20 Things All Moms Should Buy From Amazon To Make Their Lives Easier

Moms need all the sanity and time-saving help they can get and luckily, Amazon is one of the most convenient and useful shopping portals out there. Not only do they stock some of the best products out there, but the prices are usually also cheaper than anywhere else, even at beloved Walmart.

Not only is Amazon one of the best places to get diapers (you can save up to 20% with a Prime membership and have them delivered straight to your door), but it’s also great for pretty much all other mommy essentials. Below you will find just some of the top products that every mom needs to get and they’re not all kid-related either. Some of them are specifically for mom to enjoy when the kiddos are finally tucked into bed.

Pro tip: use the CamelCamelCamel website before ordering anything from Amazon to make sure that you are indeed getting the best deal. If the product was recently at a lower price than it is now, then it's safe to say that you can get it for that price soon enough (assuming you have time to wait). There are also other price trackers, such as the Amazon Price Tracker and Fluctuate.

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20 Make Time For A Kindle Or Fire Tablet

Via: Pinterest

Putting a Kindle and a Fire tablet on this list is tricky business. On the one hand, parents just don’t have much time in-between soccer practice, dance classes and all the other million-and-one kid-related activities to even breathe, let alone actually read a book from start to finish.

However, making time for yourself as a parent is beyond crucial. Start up a calendar, set reminder if you have to, but make sure to do it. One of the best ways is to do it by not staying in the house. You might think to yourself that you can just sneak away to another room, while the other parent watches the kids… Wrong. Do yourself a favor and go to Starbucks or anywhere where the kids aren’t there.

19 Save Energy With A Dymo Label Maker

Via: What the Redhead said

When my toddler finally went to daycare, I totally wasn’t prepared for the list of things she needed to include that addendum: Everything must be labeled with your child’s name.

“Wait, what?!” I thought. Obviously it makes sense, but things all of a sudden just got too real as a first-time parent. But if you have ever had to fuss with those Dollar Store labels and a Sharpie, then you should know how much the process is tedious, boring and annoying. Get a Dymo label maker from Amazon instead and prepare to be amazed at your efficiency. Best of all, it’s remarkably inexpensive and you can go crazy labelling all your storage containers.

18 Get The Kids To Eat With A Pop Chef

Via: kitchen smart tools

It’s no secret that kids are fussy eaters, so make eating fun for them with a Pop Chef. Sometimes, just a fun and playful presentation can make kids excited about eating. An anonymous Amazon reviewer raved about it, saying:

“This pop chef kit is great for adults or kids, I found that the shapes work great in cutting the shapes in bread and fruit the same but as for popping the bread out, it didn't work for me every time.” The best part is that it's not just for fruits and can be used on virtually any food.

17 Always Be Ready With Sunscreen

Via: Pinterest

Forget Walmart or any local store. Did you know that you can easily order sunscreen or pretty much anything else that your kid might need? The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your couch on your phone with the Amazon app.

With all the heat waves that have been rocking the US and Canada, sunscreen is a must, but shopping for the best one in-stores can be confusing. The choices are endless and in-store, you can't read all the reviews. Whether you’re a straightforward mom who just shops for the cheapest or the crunchiest, or one who needs the most natural ingredients, you can find both variations at Amazon. You can save even more if you subscribe & save to it.

Pro tip: subscribe and save for a lengthy amount of time to benefit from the discount, but cancel after your first time.

16 Keep Drinks Cool With The Cold Food or ChillOut Tote Bag

Via: Pinterest

Adam, who bought this bag, wrote about it saying, “My wife and I love going to the beach but, we always take a small cooler with us. This eliminates us having to bring a cooler and a bag because this is all in one. The cooler can fit up to 12 canned drinks and a couple of freezer packs to keep your drinks nice and cold. It has a lightweight liner that you can find in any soft cooler pack." This item is an absolute must for all parents.

You wouldn't be able to fit a whole day's worth of snacks, but it's great for essentials.

15 A Summer Essential: Fun Little Toys Kids Beach Sand Toys

Via: Shutterstock

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as tempted as you may be to get sand toys (and pretty much all your other toys) at the Dollar store, it’s best not to. “We’ve tested thousands of products from dozens of retailers over the last ten years. And on average the dollar store products are some of the poorest performing from a chemical hazard perspective. I am particularly concerned about the comparatively high percentage of products containing hazardous plasticizers,” told Jeff Gearhart, the Healthy Stuff Research Director, to Health Nut News.

Skip the risk and get it instead from Amazon, especially since it has stellar reviews, and comes with 18 pieces, including a bag.

14 Don't Skip The WellaX Sandfree Beach Blanket

Via: Amazon

You have undoubtedly seen the videos on Facebook about the sand proof beach blanket, but if you haven’t, here’s the gist. You know how annoying sand can be at the beach, since it is everywhere, after all. The sand proof beach blanket acts as a barrier between you and the sand. No matter how much you try, the blanket will act as a repellant to the sand. Plus, the WellaX beach blanket in particular also comes with a handy waterproof case for your phone.

Mom Lina said about this beach blankets, “I was really impressed with how well this blanket keeps the sand off. I can sit in the middle of it with no sand getting all over me, it's great! My kids also really like the colors, when it sways in the wind it looks like waves.”

13 Or The Dock & Bay Towels

Via: Stitch & Ware

If you're going to get the sand proof beach blanket, then you also need to get the best beach towels you can, which is where the Dock & Bay towels come in. Not only do they dry three times faster than regular towels, but they are also designed to repel sand. According to the description on Amazon, it's also compact and comes with a travel accessory pouch.

Mom SA said of these towels: “Really enjoying these beach/pool towels. They fold up into a very small size, so they're very easy to travel with. They soak up just as much water as a regular towel, but dry so much faster (in sunshine) than a regular towel. I bought XLs (great size for adults) and Ls (ok size for kids – a little big for the very little ones). My whole family recently used these towels at a water park and we were all very, very happy with them. These are now my go-to towels for any water activity that requires travel.”

12 Absolutely Try Sneaker Balls

via: youtube.com

There’s no sugarcoating it: teens stink. It’s not their faults, really. As hormones are on the rise, so are their body odors and it’s even worse in the summer.

A dad said of these handy little balls, “I was skeptical these wouldn't work on my kid's sports shoes, but it was a small investment compared to all the other powders out there, we've tried, so we took a chance. Glad we did. Now I can walk into the room without immediately having to run for the door.”

While there are a couple of reviewers who were none too pleased, over 1,000 customers were happy with these balls, rating them the full five stars – sounds good to us!

11 A Pop Socket or iRing Is A Mommy Must

Via: PicBear

Depending on your preference, either the PopSocket or the iRing is an absolute must-have mommy accessory. Personally, I opted for the iRing and I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier my life got after I stuck it on my phone. Our most prized possessions are only getting bigger and bigger. With that, they are also getting harder to hold, while multi-tasking making breakfast for kids.

Mom Katie left a review that is sure to convince any mom to get this handy product: “I just had to stop what I was doing and write this review. I just picked my phone up off of the floor with my toes while [nursing] a baby. I was able to do that because of this amazing product.”

10 As Is The Anker Portable USB Charger

Via: Anker

Ever arrived at the doctor’s office with your kids in tow, only to see the always unwelcome 15% or less battery life? Been there, done that – but not in a while. If you get the Anker portable USB charger like I did, then the days of not being able to use your phone at the most crucial times will be long behind you as well.

While it might be tempting to get a less powerful portable charger (perhaps even cheaper), this isn’t a tech you want to skimp on. Get the most powerful one right off the bat and you won’t regret it. The more mAh it has, the more charges you will get out of it. On the bright side, it can be used to charge many other electronics as well.

9 Simplify Breakfast With The Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Via: YouTube

Any mom knows the struggle of trying to get out the door in the morning, while the kids refuse to eat. Cooking them eggs every morning isn’t fun, nor is only serving them the cereal day in and day out. With the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, you can cook up to 6 perfectly at a time. Forget having to remember to take them out of boiling water or anything like that, this useful device does it all for you. Best of all is that it’s an easy and quick way to make yourself breakfast while the kids resort to their usual cereal.

8 Relax With The Q-Flex Acupressure Back & Body Massage Tool

Via: YouTube

Moms are supposed to be superheroes who can play with the kids, make all the meals, clean the entire house, and still find time to work-out all in a single day. It’s as exhausting as it sounds, which is no wonder why so many of us moms have trouble getting out of bed every morning. If you’re still sore from yesterday’s gym session – or should I say, from playing with the kids and agreeing to be the horsey – then you’re going to want the Q-flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool.

“Adult kids laughed and joked about this when it was given as a Christmas gift, but it was passed around, oohed and ahhed over, and the recipient absolutely loves it!” wrote an Amazon reviewer.

Some people even swear by its ability to relieve migraines.

7 Instant Pot - The #1 Mom Essential

Via: YouTube

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, then you have undoubtedly heard about this must-have kitchen cooker. I have one and I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier it has made my life. While it might seem complicated to use because of the buttons, it’s actually the simplest kitchen cooker that money can buy right now. Full meals, steamed veggies, cooked rice… the list goes on and on with regards to everything that can be made with an Instant Pot. The best part is that most of the time you can just stick all your ingredients inside, press the manual button and set it for 30 minutes. Easy peasy and definitely as instant as it's made out to be.

6 Along With Meal Prep Containers

Via: Fit Fluential Mom

Along with the Instant Pot, any mom is going to want to take advantage of Amazon to stock up on meal prep containers. Forget cooking supper every night or even every other night. With meal prep containers, a day can quite easily be dedicated to mass prepping food for the entire family.

The biggest advantage to meal prepping is actually stocking the freezer for those stressful days when you just don’t have the energy to make a meal from scratch and are on the verge of ordering food on your phone. But if there is already cooked home food in your fridge, then that would not only be easier on the wallet, but also on your waistline. The stainless steel or glass meal prep containers would also be a considerably better investment in the long-term.

5 Definitely Get The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed

Via: Pinterest

As moms, we have all ran into the problem of having to decide whether to go somewhere or stay home and put the kids to bed on time. This is where the inflatable toddler travel bed comes in. Not only can it be used pretty much anywhere, but it can also be amazing from going camping with the kids!

Unlike most other toddler beds, it can hold up to 310lbs, but don’t get too excited because it is only 49 inches long, making it perfect for toddlers.

“If I could do more than 5 stars, I would. This has been the greatest product I've ever purchased for my son. He can be a very fussy sleeper, especially when we travel. Typically we would travel with a bulky porta-crib, which my 2-year old son is getting too big for (not enough room to move around when he sleeps). This hiccapop Inflatable Bed is the same size as a crib mattress (which is perfect because there's no need to buy new fitted sheets!), it is small/lightweight and easy to transport, and blows up in a matter of minutes,” wrote an Amazon reviewer.

4 Don't Forget Party Favors Goodie Bags For Kids

Via: Water Loowellington Blogs

From as young as three years old, all the way to fourteen (judging by an Amazon reviewer), you’re going to want to get the Party Favors Goodie Bags For Kids for at least one birthday. It comes with 120 pieces and as mom Amanda wrote about them:

“This is absolutely the best party favor pack I've ever got! There is such an awesome assortment of goodies in here that would make any child pleased. There's funny party glasses, little musical instruments, spinning tops, yo-yo's, slinkies, flutes, water shooting gadgets etc. You name it. My 14-year-old daughter was even impressed & that says a lot lol. I'm telling you, you will NOT be disappointed.”

At $20, it’s definitely cheaper than getting party favors at the Dollar Store.

3 Get The Fire TV Stick For Yourself

Via: Riverdale

Everything cool is fire now and the Amazon Fire Stick is no exception. While you won’t see the eavesdropping Alexa on this list, the Fire Stick is an absolute mommy sanity-saving must-have for when the kids are tucked into bed. What does it do? It basically converts your TV into a SmartTV, which means you don’t need to spend extra for one. Just plug this baby in and marathon all the Riverdale or 13 Reasons Why that you want. Just make sure that hubby is in bed first too – hopefully everyone would have been tuckered out early!

2 And Bath Color Changing Tablets For The Kids

Via: dustinnikkimommyofthree.com

This next one is a little divisive. While there are some crunchy moms who wouldn’t ever consider buying bath color changing tablets, they aren’t actually that bad. Well, it depends. As long as you go for the known Crayola brand, then the ingredients are actually FDA-approved as they are considered food-grade. The other brands, even I wouldn’t buy, because the ingredients are questionable. But anything you can eat is sure to be A-okay.

The reason these make mom’s life easier should go without saying: just like bed time, bath time can be a pain with the kiddos refusing to take one. At least with the color changing tablets, you can entice them to take one a couple of times.

1 Subscribe & Save To Snacks

Via: PopChips

One of Amazon’s best features is hands-down the Subscribe & Save. It’s even better if you get Amazon Prime as you can get up to 20% off diapers and baby food and other items that you wouldn’t without it. To find snacks, just type “snacks subscribe and save” into Amazon’s search bar.

One of my fave snacks to get are chips as they are even cheaper than at Costco. But there are so many others and the best part is that you can use the search bar to search for pretty much any other subscribe & save item. Then, you never worry about getting snacks at the grocery store again – a mommy win-win. A word of warning if you subscribe to cat litter. It might just arrive in the same box as chips as it happened to me.

References: Amazon and Health Nut News.

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