Top 10 Hottest Female NFL Reporters

Tuning in to watch football games has been a fall tradition for a very long time. Over the years, the sport has progressed on both the college level and the NFL level. One of the changes that we have seen is that female reporters and anchors have become a normal thing now. When it first happened people tuned in just for the novelty of it. Seriously, how bad is watching your favorite team play when you have a sexy woman either reporting from the sidelines or hosting the presentation of the game?

But these women are not only beautiful, they are smart as well. When females first started getting involved with football, a lot of them were brought on based on their looks alone. And their lack of reporting skills showed. Not that anyone really cared. But now the women that grace our television screens are smart and extremely knowledgeable about the game they report. And that’s a very nice bonus.

Some of these women are completely fearless as well. You'll find out who went toe to toe with Roger Goodell and Floyd Mayweather, and you'll also learn who likes to fly planes!

Here are the 10 sexiest football reporters that we get to watch every weekend. Is it football season yet??

10 Molly Qerim

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Molly Qerim is a 31-year-old beauty that graduated from UConn. She currently works for ESPN and is an anchor on the show First Take. She has also worked for the NFL Network, CBS Sports, Versus, and FS1.

She has covered college football, MMA, golf, basketball, and baseball. For the NFL Network, she hosted the weekday morning show that was called NFL AM.

Molly is very well versed in her craft and she is highly underrated by the public in terms of the best female reporters. You can see by the wide variety of sports that she has covered that she certainly knows her stuff. She has worked Super Bowls, All-Star games for MLB and the NBA, Heisman Trophy presentations and NBA drafts. You don’t earn those types of credentials if you aren’t one of the best in the business. Being very easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt viewer numbers either!

9 Lauren Gardner

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Lauren Gardner is a very sexy 30-year-old that works for CBS Sports. Her beauty has been well known in the midwest for some time now as she once patrolled the sidelines in Denver as a Broncos cheerleader after graduating from the University of Colorado.

She got her first real job locally as the “In Game Host” for the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, and Denver Broncos. She has covered tennis and baseball as well as football during her time with CBS. Before she got her gig at CBS though, Gardner worked for MTV covering the LFL (Lingerie Football League) for a season. One has to wonder if she includes that on her resume.

Gardner is a sure draw to get viewers to tune in. It worked wonders when she did some work for the UFL (United Football League) and the NLL (National Lacrosse League). Why else did anyone tune into those games? To watch the action? I doubt it.

Gardner has also even earned a pilot’s license. Maybe on an off weekend she can give you ride!

8 Rachel Nichols

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Rachel Nichols is without a doubt one of the top female reporters in sports. The 42-year-old has plenty of brains to go along with her dazzling beauty. She is known to ask the questions that people want answers to during interviews with high profile people in sports.

She has grilled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the Ray Rice incident and she has gone head to head with Floyd Mayweather about his history of domestic abuse. In both of those instances, she came out on top and she has gained a reputation for being a no-nonsense type of reporter.

She currently works for ESPN as well as CNN and she does an exceptional job covering college basketball in addition to football. She has done a lot of work with CBS during their coverage of the NCAA college basketball tournaments. She also covered the Washington Capitals for a few seasons.

Her talent, along with her beauty, has not gone unnoticed. She was once mentioned as one of Esquire’s “Women We Love” and The Hollywood Reporter named her as one of the “10 Most Powerful Voices in Sports Media.” Sports Illustrated loves her as well. In 2013 and 2014 they named her to their “Twitter 100” and to their “MMBQ 100” list.

She has been married to Max Nichols for 15 years.

7 Heather Cox

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Heather Cox is the oldest woman on this list, but don’t think that disqualifies her by any means. At 46 years old Cox is still without question one of the hottest football reporters around.

She’s been in the business since 1995 and she has been a mainstay at ESPN for over twenty years. She has also done work for ABC, NBC, Oxygen, CBS and Turner Sports. She has a wide variety of knowledge in not only football but basketball, auto racing and volleyball as well.

She was a volleyball standout in college and she has covered the sport for NBC in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. This beautiful redhead makes watching any sports event a pleasant experience.

She is married to Bill Cox and they have two kids.

6 Samantha Ponder

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Samantha Ponder works for ESPN and she replaced Erin Andrews on College GameDay when Andrews bolted for FOX. She has been a sideline reporter for the Thursday night college football games since 2012 when she replaced Jenn Brown. Since all three of these ladies appear on this list, you should figure out that college football games on ESPN are well worth watching, no matter who is playing.

Ponder got her start on the Longhorn Network that is owned by ESPN.

The 30-year-old graduated from Liberty University and married quarterback Christian Ponder after a very short and very public relationship. All must be going well with them as they now have a son and have been married for almost four years now. By far this was the best move of Christian’s career so far!

5 Britt McHenry

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Britt McHenry is a sexy thirty-year-old reporter for ESPN who is better known for her poor treatment of people than for her reporting skills. And of course her looks don’t hurt in any way. After all, if she wasn’t one of the most beautiful reporters around, would anyone have cared about her tirade on an impound lot attendant? Probably not.

In early 2015 after a night out with some friends, her car was towed. The camera at the impound lot caught her playing the “Do you know who I am?” card, and she didn’t do it in a very nice manner. She could have used the footage for a successful audition for Mean Girls. She eventually apologized and ESPN suspended her for a week because of it, but she can never undo what the world saw and heard. If there was ever a list of the biggest female reporter jerks made, McHenry would be at the top. But she is nice to look at isn’t she?

4 Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown is a 5 foot 3 inch, 35-year-old beauty who covered football as well as basketball for ESPN. She spent eight years with the company before moving on to the NFL Network. She has covered a wide variety of sports throughout her career and when she is on screen you definitely can’t miss her.

She was actually the first female reporter to be hired by Inside the NFL. She has also worked for Showtime Sports covering MMA and boxing events.

However, Brown doesn’t limit her work to just sports. She has hosted several different shows and has even done some acting. She has been in Two Tickets to Paradise and played herself on the DirecTV show Kingdom. You can also find her beautiful face in several Under Armour advertising campaigns.

She is married to actor Wes Chatham and the couple has a son together. She is also due to have another son in the very near future if she hasn’t already.

3 Molly McGrath

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Molly has the three B’s. Brains, Blonde and Beauty. She once graced the Boston College Eagles football sidelines as a cheerleader and now you can see her on the sidelines working for Fox Sports.

While in school she worked internships at NBC Sports and at NESN (New England Sports Network). As soon as she was out of school she was hired on by ESPN in a production assistant position. The network is an extremely hard one to get into, so getting in right from school is an accomplishment in itself.

She got her big break while with Comcast SportsNet New England as a fill-in sideline reporter for the Boston Celtics in 2011 and she hasn’t stopped yet. It’s never a bad day when you tune into a game and Molly is working either as the host of the broadcast or working the sidelines. You can never lose if she’s in some way associated with the game.

She has been linked romantically to the NHL’s Alec Martinez. Lucky guy!

2 Olivia Harlan

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Many people say that Olivia Harlan is the next Erin Andrews. That’s a pretty strong statement, but one look at her and you can see why the comparison is made. She works for ESPN, Fox Sports, and the ACC. The 22-year-old former Miss Kansas Teen USA is a good enough reason to watch any game. When she is working the game you really don’t care who is playing as long as she gets plenty of camera time.

Her dad, Kevin Harlan, covers the NFL and the NBA and her grandfather was the CEO of the Green Bay Packers for twenty years. So you know that she has a strong background and she knows what she’s doing.

She graduated from the University of Georgia and got her first job with Fox Sports while she was still in school. She recently told GQ magazine that despite her connections she gets her work based on her own merit, even though there are always rumors around that say the opposite.

“When I got my first job last year with Fox doing college football, they found me on YouTube, and they had seen my work with UGA. When I went in for the interview they didn't know who my dad was since he doesn't work for FOX or cover college ball. And then I got my ESPN job through the work they saw me doing on FOX. So nothing I've done has had anything to do with family connections.”

Good for you, Olivia. There are plenty of people around that hope you have a very long career on screen!

1 Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews is all over your television set all the time and with good reason. She is by far the hottest football reporter there is. She’s also very talented as she has appeared in several other shows and commercials.

If you want to know how hot she is, think about this. A man stalked her, found out her hotel information and got a room next door to hers. He did this for the sole purpose of being able to film her nude in her hotel room. Now, for a man to go to such great lengths for this, you KNOW, she has GOT to be one of the hottest women around.

She recently won a boatload of money from the lawsuit that came out of the incident so it didn’t work out real well for the guy. He spent over two years in prison for his efforts.

Andrews spent eight years with ESPN and currently works for FOX Sports. She covers all major sporting events in addition to football and she has also been on Dancing with the Stars.

The 38-year-old stunner is a graduate of the University of Florida and she has been dating Jarret Stoll for awhile now. She even stuck by him during his arrest for cocaine possession that brought her name into the spotlight simply because of her relationship with him. She may be more popular overall than Jarret is.

In 2007 and again in 2008, Playboy magazine named Andrews “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” and there is no question as to why!

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