20 Old Smart Phones That Are Worth Almost As Much As A First Class Ticket

The world of technology is pretty amazing. It allows us to advance ourselves in almost every aspect of life. It has enabled us to perform better in the social world by allowing us to communicate better with each other. Specifically, phones have been one of the best devices created when it comes to communication. It allows almost anyone to talk to another person who's right beside them or extraordinarily far away. Mobile devices have come a long way from the borderline bricks that existed back in the 90s to the credit card sized phone that can tell you where the local restaurant is. These pieces of technology, however, lose value but can once again gain their original value back, simply because they are collector's items. This process takes a fairly long time but some people have the patience to wait that long.

This post is not telling you that these phones are the best out there, or that they're even worth any actual value anymore. The only reason they are worth a couple hundred dollars, or maybe even a thousand, is because people are willing to pay that for these items. It's a simple fact that they are not anymore and certain people want to have them, so, they get them. We're just letting you know that some of these items are worth quite a lot of money.

20 Motorola Laser - $2,119.00

Via YouBloit

This is one of the most notable brick-like mobile devices out there. It's actually pretty ugly compared to what we have today and most of us would never be caught dead with it. However, despite the likely radiation issue with putting this thing next to your face, it is a collector's items because it's old. The thing came out well over a decade ago and really revolutionized how we communicate. It also helped in the murder of the pay phone one way or another.

19 Ericsson GH 337 - $528.75

Via Ericssoners

The name of this device is not the best but it didn't need a good name to sell well. In fact, this item was a hot buy back in the day, it was pretty cool to have a new piece of technology so, people could overlook the bad name that it was given. Other than that, the phone itself is pretty cool. It's not as blocky and might actually fit inside of someone's pocket. This was arguably one of the more mobile of the first "mobile" phones. This is likely why it's worth a ton of cash right now. People want to be able to see if they can display this type of item inside of their homes.

18 Hiptop Sidekick - $103.06

Ah yes, the Sidekick, it's easily one of the more well-known brand names. Even to this day, people remember how these things made everyone's life way easier. Your parents, or maybe even you might recall these little devices.  They also went by the name of Danger Sidekick and the T-Mobile Sidekick. Although not all of these were popular which. This device reminds people of the somewhat younger Blackberry phones out there, that also had the keyboards on them.

17 Motorola StarTAC 130 - $767.91

Via Pinterest

The flip phone. It's the phone that will get you roasted so fast you might as well live on the barbecue. It's also the phone that is sure to draw people's attention. This device might be on the older side but if it still works as intended, you could have a nice talking point, anywhere you go, assuming that you bring your phone with you. Flip phones have kind of gotten back into style with some people because they like to be different. This phone is worth a lot because it's still got some use in terms of the fashion world. It doesn't look so bad but if you're mostly someone who uses a touchscreen, then, you're going to get roasted for it. (Source: TheSun)

16 Nokia 8810 - $516.83


Nokia is one of the better phone developers out there in terms of survivability. Their phones can take a beating, from being run over by a car, to whipping it across the room, it knew how to survive a hit. Other than that, they were pretty popular back in the day. That's why it's worth a lot today. It's got both the nostalgia and capability of being beaten heavily and still surviving that just isn't available anymore. People like to have devices that can survive a pretty wild ride if they can get that in an old phone, all the power to them. (Source: TheSun)

15 Nokia 8850 - $125.70

Via Gumtree

This phone seems to be a combination of an early adopter of the flip phone with a mix of the brick design. It's clearly like that because it's not small but would be able to fit inside of most pockets. It's got the typical keypad that is dedicated to numbers but can also function as a keyboard if the need arises. This phone is worth something because of the unusual design that really took the consumer a moment to question and enjoy it. (Source: TheSun)

14 Mobira Senator - $6,547.50

Via ZDNet

We're back to the brick. This phone is quite literally a brick if the antenna was removed but that doesn't mean it would not fetch a fat stack of cash to the right person. People want to get their hands on this little device because of its originality. There are not too many phones out there that really incorporated the radio style of things. Some of them just had a tiny battery packet with it but that's just fine. This phone has somewhat of a carrying case with it that mixed in some military/radio style looking backpack or battery pack with it. Since this is the look of it, it's been sold for literally, thousands of dollars. (Source: Mirror)

13 Nokia 9000 Communicator - $1,459.73

Via Medium

This thing is only worth money because of the look. Like many items on this list, it's rather odd compared to the standard of how things look now but that's just fine and it's actually bringing some decent cash in for anyone that owns the device. It's got a keyboard with it and a nice screen. The best description, when compared to a modern device, would easily be the tiny computer that fits in your pocket, in fact, they look very similar (Source: Mirror)

12 Motorola 3200 - $516.89

Via Wikipedia

Motorola is yet another company that has been very well-known for their mobile phones over the many years. Motorola has been that company to stay relevant and build a quality brand name over the years. One of their many devices is the Motorola 3200, this thing is rather large but that's the norm for that era. It's rather similar to a house phone but is kind of big for a modern one. However, it could still pass as workable to this day. One of the reasons this is worth a lot now is because of the age, it's fairly old and old things can become very profitable down the line. (Source: TheSun)

11 Apple iPhone 2G - $430.69

Via Iphonefaq

Apple: they're one of the many unique companies out there. That doesn't even mention how they have pushed the limits of modern computing devices right to the edge. This is why the iPhone 2G is fairly popular among collectors of the brand is items. It is a classic that really shows how the old design of the iPhone came about. It also shows how the new ones were built off this model as well as others. This phone on its own is a masterpiece in the line of technology. It really made people feel that their phones were now smartphones rather than just phones that they could bring with them anywhere. (Source: Mirror.co.uk)

10 Motorola Aura R1 - $10,321.98

Via BDMobilePhone

The name might make it sound like a car but it's anything but. This phone is one that has been able to generate a lot of appeal to tech enthusiasts. The appeal comes from the sleek design during the time It goes without mentioning that there are not too many devices that still uphold the durability and uniqueness of this phone. It looks pretty futuristic and that alone is why people fell in love with it. It takes a bold company to go ahead and allow something like that out on the market but Motorola didn't care and just went for it, good for them too, no one really pushed the edge of how things could look back in the day. Overall, it's a really unique looking phone and that's why it's worth some money. (Source: PhoneArena)

9 Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon - $1,070.00

Via Popular cellphones

This phone is not anything like the previous one. It's rather typical. The aesthetic features of it are basically just ugly and don't have any eye candy. However, that's just fine for what people were using it for, as in calling. The name is okay and makes you think of a high-end product that only the rich could afford. Other than that, it has got a popular, brand name backing it up, so we know that it's borderline indestructible. (Source: PhoneArena)

8 The Nexus One - $283.18

Via Android Headlines

The Nexus line of phones is great. They provide a great price to performance ratio and make someone feel like they have a high-quality device in their hands. One that they can actually afford, rather than needing to take out a second mortgage on their homes for. The world was introduced to the first Nexus a long time ago so it's not from this era but has had many children and even grandchildren down the line, it's also only gotten better each time so it's clear the company has built off the good feedback.

7 Nokia 6120i - $2,119.00


This type of cell phone has been one that was actually present in some older games. This means that it was extremely popular back in the day. This is no surprise since Nokia was basically a high-end brand and has remained so over the years since this device's release. This phone featured a nice antenna and a keypad that doubled as a keyboard. It did not look like a flip phone at all but could easily fit inside of someone's pocket.

6 Motorola V3620 - $263.71

Via Mewok

This phone's name says it all. Well, maybe it doesn't. Let's just say that Motorola may not have been the best at choosing names over the years but could indeed make one popular product after another back in the day. It was a flip phone that had a lot of resemblance to a house phone. This ensured ease of use for anyone that had a house phone, which was nearly everyone back in the day. This phone also had a unique screen, you can definitely see the connection between screens and how this device is screen worked.

5 Ericsson T39m - $371.04

Via Wikipedia

This phone was basically a block. However, you've got to give Ericsson some credit, it looks like nothing else ever seen before. Technically it is a flip phone since it's got a small plastic piece that covers the keypad. This phone is certainly one that is worth a lot now because of the tools that were used to make it. It's just one of the many phones that people could finally bring around with them pretty much anywhere.

4 Nokia 9300 - $125.88

Via Brighthand

This is another one of those devices that look like a modern tiny pc. It also kind of looks likes a PSP but with way more letters. It comes with a nice screen that gives you some options on the menu. Other than that, the keyboard seems to be full and folds onto the top part of the phone. This mobile device, however, does not really look like a phone at all but seems to be the basis of many little things that are being made in the modern era.

3 Nokia 7110 - $159.02


The last Nokia device in this list is one to remember. It's got a butt-ugly popular color of puke green but it makes up for it in the nice design. Specifically the design that includes yet another small cover for the keypad. This keypad is one that's typically seen on the flip phone. This is also a type of flip phone because it does, in fact, have a small hinge in the center of it. This phone has certainly been the point of nostalgia for a lot of people around the world.

2 HTC One - $139.00


The HTC One is one of those phones that we all love but hate at the same time. It's pretty much only worth something at this point in time because of the fact that it used to be popular. That is basically how we work as humans. We like old things that we used to use as teens or just young adults. That's exactly what the HTC One is. It's been around for a good time and tons of us used it and actually liked using it, so, that's why it's worth a lot. (Source: Mirror)

1 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (Note 4) - $199.99

Via Samsung

So, this phone is more modern and we're more than aware of that but it's okay. At the current speed that we sell and buy new phones, it's basically an antique. The reason it's worth a lot is that of the ability to actually make people feel good about what they're holding in their hands. What that means is that, when holding it, people feel like they are part of the group. However, these people are aware that it's old in terms of the speed that new stuff is released. (Source: AndroidAuthority)

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