12 Things Hipsters Buy That Are Actually Cool (12 That Aren't)

What is a hipster? A quick Google search will reveal that there are many definitions that try to explain what the ominous hipster officially is. It appears to be a mix of someone who loves thrifting, enjoys drinking out of mason jars and other odd items, and collects kitschy yet trendy items. Mind you, that description is extremely vague and probably doesn’t apply to everyone who considers themselves a hipster. But at least we kind of know what we’re talking about.

All we know is that the hipster style is very distinct. Hipster trends have been taking over the mainstream and increasing in popularity, proving that the hipsters are going nowhere. As much as we love some hipster trends (and are convinced we might be hipsters are ourselves), there are also plenty of trends that we detest. From the impractical to the downright ridiculous, let’s just say that the hipsters have come up with some pretty wacky stuff.

Read on to discover what hipster products you absolutely need in your life. Trust us, some of these items will be life-changing (especially the unicorn merchandise!). And also read on to learn what hipster products you don’t need because some of these things are just plain weird. What hipster product is your favorite and least favorite?

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20 Cool: Plants That Hang From The Ceiling

via pinterest.com

It seems like the new thing is to be a crazy plant lady instead of a crazy cat lady.

Succulents and plants of all sorts have been blowing up Pinterest as millennials have been increasingly decorating their spaces with greenery, both fake and real. But hipsters have really taken things up a notch by starting the trend of hanging plants directly from your ceiling.

Whether you put them in a traditional planter or go even more hipster-y and opt for a macramé hanger, there are a lot of ways to incorporate this trend in your life. And, to be honest, it’s freakin’ cute. So, this is one hipster thing we can all get behind.

19 Uncool: Flip Phone iPhone Case


Back in the early 2000s, we all loved the flip phone and we were all devastated when it was eventually replaced by touchscreen phones. As nostalgic as we are, that doesn’t mean we’d want to go back in time to when Motorola was popular. We like having data that’s actually affordable and reliable!

But for some reason, the hipsters think the early 2000s were a better time in terms of phone technology. That’s why we guess one of them came up with this cringe-worthy flip phone iPhone case. It’s just as bulky and ugly looking as an original flip phone, but when you open it up it has all the features of an iPhone. What’s not to love? Answer: so, so much.

18 Cool: Retro Handset

via amazon.com

Want to feel like you’re gossiping in the ‘50s? Then a retro handset is the right hipster product for you!

One item that we can thank the hipsters for is a retro handset. Just plug in this vintage-looking phone into your cell and you’ll be able to talk and hear through it. You’ll look like the cutest kid on the block talking to your besties with this fun little accessory.

Plus, on the more practical side, this item can make long phone calls a bit comfier. It feels more natural to hold a traditional phone up to your ear versus a cell phone, and it will give you a bit of nostalgia (who remembers making calls on the landline in the ‘90s?).

17 Uncool: Beard glitter

via instagram.com

Glitter is definitely a thing amongst millennials, but the hipsters proved they took things too far when they came out with beard sparkles. Similar to hair sparkles (which are just as ridiculous), bear sparkles are a hair-friendly product that male hipsters can apply directly to their beard for a bit of sparkle.

We have no clue where someone would rock this cringe-worthy hair accessory to, guy or gal. We love guys experimenting with beauty products and hairstyles, but this is just too much. If you’re a dude who’s trying to think outside of the box in terms of your style, try eyeliner or facial piercings. Really anything other than this disastrous hipster trend would be appreciated!

16 Cool: Vinyl Records

via weheartit.com

Honestly, when vinyl records and record players first came onto the scene, we weren’t sure what to make of them. It seems impractical lugging around a massive record when you can simply stream to an album on Spotify or iTunes. Not to mention, using streaming services is a lot cheaper than buying every record you want to be able to listen to.

With that being said, we can’t help but love the vintage element record players and vinyl add. As odd as it sounds, it transforms the music and ambiance if you’re listening to it on a vinyl rather than streaming it. Plus, there’s something exciting about collecting your favorite vinyls and keeping them on display. It’s like collecting CDs in middle school- but a lot cooler!

15 Uncool: Typewriter

via pinterest.com

In the 21st century, we’re fortunate to have computers and the internet when we need to type something up- no need to do it by hand anymore. But there are some hipsters who wish we were living in the past since they’ll take a typewriter over a computer anyway.

Seriously, there are some dedicated hipsters out there who are buying typewriters to use them to actually type. This seems pretty inefficient when we compare how poorly typewriters work to an actual computer. Even if you didn’t have access to a computer, it’d still probably be fast to write the note by hand rather than deal with a typewriter.

All in all, this is one purchase that seems frivolous and just not worth what can be an expensive price tag (hey- these things are considered vintage!).

14 Cool: Mason Jar Cups

via pinterest.com

Hipsters have come up with a lot of weird things to enjoy your beverages out of, but mason jar cups are actually pretty cool. A few years ago, mason jar-themed items could be found everywhere, from Urban Outfitters to Forever21, and the trend is still going strong… probably because they’re big enough to hold an entire smoothie.

It all started when hipsters began using mason jars as glasses rather than actually cups. Eventually, stores came out with mason jars that feature handles (so, it was actually practical), and they eventually introduced other products like mini mason jar shot glasses and mason jar string lights. We’re not sure how we feel about the other mason jar-centric items available nowadays, but they’re sure cute as cups!

13 Uncool: Science Lab Drinkware

via huffingtonpost.com

Don’t ask me why, but there’s a ridiculous trend that has hipsters drinking their beverages out of science lab equipment. Seriously.

This odd trend started when hipster restaurants came up with the genius (read: sarcasm) to serve mixed drinks from beakers. You know, the type you used to use all the way back in high school. Although this seems cool for a hot minute, it quickly loses its flare after a while. But evidently not with the hipster community.

Stores like Urban Outfitters have begun carrying science equipment for the purpose of people purchasing to use as drinkware in their own homes. Could you imagine serving guests out of a chemistry beaker? Yeah, you might get some weird looks.

12 Cool: Unicorn Merchandise

via amazon.com

For some reason, the hipster community is obsessed with buying anything unicorn-related. A quick search on Amazon or Etsy will reveal the ridiculous amount of kitschy unicorn items you can actually buy, from unicorn-themed makeup brushes to onesies to toasters that will make bread with a unicorn’s face on it (seriously).

As ridiculous and childish as the unicorn trend may be, we’ve got to admit that we love it. We’ve never met a person who doesn’t smile when confronted with something unicorn-themed. And, honestly, doesn’t it make using everyday items all the more fun when they’ve got a cute unicorn on them? We’re hoping this trend is here to stay!

11 Uncool: Avocado Merchandise

via amazon.com

While we can understand why you’d want to buy something unicorn-themed, considering unicorns are snuggly, magic, colorful animals that are supposed to be a defining figure in our childhoods. But the same can’t be said for avocados. Actually, most people hate the taste of avocados until they’re already adults.

So why are hipsters so obsessed with them? Seriously, you can find all sorts of avocado-themed things to buy, from items that make cooking with your avos easier to everyday products that have animated avocados adoring it. When you think about it, it seems a bit weird to attribute human features to an avocado, even if it’s just a cartoon. And that’s why we just can’t understand the hipster obsession with avocados.

10 Cool: Bowler Hat Colander

via buzzfeed.com

The one thing we love that hipsters do is make mundane, everyday items exciting- just like this did to this otherwise plain colander. This bowler hat colander is a cute play on the traditional straining device. It looks exactly like the cap Charlie Chaplin used to rock, which is sure to please the vintage lover in anyone.

Whether you love vintage or not, you’re guaranteed to smile every time you have to take this bad boy out to use. And, if you’re having fun while cooking, then you can be sure it will taste ten times better. We’re not saying that every kitchen product needs to Hipster-ified, but we clearly don’t mind in this case!

9 Uncool: Black Water

Why, oh why? If someone on the street offered me a sip of black water, I’d run the other way because I’d be convinced they were trying to poison me. That’s how threatening and uninviting black water comes across. So, we have no idea why the hipsters though that black water would be a trend that would catch on easily.

Seriously, black water is increasing in popularity across stores in North America, and we only have the hipsters to blame. It’s a wonder that they don’t feel strange putting something in their bodies that look pitch black, considering that’s usually the color of sewage water. We know that black water is supposed to have some amazing health benefit, but we think we’ll just stick to mineral water, instead.

8 Cool: Polaroid Camera

via instagram.com

When Polaroid cameras first came back into popularity thanks to the hipster wave, we weren’t sure if we loved or hated them. On one hand, it seems impractical to grab a Polaroid camera when you can simply use your iPhone, which will probably produce better photos anyway. Plus, Polaroid film is hella expensive and you can’t view or delete the pics once you take one, so it can be a pricey hobby.

With that being said, there’s something undeniably fun about polaroids. It’s a bigger deal grabbing your friends and shooting pics for the polaroid rather than a regular cell camera. Sometimes it’s fun to take pictures in the moment rather than going back and deleting some because you’re being picky with how you look. Plus, think of all the cute ways you can display your polaroid.

7 Uncool: Fake Glasses

via tumblr.com

We’ll admit that glasses can totally change an outfit! But that doesn’t mean you should be rocking them unless you have a prescription… Of course, the hipsters have started a trend of wearing fake seeing-eye glasses. It’s the cool thing to buy a cheap pair of lenses that are knock-off Ray Bans just to look more intellectual or artsy.

In reality, this trend looks ridiculous to those of us who actually have to wear glasses, whether we want to or not. And, don’t even get me started on how infuriating it is to meet people who wear contacts, but also wear fake frames just for the aesthetic. Not only is it uncool, but it looks downright silly, so we’re hoping this is one hipster trend that doesn’t stick around much longer.

6 Cool: Twinkle Lights

via tumblr.com

Before we got on board with this trend, we were firm believers that twinkle lights should only be brought out around Christmas. However, the hipsters have made the rest of millennials see the light- ahem, we mean see how adorable twinkle lights can be all year round.

Stringing a strand of lights above your window, on your headboard, or even on your balcony can instantly change the ambiance. When you turn all other lights off at night, the twinkle lights instantly create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Imagine reading a book or watching TV with a dozen tiny lights surrounding you- it’ll feel like New York without leaving your bed.

5 Uncool: Boxed Water

via newyorktimes.com

What’s with hipsters always doing things to water? Boxed water was another ingenious trend to come from the hipsters. Evidently, one of them got tired of the concept of plastic water bottles and thought a box was a better idea.

We’ll hand it to them that the presentation of boxed water is certainly intriguing and makes you want to buy it, even if just to test it out once. But it’s hard not to believe that this is a complete marketing scam targeted towards impressionable hipsters. We doubt there’s anything different between this water and what you’ll get in a plastic water bottle.

Oh, and the plastic one is probably easier to recycle, too.

4 Cool: Ukulele

via instagram.com

Okay, not everyone who plays the ukulele is by any means a hipster. But hipsters have, for some reason, been gravitating towards ukuleles as of late- and we can see why!

These tiny instruments are pretty easy to learn to play with the help of a few YouTube tutorials, and tons of hit songs feature ukuleles. Imagine showing off your musical chops by putting on a performance for your friends and getting everyone to sing along!

Seriously, if you want to learn a new instrument, then the ukulele might be the right one for you. Pick one up for cheap on Amazon, or go to the hipster’s paradise- aka. Urban Outfitters- to scope one out.

3 Uncool: VHS Movies


Didn’t think people were still buying VHS tapes? Think again!

Hipsters are trying to make the VHS popular. Now, it’s the in-thing to go to a thrift store and purchase an old VHS for cheap. Heck, even Urban Outfitters has tried selling old movies for a ridiculously knocked up price.

As much as we love a little nostalgia (#90sForever), using a VHS is really impractical. Most notably, these little bad boys take up a lot of space if you have quite the collection, and no one wants to deal with that when DVDs or streaming services are an option. And, no one is really making VHS players anymore. So, unless you can find one second-hand, you’ll be out of luck if yours breaks and you have all these VHS tapes to watch.

2 Cool: Vintage Suitcases

via pinterest.com

You can always spot a hipster at the airport because of the type of luggage they’re carrying!

True to their vintage style, hipsters have been loving vintage suitcases over modern alternatives recently. It’s the in-thing to go to a local consignment or thrift shop and see what goodies from decades past you can find. Some hipsters go so far as to reupholster vintage luggage to breathe new life into it. Would you go that far to salvage a vintage piece?

You really don’t have to spend much to jump on this trend- a trip to the thrift shop will suffice. So, live your vintage dreams by traveling out of a suitcase that Audrey Hepburn herself would have carried.

1 Uncool: Wooden Stumps

via buzzfeed.com

Abstract and funky furniture can be cool when done right, but hipsters took things too far when they tried to make wooden tree stumps as a side table a trend.

Hit up any furniture store or an Urban Outfitters and you’ll see them trying to sell a faux stump for a ridiculous price. Many people have pointed out online that it’s a lot cheaper to go into nature and find yourself a stump, or at least visit a tree nursery.

Not only are these décor prices usually overpriced, but they’re also impractical. The top is often rough, which doesn’t bode well if you want to keep your drinks upright. There’s also no additional storage like a side table often offers. We’d pass on this item unless you’re a huge tree hugger.

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