15 Reasons To Get An iPhone (And 15 Reasons Why Androids Are Better)

It's highly likely that whoever is reading this is either using a Samsung smartphone or an iPhone because these two are the world's leading mobile phone brands today. The effects of the competition between these two brands is felt mostly in North America and in Europe since it is common to find other cheaper brands performing favorably well in other markets.

If someone has always been a fan of the iPhone, then it's very hard for them to imagine that there's even a possibility they could use another brand of phones. This is because Apple products are unique when we compare them to all other products in the market, and the manufacturers, as well as most users, would argue that they're undoubtedly the best in every way.

People who use Android phones, which is the platform most other brands operate on, often claim that iPhones are unreasonably expensive and that they're not "all that." It's possible to find an Android phone with the same features as the latest iPhone going for far much less on the market. Is it possible that iPhone fans are in love with the brand and what it represents, as opposed to loving the devices because of what they offer them?

Regardless of why iPhone lovers would never trade their beautiful gadgets for an Android phone, here are 15 reasons they should continue to keep their commitment to Apple. On the other hand, here are 15 other reasons why Android lovers should feel as if their products are better, even though that might not necessarily be the case.

30 iPhones: They Offer Fast Video Editing And File Opening

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The new iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X are arguably much faster than the latest Android smartphones; Samsung S9 and Galaxy Note 8. This is because of the new Apple A11 bionic chip installed in them that has advanced multi-core processors that make the devices operate at unbelievable speeds compared to other smartphones.

This means it can open and quickly edit 4k videos, which normally have four times as many pixels as HD videos. This chip also makes it much easier to handle large files.

29 Androids: The Price Is Always Lower

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Android devices tend to be cheaper than Apple devices, yet they both pack similar, if not identical, features. A good example of the price difference is the latest phones on each platform: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.

They both have 12-megapixel cameras that can adapt to different lighting conditions and can take slow motion videos as well as 4k videos. Their front view cameras take the same photos and their storage spaces are identical. However, the S9 retails at $800 while the iPhone X goes for $1,000.

28 iPhones: The Feel On Every Phone Is The Same

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The feel of the iPhone has not changed much over the years. If you’ve been using one, transitioning to a newer model will be a walk in the park, because most of the features have been kept the same.

iPhone users will even attest that their devices are even the easiest phones to use in the market but this is because the next model works similarly to the previous one but with a few tweaks here and there. The feel of its operating system, the iOS, is also the same even with newer models.

27 Androids: They Have Enhanced Storage Space Capabilities

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Once you buy an iPhone with 64GB storage, you will be stuck with that memory space for life, and you won't be able to do anything to enhance it. The only way you can get more storage space is to upgrade to the next model and we all know iPhones don’t come cheap.

However, most Android phones come with a memory card slot giving you the option of expanding your memory space. Memory cards are also readily available in most phone shops and are always very affordable.

26 iPhones: They Have No Inbuilt Apps

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Android manufacturers have a tendency of including unnecessary apps in their phones that users never make use of. Removing the applications that consume a lot of space is also a tedious exercise for Android users.

Apple manufacturers, on the other hand, do not preload their phones with any applications; they give the users the leeway of choosing their own apps. If you find that your iPhone has one or two applications that you think are useless to you, you can disable them with ease.

25 Androids: They Have A Wide Variety of Phones To Choose From

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There is a wide range of Android phones out there to choose from. Android phones come in all shapes, sizes, and colors as well as a variety of features. You can get a cheap Android phone with a great camera or a compact phone with a big touchscreen.

You can get a variety of features you prefer in a phone at an affordable price. iPhones tend to have the same features and some of the popular features like a high megapixel camera are only available in the expensive phone models, which is not always the case with Android phones.

24 iPhones: They Are Very Secure Phones

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iPhones are far much safer than Android phones. Android allows users to download whatever content they want from various sites. This has proven to be dangerous because the phones are prone to malicious malware, which can corrupt the data in their phones.

iPhone users, on the other hand, have restrictions on where to download their content. They can only get content from the specific virtual apple stores and the app has to be vetted before uploading. This means that their phones are protected from viruses at all times.

23 Androids: Device Customization Is Much Easier

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You can pretty much change the overall appearance of your android phone if you want to. If the manufacturer's features do not appeal to you, you can change then in a jiffy. You can get a new background setting, change your launcher, change the keyboard, rearrange the apps, and change the entire phone’s interface to suit your preferences.

All you have to do is download whatever feature you like and set it up on your phone. Apple likes to keep things simple. You will not find much difference between your iPhone and the one with the guy next to you, regardless of the difference in version and cost.

22 iPhones: Users Have The Latest Apps

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Google Play Store apps are mostly free of charge. Apple, on the other hand, charges for most of the stuff that users can download from the Apple store. This means that most app developers will prefer developing applications for iPhones rather than Android phones so that they can also make money.

Therefore, Apple users are likely to enjoy the latest apps before Android users can access them, although at a cost. For example, popular applications like Instagram and Snapchat were first made available to iPhone users.

21 Androids: They Have Numerous Free Apps and Games

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Millions of applications and games are available on the Google Play store that Android users can download. Some of these apps are not available to iOS users and Apple does not make it easy for users to access the applications and games that are readily available to phone users.

Most of the apps on the Google Play Store are free of charge but Apple charges its users to download these apps. Apple users have to go through a lengthy process of downloading apps as compared to what Android users go through.

20 iPhones: Compatibility With Other Apple Products Is Great

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If you are one of those people who love using Apple products like the MacBook, iPod, iPad, and many others, then you are definitely better off with an iPhone rather than an Android smartphone. The reason for this is that an iPhone is compatible with other Apple devices in ways other phones are not.

This is the case because every Apple device has iCloud, a virtual storage space that synchronizes and keeps your stuff up to date. You can begin working on a document on your laptop and finish it on your iPhone thanks to iCloud.

19 Androids: They Are Durable

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Very many android phones out there are more durable than iPhones. They may not pack the latest features but if your main concern is the safety of your mobile phone, then there's a wide collection of rugged phones that are shock resistant. It's also very hard to crack their tough plastic covers let alone break them.

Some Android phones are making an effort to incorporate tougher materials like polycarbonate and durable aluminum in their design. iPhones only use aluminum on their phones and have been put to test on more than one occasion on this. The iPhone 6 made mostly of aluminum loses its shape when bent.

18 iPhones: The Support And After-Sale Services Are Amazing

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If something were to happen to your iPhone, you can easily walk into one of the many Apple stores and have the issue resolved within the same day. As much as there are shops for android phones all over, most of them are just retail shops where you can buy new phones.

They don’t offer much after sales support to their customers. If your Android phone were to encounter a problem, you would have to stay a few days without a phone while you wait for the issue to be fixed.

17 Androids: They Have A Great Relationship With Google

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Android phones work well with Google and any Google related apps like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, Google Music, and many more. For the longest time, Apple has been creating similar apps for their users that don’t quite work as efficient as Google apps.

A good example of this is the Apple Map, which is not as reliable as Google Maps is. Apple has been forced to allow their users access to some of these apps for better functionality, but they still don’t integrate well with their iOS as Android does.

16 iPhones: They Have A Useful Family Sharing Feature

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With the Internet available to everyone these days, kids are prone to come across some less than ideal content online. iPhones have a family-sharing app that allows you to monitor what your kids are downloading. In addition, the feature helps users to share things like books and music from the app store with a certain number of family members.

Android phones have numerous parental control apps that need to be installed in individual devices but none of them enables you to share content as easily as the iPhone’s family sharing feature.

15 Androids: They Are Great At Multi-Tasking

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Android phones are good for people who enjoy multi-tasking. Some of these phones allow you to open, view, and operate a number of apps at the same time. They can even allow you to minimize the apps and arrange them next to each other on your screen so that you can view them at a go.

In addition, you can easily leave one app and navigate to the next one with ease. Applications that you don’t need to use right away can also be changed to appear transparent.

14 iPhones: They Have A Sleek Design

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It is very hard to come across a phone with a design that's as sleek as an iPhone. The newer models of iPhones are much thinner than most smartphones and have either aluminum or glass covers that are just beautiful to look at. Their colors are also very attractive.

They have shifted from the conventional black and white phones to eye-catching colors such as gold, rose gold, and silver that make them look more sophisticated. Apple’s dream of creating an all screen phone is slowly being realized through concepts incorporated in the new iPhone X.

13 Androids: They Have Numerous Phone Locking Options

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We have a lot of private information we keep on our phones like documents, personal photos, and videos, text message, and contacts that we may not necessarily want other people to gain access to. To protect against this, manufacturers allow users the option of controlling access to their phones.

Android users have a number of phone locking options. These include numeric passwords, fingerprints, face recognition software, and pattern locks. On the other hand, iPhone users can only lock their phones with numeric passwords and fingerprints.

12 iPhones: Updating Their Software Is Fast And Easy

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iPhone users regularly receive updates for their iOS irrespective of whatever model of iPhone they have. Apple still provides user support for their old phones, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Once an update is ready, it is also immediately made available to all its users.

However, Android users have to wait several months to receive an update. Older phones may sometime never receive any updates and users are forced to upgrade to newer models in order to keep up with the latest technology.

11 Androids: They Have More Downloading Options

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Apple has selected special virtual stores where their users can purchase things like music, books, and videos at a certain cost. In addition, users can't download stuff directly from websites; they have to launch apps like iTunes to get music.

However, Android users have the liberty to download their content from other sites and not just the Google Play Store. This means they can even access more items free of charge as opposed to iOS users who have to part with a couple of pennies to enjoy a tune which is maybe at times more than a decade old.

10 iPhones: They Hold Their Value When Reselling

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Have you ever tried selling your android device? Chances are you were offered an amount way less than what you spent purchasing the phone even if the phone has been well maintained and looks as good as new.

On the other hand, iPhones are expensive whether new or old. They are known to maintain their value even after they have been used for a while. They may not go for the exact market value but their prices do not drop as significantly as other devices do.

9 Androids: They Have Detachable Battery And Cases

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Many Android phone batteries and back covers are detachable unlike the iPhones, which are screwed in. A detachable cover means that you can change the appearance and color of your phone. Some protective cases also require you to remove your phone back cover so that they can fit in.

If your battery gets spoiled, you can easily purchase a new one and replace the spoilt one in such phones. However, iPhone users have to make a trip to an Apple store for a simple task as this because they are not able to open up their phones at home.

8 iPhones: Their Headphones Do More Than Your Average Pair

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For those of us who like listening to music while on the go, then the iPhone headsets are gadgets they should invest in. These headphones are able to do so much more than regular headphones. They can play music, pause it, skip forward to the next track, or backtrack to a previous track.

You can also adjust the volume as much as you would like by using the volume up and volume down buttons. The headphones can also launch Siri for you especially when you want to make a phone call or engage in any other activity as you listen to your music.

7 Androids: They Use A Wide Range Of Charging Cables

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The more we use our smartphones the more the battery gets depleted of its charge. We normally have to carry chargers or power storage banks to replenish our devices' charge. There are instances where we forget to carry a charger and have to borrow one from a friend or stranger.

Android chargers are universal. It is easier to find someone with a charger for your phone or a micro USB cable that can be plugged into another device and be able to charge your phone. iPhones require a special lightning cable for you to connect to other devices.

6 iPhones: It's The Ideal Gaming Platform

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Nintendo and Sony PlayStations have dominated the gaming market for a while but this is slowly changing with the launch of iPhones. The iPhone's hardware and software are properly integrated which makes them just as fast as laptops are, and can be used to play games well online.

iPhones have become popular gaming platforms that companies like Nintendo are creating games for them like Super Mario Run. The fact that these games also bring in revenue for developers when purchased on the Apple store attracts more interest for game developers.

5 Androids: They Can Double Up As TV Remotes

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Some android phones have infrared blasters at the top of the phone that make it possible for them to act as remote controls for your smart TVs and other android devices. They save you the hustle of having to; look for your TV remote control or stand up from the comfort of your sofa to change the channel or tune your TV.

These smart remote apps enable you to perform simple functions like control playback, adjust volume, and navigate menus on your TV screen. Most of these applications are free and don’t require a lot of storage space.

4 iPhones: All The Phones Have A Consistent Look

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Apple has been consistent with the design of their phones. The iPhone 3, 4, and 5 models look almost the same while the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 also have similar designs. The latter have slimmer designs and bigger display screens. The colors are also limited.

Android phones, on the other hand, are just too many out there, such that picking one is always a daunting task. To make matters worse, new models are released every other year with different designs and technologies that previous models do not have.

3 Androids: They Have Easy File Sharing Options

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Android phones allow you to share music, videos, files, and data with other devices that do not necessarily function on Android. To do this, you only need have to have a wireless connection via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wi-Fi gives you access to the Internet and can allow you to share data through various platforms.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, synchronizes and pairs two devices thus enabling them to share stuff. iPhones can only share data wirelessly with other Apple devices that have their unique operating system, the iOS.

2 iPhones: It's Much Cooler Than The Competition

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We have to admit one thing; iPhones are way cooler than any other phones on the market. Their design is timeless, their aluminum finishing and slightly heavy weight make them classics. An iPhone is an ultimate accessory to have and carry around. If you have one then you are considered cool and well off.

People associate the iPhone with some success; therefore, Apple has to give its users the utmost care because they are aware of the kind of people that use their devices.

1 Androids: They Have Widgets And Home Screens

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Android users have the liberty to personalize their home screens with their most used apps and widgets that allow you to perform certain functions without necessarily launching a whole application. Some popular widgets include Chrome, email, calendars, and many others that make operating the phones so much easier.

Apple recently introduced widgets but they are limited to the notification area. Their home screens can’t also be personalized because apps are normally arranged in alphabetical order and users cannot interfere with this.

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