Is $975 Million Not Enough to Build New Vikings Stadium?

The groundbreaking for the new Vikings’ stadium is nearing. However, the team seems to be in a huddle. In fact, it seems that even $975 million is not enough for building the new Vikings stadium, and the team will have to trim some amenities like a skyway and parking garage. Even before the first step is taken, project developers are shocked to realize that even $975 million does not go a long way.


Public authority overseeing construction and officials for Vikings have been forced to cut back on some amenities to keep down the budget for the downtown Minneapolis stadium. Some amenities which may have to be trimmed include a skyway linked to a ramp, 400 stall parking garage, two huge escalators and pivoting glass doors.

According to Lester Bagley, Vikings Vice President, the team only has $975 million in the budget. He believes that project developers can not supply everything within this budget. Michele Kelm-Helgen, Project Developer, believes that the pressure on a tough construction force and recession in the construction industry are the primary reasons for rising prices. Due to these reasons, the preliminary bids on the project may be a lot higher than anticipated.


According to Michele Kelm-Helgen, the bids have already exceeded the budget by almost $30 million. This has forced the officials and authority to consider the budget once again and make tough choices about what could be eliminated. She also stated that everything’s been worked out with the stadium builder, Mortenson Construction. The company is believed to deliver a maximum construction price by November, which will be before the groundbreaking.

Dan Kenney, Executive Director, Minnesota Ballpark Authority, believes that when you get deeper into everything about the design detail, you are able to get much better estimates about what you’re actually buying. Moreover, once bids start coming in, you always need to make adjustments.

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