Top 10 Most Overrated NFL Players This Season

The 2014 season is in full swing. We are now starting to see that some of our preseason predictions are not turning out like we planned. Some teams we expected to not be any good have turned out to be much better than expected. Some teams we expected to dominate have been dominated. The same is true with players.

We always have ideas of who the best players in the NFL are. Many times we are wrong, but for some reason we continue to say they are one of the best because we either are not ready to admit they are not as good as we thought they were or because we are told they are much better than they are performing.

At the end of the day, the NFL is a here today, gone tomorrow league. If players do not perform up to expectations, they will be forced out of the league pretty quickly. Sometimes players will be able to break this rule because of their reputation. They make a name for themselves and then they become too big to get rid of.

This is not a list of players who have not lived up to expectations this season. It is a list of overrated players. Whether or not they are underwhelming this year does not matter. This has to do with how they play the game. These NFLers are all considered to be top notch players, but they all have some problem concerning how they play. Even though these holes are noticed by everyone, we ignore them and continue to say they are of the highest caliber.

10 Reggie Bush - RB - Detroit Lions

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9 Michael Oher - OT - Tennessee Titans

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If it was not for the movie The Blind Side nobody would even know who Michael Oher is. However, since Sandra Bullock starred in a movie about this guy’s life he is one of the few offensive linemen in the NFL who everyone knows. He was horrible last year for the Baltimore Ravens. This offseason the Tennessee Titans signed the underwhelming offensive tackle to a four-year contract with over $20,000,000 in guaranteed money. The team is actually sitting their 2014 first round pick, Taylor Lewan, because they want Oher to play so badly.

8 Alex Smith - QB - Kansas City Chiefs

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7 Colin Kaepernick - QB - San Francisco 49ers

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Like Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick also used his success in order to score a huge contract. The difference between the two is that Kaepernick has helped lift his team to the NFC Championship for the past two years. On the other hand, Kaepernick is a bit more overrated than Smith. Kaepernick is flashy and the media loves him. This makes him more of a fan favorite than the quieter Kansas City quarterback. Even after all his success, Kaepernick is still making many of the same mistakes he made when he was coming off the bench in San Francisco. He still has not developed the ability to put any touch on the ball. He has to throw lasers all the time. This does hurt his ability to complete deep balls down the sidelines or throw a jump ball to the back of the end zone. He is also still not going through his progressions. If his first or second read is not there, he will scramble every time. He should be putting up better passing numbers this season due to his highly talented group of receivers, but that is not happening either.

6 Eddie Lacy - RB - Green Bay Packers

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5 Jairus Byrd - S - New Orleans Saints

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4 Keenan Allen - WR - San Diego Chargers

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Like Eddie Lacy, it was too early to say Keenan Allen was one of the best players at his position. The Chargers’ wide receiver set multiple franchise records last season, but so far he has not even been a factor. He has been unable to surpass 55 yards in a game despite the fact that Philip Rivers is playing at an extremely high level. It is not like he has not had a chance to contribute. He is just dropping too many passes.

3 Larry Fitzgerald - WR - Arizona Cardinals

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2 Richard Sherman - CB - Seattle Seahawks

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1 Johnny Manziel - QB - Cleveland Browns

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Who is more overrated than Johnny Manziel? How could anyone be more overrated? He has got to be the only backup quarterback in the NFL with a nickname. The Cleveland fan base thought that this guy was going to be their franchise’s savior. He was not even able to win the starting job and it is not like Brian Hoyer is Joe Montana. Still, even though he is a backup, he is still the most seen face on ESPN and has the best-selling jersey in the NFL.

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