12 Apps That We Love That Are Free (12 That Are Worth Paying For)

One of the best things about having a smartphone is being able to download various apps. Regardless of what your reasoning is for taking a trip to the app store, you are sure to come away with at least one thing that will make your phone experience all the better. And in case you find yourself feeling a little bit bored with what you have on your phone, you can rest assured that if you downloaded some of the apps below, that you wouldn't find yourself having that problem anytime soon.

Some of the apps on our list will cost you a little bit of money. But the level of enjoyment and personal growth that you can gain from the right app is definitely something that has more value than that extra big cup of coffee from Starbucks. Even if some mornings it may feel like Starbucks is the only thing getting you going. Though that wouldn't be the case if you slept better, which you definitely would if you downloaded the white noise app that is discussed.

Many of the apps on our list are also free. Which means the only thing you need to do is to be willing to take some time out of your day to give it a shot. Even if that does mean you may have to deal with a few pesky ads every once in a while. But hey, they need to make money somehow!

Not everything you download is going to be a winner, but there is a good reason as to why these are 25 of the best apps that have ever been created.

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25 Daylio

Tales of the Cocktail

One of the best things you can do to help with your mental health is to keep a journal of your thoughts. Daylio allows the user to write their thoughts, as well as select different activities that you get into (such as saw some of your friends) to allow users to easily track their activities on any given day. The site also allows you to pick a different "mood" that you'll be able to pick to associate with any given day.

(Source: iTunes)

24 Facetune - $5.49


If you find yourself spending some time on online dating services such as Tinder, you surely have spent a significant amount of time carefully considering what photos you want to use to try and make a positive impression of yourself. You may also want to consider purchasing the app, Facetune, which lets you alter some of your blemishes that you may prefer to minimize. Is it a bit dishonest? Sure, but maybe you can convince yourself that the other person is using the app too!

(Source: iTunes)

23 MailOnline


It is totally understandable if MailOnline - which is DailyMail's official app - isn't the news app that you decide is the one you want to use to stay up to date with the world. But if you do have a news app on your phone, then you can agree with the general concept of making sure you have a reliable and consistent source of news on your phone. MailOnline allows users to select different categories such as U.S. Showbiz to help users personalize what it is they want to be checking out.

(Source: iTunes)

22 White Noise - $0.99

Via play.google.com

Sleep is very important and can make a big difference in how you are during the day. But sleep is sadly also something that is not as easy as it should be sometimes. But if you have the app, White Noise, you may find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable as you drift away. With over 40 different sounds to pick from, there is definitely going to be what you need to help block out some of the unnecessary distractions in your life.

(Source: iTunes)

21 IG


If you're a celebrity in society one of the best ways to connect with your fanbase would be to engage with them over Instagram. But you don't have to be a celebrity (or be a huge fan of one) to get some enjoyment out of Instagram. Over 1 billion people have fallen in love with the website as well as the app. Just try not to become one of those people who decide that every time you go out for a meal with friends that the occasion needs to turn into an Instagram session!

(Source: iTunes)

20 Serenitea - $0.99

Numi Tea Garden Blog

Tea may be one of your favorite things to drink. But while it can be easy to order from someone, making the process at home can have some complications, such as making mistakes in regards to how long you should steep the tea for. The app, Serenitea, gives you the rundown on how to make several different types of teas with clear and easy to read information. The app was recently picked by Apple to be their APP OF THE DAY which means that there is at least one tea drinker at Apple that swears by it!

(Source: iTunes)

19 Rise Up

Via itunes.apple.com

There is nothing overly complicated with the app, Rise Up, that requires only the use of one finger to play. You control a shield and must help block your balloon from being hit by various obstacles that come your way. The app boasts the fact that only 1% of the users have managed to get their score above 1,000, which may be the exact challenge you were looking for to help motivate you! Question is, are you going to be able to Rise Up to the competition?

(Source: iTunes)

18 8mm Vintage Camera - $1.99


The future has many amazing things that I am sure you are looking forward to. But if you want to take a flashback to the past, the app 8mm Vintage Camera may be right up your alley. The app was even used by Malik Bendjelloul when he directed the film Searching for Sugar Man that went on to win an Oscar.

The app allows users to use several different settings - such as 1920, 60s, and 70s - to give you many options when capturing your perfect "vintage moment".

(Source: iTunes)

17 Kitchen Stories Recipes


There is nothing wrong with deciding to treat yourself and make the decision to go out for a nice meal once in a while. But if you love cooking at home, then you are going to love Kitchen Stories Recipes. The app provides users with not only recipes with some fantastic step-by-step tips as to how to complete the dish, but also in some cases, videos as well which may be just what you need to create a winning dish. Cooking may be something that is intimidating to do if you are not experienced, but this app makes it easy!

(Source: iTunes)

16 YouTube Music - $12.99 a month (After free month)


There are several different great music services, but for $12.99 a month, YouTube Music may be the one that you love the most if you can stomach the monthly cost. The app allows users to download videos off of YouTube to be able to listen to later without ads, offline, and as well as having it run in the background. The app will also do what it can to keep you up to date with some of the latest and hottest music. You do have access to a 30-day free trial to see if it's right for you.

(Source: iTunes)

15 Goodreads: Book Reviews


If you find yourself wanting to improve how much you read this year, you may have come across the perfect app. Goodreads: Book Reviews allows the user to not only track what it is they've read so far, but also helps you find easy recommendations that are based off the things you know and love. The app also gives users the chance to scan the barcode of a book and then find different reviews. It is reported that there are over 35 million people who have used the app and over 1 billion books have been added to their catalog.

(Source: iTunes)

14 Bloons TD 6 - $4.99

If you are in the mood for an addictive strategy tower defense game, there isn't a franchise out there that is better than the Bloons. The game is now in its 6th version and is currently the top-rated action game on the app store. While $5 is pricey for some, it does feature 20 maps and a promise to continue adding more content. The app also promises to be able to work offline which may be a game changer if you find yourself spending long stretches of time without access to your internet.

(Source: iTunes)

13 Duolingo

Via livemint.com

One of the most valuable skills you can attain is learning another language. And if you want to try and add that skill to your arsenal, then there isn't a better app out there than Duolingo. The app has received the Editors' Choice from Apple who stated

"Duolingo’s long been one of our favourite apps for learning another language. Its secret: making the process genuinely fun. Engaging mini-games test your reading, writing and speaking skills, and joining a club (where you can encourage and compete with others) adds a great social element"

The app currently boasts 30 languages.

(Source: iTunes)

12 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - $6.99


There are many classic video games that have been created that I'm sure you would love to see get remastered into an app. And while it's a daunting process, the people over at Rockstar Games have definitely figured it out. Their rendition of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most popular games on the app store and if you can get into the control system, offers upwards of 70 hours of gameplay. Not to mention I'm sure plenty of nostalgia for anyone who played the original game.

(Source: iTunes)

11 Fortnite


If you haven't already started playing Fortnite, the fact that there is an app that you can play may be the last push you need to take a plunge and embrace one of the biggest video games in history. Fortnite doesn't seem to be slowing down and the app promises that users can do everything in the app that they'd be able to do if playing the game through another method such as on the PlayStation 4. But if you suck, at least you can probably have an easier time blaming your phone.

(Source: iTunes)

10 PlantSnap Plant Identification - $5.49


If you find yourself often going out for long walks in nature, there is no way you won't be enamored with the app, PlantSnap Plant Identification. The app gives users the ability to take a picture of any flower, tree, plant or other things like mushrooms and get feedback as to what it is they are looking at. The app currently contains over 316,000 different types of plants and can be used on every continent on earth. Which means this may be the perfect app to take before you go on a trip!

(Source: iTunes)

9 Friend Finding Apps

Friends Wikia - Fandom

There are a ton of apps that people can use if they are ever feeling a little bit lonely. Hey, it happens to all of us, but there are many that are used to go out and search for a friend. Especially if you are new to a city, this might be the perfect app for you. It will allow someone to show you around and maybe you will even make a friend for life. We can always hope!

(Source: iTunes)

8 My Baby's Beat App - $6.99

The journey of pregnancy is one that is always going to come with some potential complications. But one of the best things is when expecting parents are able to listen to the sounds (such as heartbeats) that their baby is making. The app, My Baby's Beat App, gives users the chance to listen in on their baby using only the microphone in an iPhone. The app also lets you record the sessions so that if your partner is away, you can have a way to show them later all the amazing things you captured.

(Source: iTunes)

7 Google Maps


If you find yourself going out for a trip around the city, you definitely want to take the time out of your day to make sure you have Google Maps on your phone. The turn-by-turn navigation system isn't going to completely remove the frustrations of getting around, but it is an app that I am sure countless drivers - including myself- swear by for whenever they are going out on an adventure. Being able to type in various organizations like restaurants and gain directions to the place is also something that makes planning date nights out even easier.

(Source: iTunes)

6 Shift Worker - $2.79


One of the worst feelings is when you wake up and realize you had to go in for a shift at work that you had forgotten about. This may be something that happens more often if you are someone who is switching from day shifts (such as 7am-7pm) to night shifts (such as 7pm-7am) on a regular basis. The app, Shift Worker, which is rated #1 in productivity makes outlining your schedule easier than ever before. With various tools such as different colors, you'll feel confident that you'll always know when your next shift is going to be.

(Source: iTunes)

5 Netflix


You would not be the only person who may find yourself spending several hours out of your day watching some Netflix. And if you read that sentence and say to yourself that you wish you could be watching even more Netflix, then you definitely need to make sure you have the app. Especially considering the app allows certain shows and movies to be downloaded so you can watch it when you are stuck in moments like your commute into work without being concerned about how the data could impact your future phone bill.

(Source: iTunes)

4 Photo Scanner Plus - $1.39

The Smartest Buyer

Do you have a lot of old photo albums around the house with photos that you haven't looked at for years? Maybe you'd look at those photos a lot more if there was an easy way to preserve them and see them online. Well, there is! Photo Scanner Plus makes it very easy for you to take pictures of old photos and have them get turned into digital copies that can be downloaded or altered. This also includes little features like giving the user to write little stories as to what the meaning of the photo is.

(Source: iTunes)

3 Reddit

Edgy Labs

It doesn't matter what your interest is, there is probably a subreddit for it on the website Reddit where you can learn more about it. Whose site, and subsequent app, allows you to connect with millions of people. The app also keeps you up to date with various things happening around the world on any given day - even if one of the things you find the most important is tracking down some seriously adorable puppies.

(Source: iTunes)

2 Forest - Stay Focused - $2.79

Animal Jam Clans Wiki - Fandom

Do you find yourself often saying you wish you were on your phone less? It may seem to contradict to have an app help with that, but that's exactly what Forest - Stay Focused, hopes to do. When you open the app, it gives the ability to "plant a seed". Then, as you keep the app open, the seed will grow into a plant or tree. But if you leave the app, your seed won't grow! The more productive you are at staying away, the better your fake forest will look.

(Source: iTunes)

1 Pokémon GO


There are definitely plenty of people who have spent money on Pokémon GO to purchase various things from the in-app store, such as extra Poké Balls. But if you want to get an idea as to just why so many people love the game, it is technically free to get yourself started. Though just be warned because once you do, you may find yourself going down a slippery slope. But who is going to hate on the idea of getting to catch Pokémon? Especially if you get together with your friends when you go on your adventures.

(Source: iTunes)

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