Top 20 Hottest NFL WAGs of 2015

Katherine Webb

Men adore football, and for good reason. Football is a great American game that many men have been playing and following their entire lives. Although most boys dream of being a professional athlete, only a few turn into one. Professional athletes have it all; talent, money, fame and of course beautiful women. For men in the NFL it is easy to find a beautiful girl to stand by you, however, the following 20 women take hotness to a whole new level. Although every player in the NFL should be scoring on the field, only a few have truly scored off of the field.

There are so many beautiful women who have dated and been married to professional football players, which is why this article focuses on the current partners of current players. There are many retired players who are with some extremely high profile celebrities like Kerry Washington and Kendra Wilkinson, however the list was really made to focus on current NFL stars and their current loves.

Some women on this list are famous on their own while others are only known as football wives. Either way, these are the 20 sexiest ladies in relationships with NFL players. There are many reasons why these women are dating or married to NFL players. This article focuses on the women, and will be insightful as to why these desirable men have fallen so hard for them. Yes, the extreme beauty they have is part of it, but each of the following ladies has their own story and their own individual sense of self.

It is extremely hard dating a professional athlete and though many women think they have the confidence to handle it, the next 10 ladies know they have the confidence.

20 Sasha Dindayal (Married to Antonio Gates)

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The couple married in 2011 at a beautiful and luxurious ceremony in San Diego. Dindayal is a former video vixen and is one of the most beautiful NFL wives by far. Sasha clearly has a thing for football players because prior to tying the knot with Gates the stunning video model was engaged to Marcellus Wiley, a former player in the NFL. However, rumors are that the relationship ended because one of the parties was having an affair. The couple is reportedly happier than ever, and something tells me that Gates loves having a wife as sexy as Sasha. Her beauty is said to shine from the inside out, which means she must be an incredibly kind being.

19 Colleen Crowley (Dating Johnny Manziel)

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Manziel is dating the stunning Crowley, who studied at  Texas Christian University located in Fort Myers Texas. The two were both raised in Texas, Manziel is from Tyler and Crowley is from Houston. This beauty is a beer chugging expert who apparently can't say no to a party. If you don’t believe me check out her Instagram. Colleen is a fun loving and intelligent girl who enjoys partying and kicking back with some friends. Her and her sister Robyn clearly have a thing for athletes because Robyn is dating NBA player Chandler Parsons. We totally understand why athletes go for these sisters, it is because they are GORGEOUS!

18 Courtney Eckhart (Dating LaMicheal James)

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This beaming blonde was raised in Corvallis. The former cheerleader and University ambassador has been in a relationship with LaMicheal for years. Although she is James' baby mama, the couple have yet to exchange I do’s. Courtney is an intelligent girl who has continued to follow her career regardless of the amount of money her boyfriend makes, which is extremely respectable. Eckhart is one of the most popular NFL WAGs and we can see why. She is the perfect mix of cute and sexy and seems to be a good girlfriend and mother. She and James have shared many years of happiness in each other's company and we wish them many more years to come.

17 Larissa Johnson (Married to Austin Howard)

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Larissa Johnson and Austin Howard have been married since 2014. However, the couple has been together for far longer. They are college sweethearts and both grew up in Iowa. Johnson is a sweet, smart and obviously beautiful girl who has made Howard happy for many years. It's funny how one of the biggest and scariest looking players in the NFL has found himself with such an innocent and cute wife. Johnson says her husband is a gentle giant and claims he is a big teddy bear…off the field that is. From what we can see there is nothing cute or cuddly about Howard.

16 Talor Reazin (Dating Danny Amendola)

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The couple have been dating since 2013 and have been very good at keeping their relationship secret. There is not much information about the beautiful Talor, however we do know she is a knockout. The beautiful model and her football star boyfriend are quite the couple and sources claim they are beyond in love. Amendola is pretty sexy himself and is known as one of the nicest and most generous players in the NFL. Reazin and Amendola are lucky to have found eachother and we hope to see a wedding from these two soon. However, they could have easily gotten married privately without anyone knowing about it, they are that secretive. But hey, whatever works for them!

15 Kasey Trione (Dating Lance Moore)

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Kasey Trione is a straight up Louisiana chick. The stunning beauty is very open when it comes to posting photos of her and her football player boo to social media sites. The aspiring model has been in bikini campaigns and is known as a sultry sweetheart. The one time “shot” girl at nightclubs is now rumored to be pregnant. Lance Moore and Kasey Trione have apparently always had a strong connection and adding another member to their family may be the best thing for them. We hope these two lovebirds stay as happy as they are now, just with cute little kids running around!

14 Candice Crawford (Married to Tony Romo)

Tony Romo has dated a lot of women, such as Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson. Clearly he has a thing for stunning blondes (which man doesn’t?) because his new girlfriend Candice Crawford is a knockout. The couple began dating in 2009 and by 2011 they had already exchanged vows. He proposed on her 24th birthday, talk about a good present! The couple now have two sons and they seem like the perfect family. The former Miss Missouri competed at the Miss USA Pageant and finished top 10. Good looks clearly run in her family because her brother is Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl!

13 Nicole Pechanec (Dating Andrew Luck)

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Andrew Luck and his gymnastic girlfriend are the definition of an athletic couple. Nicole, who is a New Jersey native, competed internationally in gymnastics, attending both the world and European championships. Her mother, who was a gymnast as well, enrolled her in gymnastics at a young age and her love blossomed from then on. Not only is Nicole beautiful, insanely talented and dating a football player, she is also a wicked cool girl. Pechanec is also an intern at NASA, how cool is that! Luck is completely in love with his incredible girlfriend and I think the entire universe can understand why.

12 Samantha Ponder (Married to Christian Ponder)

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Christian and Samantha wed in 2012 and they are the ideal football couple. Not only is he a player in the game, his wife is always on the sidelines because she is a sports reporter for ESPN. The witty blonde is known for her extreme knowledge of sports as well as her even more extreme sense of humor. Ponder is the total package, not only is she a great mother and wife, she has a career! Oh and she is also the perfect all American, girl next-door beauty. Christian and Samantha are honestly a perfect couple and we can't see them splitting up ever.

11 Lacey Minchew (Married to Matt Flynn)

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The couple met in university as freshmen and immediately hit it off. In 2002, the beauty queen was titled Miss Teen America and in 2009 she was crowned Miss Louisiana. The couple began dating in 2003 and for a while had a long distance relationship when Matt started playing football after they graduated, but they soon realized they were not happy if they were not together. They made their union official in 2013, ten years into dating. After being together for so long it's amazing to see how passionate they still are for each other. The former beauty queen found her sexy football player… isn’t that the American dream?

10 Leila Lopes (Married to Osi Umenyiora)

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Leila Lopes was born in 1986 in Benguela City. This incredible beauty studied business management in England and has accomplished a lot in her 29 years. Lopes stands at 5 foot 10 and is an undeniable presence when she walks into a room. Leila Lopes is best known as being the 2011 Miss Universe winner. She is very involved in raising awareness around the world and educating people about HIV/AIDS. She wants to end the discrimination that people who suffer from this disease endure. In 2013 the stunning Lopes married the NFL star Osi Umenyiora. Osi has played for both the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons and is known to be powerful both on the field and in his relationship.

9 Anna Burns-Welker (Married to Wes Welker)

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NFL superstar Wes Welker has had the same girl by his side since the early days of his career. The former hooters girl Anna Burns added Welker to her name in 2012 when she married the love of her life. Anna is stunning and extremely sexy and she knows it. Known as one of the most confident NFL WAGs, she has participated in numerous risqué photo-shoots leaving very little to the imagination. Her upfront sexuality is another reason why many men envy Wes Welker. This sexy couple is bound to have incredibly good-looking kids. Hopefully they follow daddy’s career path and not mommy’s!

8 Miranda Brooke (Engaged to AJ Green)

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Although Miranda and her fiancé AJ Green have yet to walk down the isle, the couple is perfect together. Brooke is a talented R&B singer and has had a bit of success in the music world. She is not only super talented but Brooke is also gorgeous and apparently extremely sweet. Green is absolutely smitten and proud when it comes to his soon to-be wife and has said on many occasions that she will one day be more famous than him. We can’t wait to see this couple finally tie the knot. They have been engaged since 2013 and fans are eagerly awaiting their official union.

7 Lilit Avagyan (Married to Reggie Bush)

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When you think of Reggie Bush you think of him dumping the infamous Kim Kardashian due to her infamous sex tape. However, since that home movie was made, Bush has become a husband and father. His stunning wife Lilit Avagyan is 27 years old and is of Armenian descent, same as Kim - clearly Bush likes Armenian girls. The couple married in 2014 and have been celebrating their love ever since. It must be very intimidating when your husband’s ex is such a known person, however Lilit is said to be a much kinder person than Kim. Brody Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s stepbrother attended Lilit and Reggie’s wedding and didn’t even attend Kim and Kanyes…yikes.

6 Lauren Tannehill (Married to Ryan Tannehill)

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Wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Lauren Tannehill is a major beauty. The couple met in Panama City while on spring break. They were both attending college at the time of their meeting. Lauren and Ryan both share a connection with the Christian faith and Lauren is known to send her hubby bible verses before he plays. She is not only an NFL WAG but she is an aspiring model. Although she may look like a girly girl, this beauty has a passion for fishing. These outdoorsy couple loves taking fishing trips together and are able to enjoy the simple things in life.

5 Marisa Ventura (Dating Jermaine Kearse)

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Marisa Ventura is an absolute beauty. The model has been dating NFL player Jermaine Kearse for a little while and rumors claim their relationship is getting very serious. Ventura apparently is dying to marry her hunky athletic boyfriend and Jermaine is figuring out the perfect way of asking his lovely girlfriend to marry him. She is always posting photos on Twitter of the pair together and fans can’t help but notice how happy Kearse looks. Marisa and Jermaine make an incredibly handsome couple and we hope to see babies and of course a wedding in the near future.

4 Kristin Cavallari (Married to Jay Cutler)

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3 Olivia Munn (Dating Aaron Rodgers)

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2 Katherine Webb (Married to AJ McCarron)

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Katherine Webb is the 2012 Miss Alabama and a model. Webb married the love of her life AJ McCarron in 2014 and the pair have been blissfully in love ever since. This February, Webb had to defend her physical appearance to the entire world. After posting a picture of her in a Bikini on Instagram, fans went nuts over her thin appearance. The extreme beauty who stands at 5 foot 11 lashed back defending herself and her body, following it with a picture of a bag of Cheetos. Webb and her hubby have stuck together, and if she has an eating disorder (which we don’t think she does) we are sure he will take care of her and get her the help she needs.

1 Gisele Bundchen (Married to Tom Brady)

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Gisele, Gisele, Gisele…not only is she the hottest NFL WAG but she is one of the hottest women, period. Gisele is one of the most renowned Victoria's Secret models in the world and her and her incredibly sexy (probably the sexiest in the NFL) husband Tom Brady admires her. The Brazilian beauty and her gorgeous husband have two beautiful children together and have been married since 2009. The Victoria's Secret bombshell has been able to keep her perfect figure after becoming a mother and her hubby is said to be a hands-on father who adores his family. This picture perfect family has two talented and gorgeous parents.

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