Make it fun by having a contest.

12 It Helps Workers in The Field

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Construction workers, ironworkers, and many other trade professionals are always allowed to have their phone with them. This ensures that if they are in the field where there are no landlines and an emergency occurs, they can get the help that they need. Injuries are pretty common in trade job and if a worker is injured, he can get a call out easier on his cellphone, especially if he is in the middle of nowhere. Smartphones have allowed us to make calls virtually anywhere in the world.

11 Helps Social Workers In Certain Situations

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Sometimes, social workers can find themselves in difficult situations, especially when it comes to pulling children from abusive homes. The great thing about smartphones is that it can help people who find themselves in difficult situations where they can’t make a call. “Technology now exists where social workers can use a mobile app that not only tracks their location, but includes a tether that is inserted to the audio jack of their smartphone that when disconnected, immediately calls for help.” That way she can get help in a dangerous situation.

10 Track Your Location

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There are actually a lot of apps out there that you can use on your smartphone to keep you safe. If you have a child that is off to college, this one might be a great way to keep your child safe. The app "bSafe" is a personal GPS that will track your destination and alert people if you’re in trouble. “If you tap the red SOS button on the app, a bright light shines on your phone, an alarm sounds, and your Guardians are contacted. It’s then up to the Guardians to call the police, if they deem it necessary.”

9 Eat Healthy For A Healthy Lifestyle


Eating healthy is a great way to have a longer lifespan. If you are always putting processed food into your body, then the chances are that you could find yourself with a lot of health issues. There are plenty of apps for your phone that can not only track your calories, but they can give your portion sizes based on your goals and how much you already weigh. “Thryve encourages you to snap pictures of your food – helping you to visualize your daily intake – and gives you scores based on portion size, food groups, and ingredients.”

8 Get A Ride Immediately

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We can all find ourselves in unsafe situations whether it be at a party or just walking through the streets. An app called "Circle of 6" connects you to 6 members of your family or other people of your choosing. This simple app can prevent an incident before it happens. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, all you have to do is press a button and one of your 6 contacts will come and get you. This can also be very helpful in difficult situations at home.

7 Reporting

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There is a paid app that can send alerts through various means like Facebook, email, or text message to the emergency contacts on your list. There is also a “report” function that can get the police to your GPS location. You can even set your phone to a function called “watch over” that will give you a pre-determined amount of time to get to a location. If you don’t check in, there will be phone alerts that go right to emergency contacts. Now, how cool is that?

6 Get Out of An Uncomfortable Blind Date

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Sure, blind dates are awkward sometimes and uncomfortable, but could they be dangerous? Of course they can. There have been plenty of cases over the years of girls who went out with men that they shouldn’t have gone out with. You can protect yourself or the women in your life by having the app "Kitesptring."

“It checks in with you at pre-programmed times and alerts your selected network if you don’t reply to the text message.

It’s better than relying on friends or family to manually ask for check-ins when you’re on a blind date, a run, or in an unfamiliar place.”

5 They Provide Home Security Systems

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ADT has an app that can connect your home alarm system right to your phone. It gives you the ability to call 911 with just a touch to the phone. You can even virtual check into your home alarm system to make sure nothing is going on. “You can sync the premium version with your ADT monitored home security system for added protection, or even pay for Chaperone, a live-response advisor you can call if you feel unsafe and may need emergency services.”

4 Walk Around Safely

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There are times when we find ourselves out walking alone. Although it’s not recommended especially at night, there are ways to protect yourself. Using the "SafeTrek" app can save you if you find yourself in a difficult situation. You can keep the app open on your phone in your pocket.

“Open this easy-to-use app and you’ll see a blue 'safe' button, which you’ll hold your thumb down on. When you’re safe, release your thumb and then enter your 4-digit pin.

If you need help from the police, just release your thumb from the safe button without entering the pin afterward and help will be on its way.”

3 Take Photos to Improve Your Health

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The great thing about smartphones is that we can take pictures of anything anytime that we want. That means that if you have a health condition or something that needs to be checked out by a doctor, you can take a picture and bring it in to show your doctor. Some family doctors will even allow you to email or text in pictures so that you can determine if it’s an emergency or not. If you have swelling in your legs or an infected cut, taking a picture can help you explain the situation especially if you can’t get in to a doctor right away.

2 Record Conversations

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If you have a condition like diabetes, managing your health properly can mean living a longer life. There is recording software on most smartphones and it could be helpful for you to record conversations you have had with your doctors. All you have to do is tap the record button and you are good to go.

“You can also use this feature to dictate quick notes to yourself — reminders about setting up annual appointments, 

things to buy at the grocery store, really anything you need to remember.”

1 Set Alert

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A lot of people wear medical alert bracelets for conditions such as diabetes. Technology has advanced in such a way that you can now link your phone to your medical alert bracelet.

“Apple iPhones come with a built-in feature that allows you to store personal information such as your name, date of birth, medical conditions, notes, medications, known allergies, blood type, and emergency contact information in a centralized location.”

First responders would be able to access this information. Even if your phone is locked, you can access the emergency button to get help.

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