48 Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVIII

After all the hype circling this year's Super Bowl matchup, the wait is over; the Seattle Seahawks are world champions.

In this new age of football where offences rule, it was the Seahawks' #1 ranked defence that stole the show, returning a Peyton Manning INT for a touchdown and holding one of the best offences in NFL history to 8 points throughout 60 minutes of football.

Here are 48 thoughts on the 48th edition of the biggest game in sports.

48 Defences still win championships.

47 This isn't Denver's first Super Bowl beating.

46 Pete Carroll must be saying "How do you like me now, New England?"

45 This is the worst defence I've ever watched in my life... and I've watched a lot of Raiders games.

44 It's a long ride back to Colorado.

43 At least I didn't have to pay for this.

42 Super Bowl MVP: Malcolm Who?

41 Both Mannings got blown out at Metlife Stadium this year by the Seahawks.

40 At least we had food.....

39 I could've taken a quick nap from 6:30 to 10.

38 D. Thomas gets a record but no ring.

37 Kam Chancellor spelling his name with a K looks strange.

36 Denver got their 1st first down in the 2nd quarter.

35 Eli gives Peyton phenomenal tips on how to throw interceptions.

34 Percy Harvin.

33 Vicious hits from the L.O.B.

32 Seahawks are the first Super Bowl team in history with safety, interception return TD and kickoff return TD.

31 There weren't enough Sherman rants.

30 Where's Brock Osweiller?

29 At least the commercials were good.

28 How long until Super Bowl 49?

27 I had flashbacks of Baltimore vs New York Giants.

26 That was an incredible Jermaine Kearse TD.

25 Denver couldn't stop a nose bleed.

24 Debating whether to order Captain Phillips on PPV.

23 Manning is having visions of Schaub.

22 Phil Simms was not as big of a shame as Joe Namath.

21 I enjoyed the cameo of Wolverine.

20 Not enough "Omahas" from Peyton Manning.

19 Percy Harvin.

18 Manning's inability to go deep.

17 No pressure on Wilson.

16 Ramirez's butter fingers.

15 Not enough Red Hot Chili Peppers.

14 Masochist Broncos.

13 Pressure on Peyton.

12 The ghost of Eli Manning.

11 Pete Carroll has fantastic hair.

10 Broadway Joe's fur hurt my eyes.

9 The 12th man.

8 Sneaking in some skittles.

7 There was a lack of John Elway on screen.

6 Pick-six.

5 Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

4 The Seahawks carried momentum through half-time, despite not enough Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3 Neon green shoes are distracting.

2 Pee Wee football Broncos.

1 Percy Harvin.

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