16 Must See Photos Of The Hottest 2016 NFL WAGs

Could you imagine playing in the National Football League? Sure, the top players get paid well, but even then you are putting your body through absolute hell on a regular basis. One thing that probably makes all those bumps and bruises feel better is getting to come home to one of the 16 gorgeous women that you're going to see below.

As you will learn, some of the biggest names in football are linked to some of the sexiest women out there. In fact, one of the players is even linked to two models! But as you will also see, there are even some smaller name players with significant others that are going to leave you wishing you had picked football as your career choice.

Even if you may not care about the NFL, you'll surely agree that these are the 16 sexiest WAGs of this upcoming season.

16 Katherine Webb - Married To AJ McCarron

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AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb was the topic of discussion in 2013 after her appearance during the National Championship Game. The camera panned to Webb in the crowd, causing both announcers to go off on just how unbelievably gorgeous she is. Following her appearance, she was offered a position as a Miss USA judge and also accepted a job offer to help cover the Super Bowl.

Easy to see why she was also the winner of Miss Alabama in 2012, as well as being a Top 10 finalist during Miss USA 2012. Webb and McCarron got engaged in March 2014, and married later that year. Within a year of their marriage, Webb was pregnant and gave birth to their first son on May 24th, 2016.

The above photo was taken for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2013.

15 Kristin Cavallari - Married To Jay Cutler

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Kristin Cavallari first came into the public eye when she appeared in the reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Cavallari has also appeared in the spin-off series, The Hills, and even appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Cavallari started dating quarterback Jay Cutler in 2010, and they were engaged within a few months. Things got rocky and the engagement was called off, but they patched things up and were married in 2013.

The couple has 3 children together, but they have also gone on the record and stated that they have not vaccinated their children. You can understand why that's definitely not the most popular decision!

14 Lauren Tannehill - Married To Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill is continuing to make fantastic strides as a quarterback, which means you're probably going to be seeing a lot more of Lauren Tannehill. The two got married in 2012 after first meeting each other on vacation in Panama City back in 2009.

When talking about their relationship, Lauren said "Our first conversations were funny and deep and we both shared that we loved the Lord from the beginning. I knew he was the one by three months into the relationship."

The two welcomed their first child into the world several weeks ago.

13 Miranda Brooke - Married To AJ Green

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When you take a look at Miranda Brooke's Instagram, you can understand why she's got close to 200,000 followers. Brooke can often be seen either working out or supporting her superstar husband AJ Green. The two got married back in 2015, and you definitely wouldn't have wanted to skip on the invite. On top of the wedding (and Brooke) looking absolutely gorgeous, the couple had John Legend perform during the reception. If that's not fancy, I don't know what is.

It was announced on their 1 year wedding anniversary that Brooke was pregnant. She is due to have the baby in September. We just hope it won't lead to too many sleepless nights for Green!

12 Claudia Sampedro - Dating Julius Peppers

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If you want an awkward start to your relationship, how about the fact that Julius Peppers left his pregnant girlfriend to go on vacation with Claudia Sampedro.

Sampedro is an Instagram model who has also spent time trying to work as an actress and musician. She also gets to spend time being a Mommy, after she announced back in May 2015 that she was pregnant with Pepper's baby.

This was not the first time Sampedro has been linked to an NFL player, as prior to Peppers she had been spending some time with former player Reggie Bush.

11 Sasha Dindayal - Married To Antonio Gates

You know if you get cast in the television show that is literally called WAGS you're probably pretty easy on the eyes. Sasha appeared on both seasons of the show and if that isn't enough Sasha for you, then you'll be happy to know her Instagram is also chock-full of pictures. While it is not clear when her and Antonio Gates started dating, the two got married back in 2011.

While Sasha Gates does have some experience as a model in the past, including appearing in music videos, her next aspiration is to make it as a musical artist herself. Her video "Go Hard" was released on YouTube back in July. Gates also released another single in August, "Oh Yeah My Hitta," and while her career is not quite as successful as Antonio's, nobody will blame her for trying.

10 Jami Miller - Dating Paxton Lynch

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Now if we're going to be completely honest, there isn't a ton of information out there on who Jami Miller is. The beautiful blonde is linked to Paxton Lynch, who the Denver Broncos selected in the first round in this past draft. Miller attended the University of Memphis alongside Lynch. While she may not be able to suit up in football pads, she was a member of the softball team.

Lynch may not be able to get much time on the field this upcoming season, but if he gets to go home to Miller we can imagine he probably won't have too many complaints.

9 Jessie James Decker - Married To Eric Decker

Jessie James had aspirations to make it as a country artist, and in 2009 was able to release her first album. She has released a few singles since then, but you may know her better as being the incredibly gorgeous wife of Eric Decker. Decker's a talented wide receiver in his own right, so you can just hope you'll see her cheering from the stands.

The two got engaged after dating for one year, and in 2013 were married. They have two children together, a girl Vivianne and a son Eric. The two also had their own reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On, but it failed to find a significant audience.

8 Ciara - Married To Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson may be the most exciting quarterback in football, but he is also incredibly religious. As a result, when he started dating the gorgeous Ciara, the question was asked if they were abstaining from sex before the marriage, to which Wilson replied "[Ciara] was on tour, and I was looking at her in the mirror, and God spoke to me. He said, 'I need you to lead her.' I told her, 'What would you do if we took all that "extra stuff" off the table, and just did it Jesus' way?' I said to her - and she completely agreed - 'Can we love each other without that?'"

The two dated from early 2015, until their engagement in March 2016. They were married a few months later in a lavish ceremony at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

In a Snapchat posted the day after the wedding, the two joked about how they had intercourse multiple times the previous night after the wedding and had no plans of slowing down.

You can imagine it'll only be a matter of time before Ciara comes out with a baby bump!

7 Chelsea Johnson - Married To Lane Johnson

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Lane Johnson is an incredibly talented offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately for him, he's potentially facing a suspension for PED violations. Fortunately for him, that means he probably gets to spend more time with his beautiful wife, Chelsea Johnson.

The two got married in 2013, only 3 weeks after getting engaged. The two attended Oklahoma University together, where she was a member of the track and field team specializing in the hurdles and high jump.

While they sadly suffered a miscarriage in the past, the two have two children together.

6 Kelly Hall - Married To Matthew Stafford

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I don't know if there is a more classic story than the cheerleader falling in love with the quarterback, and that's exactly what happened for Kelly Hall and Matthew Stafford. The two both attended the University of Georgia. They got married in 2015 after being engaged for two years, but it does not appear that the two have any children together.

You definitely may have had the thought that her obvious breast implants (as seen in the photo on the right), were paid for by Stafford's NFL paycheque, but she's taken to Twitter in the past to state that she paid for them with her own money.

5 Kealia Ohai - Dating J.J. Watt

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side

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As if Kealia Ohai was not already absolutely gorgeous, she's even holding an adorable puppy in the above picture. How do you beat that?! Well, maybe by being linked to arguably the best defensive player in football, J.J. Watt.

But Watt is far from the only athlete in the relationship, as Ohai is a professional soccer player for the Houston Dash. She is also the sister-in-law of Brian Cushing, who is Watt's teammate, which may explain how the two met.

This is still a developing relationship, but you can imagine as Watt's name starts appearing in more headlines as the season progresses this relationship will definitely be something that is covered.

4 Olivia Munn - Dating Aaron Rodgers


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Of all the couples on the list, nobody may be more primed to go from a G to a W than Olivia Munn. Munn is not only an incredibly talented actress but she and Aaron Rodgers have been dating since May 2014.

One sign definitely suggests that they're at least a little more than casual. It was announced back in May that the two had adopted a puppy together, so I mean that's pretty adorable. One thing that may be holding things back from progressing to the next level could be family related. Several news reports have stated that Aaron's strained relationship with his brother Jordan may be linked to some issues with him dating Munn.

3 Sarah Hinton - Married To Garret Celek

Garrett Celek may not be one of the top players on this list, but how do you not include his wife Sarah Hinton? Especially when you consider Hinton is a former Hooters Bikini Calendar Model. Celek is an active poster on Instagram, with lots of photos showing off her adorable puppy as well as shots of Garrett in action. The two met at the University of Michigan State and started spending more time together, which turned to dating shortly after realizing their dorm rooms were only one floor apart.

They got married back in 2014, and as evidence by the photo above, it's clear they were one good looking couple. Included at the wedding was former head coach Jim Harbaugh who led the crowd in the chant "Who could possibly have it better than Garrett and Sarah? NOBODY," which was reminiscent of his football chant "Who Could Possibly Have It Better Than Us?"

2 Ella Rose/Adriana Lima - Both Have Been Linked To Julian Edelman

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We definitely have a bit of an unusual situation going on here, but let's take a moment and step into the life of Julian Edelman. Edelman is a tremendous wide receiver and like his quarterback Tom Brady, he can also attract the supermodels. It was reported earlier this year that Edelman's former fling Ella Rose (on the right) has filed paternity documents stating that she was 5 months pregnant and Edelman was the father.

If that wasn't a tricky enough situation, it was reported only a few weeks later that Edelman is currently being linked to Adriana Lima. While Edelman is staying quiet on the whole matter, you can imagine this is one complicated situation for some incredibly gorgeous people.

1 Giselle Bündchen - Married To Tom Brady

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There may not be a more successful woman on this list than Gisele Bundchen, and you may have heard of her husband Tom Brady. Bundchen has been an international model for decades, including spending 7 years as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Bundchen was in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio from 2000 until 2005. Then she was set up on a blind date in 2006 with Brady, and clearly it went well because in 2009 the two got married.

Brady and Bundchen have two children together, a son Benjamin and daughter Vivian. Her net worth is an astonishing $345 million, proving the point all the more clearly that these two may be the biggest power couple in the history of sports.

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