The World's 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Foods

Most Expensive Foods

Have you ever wanted to make a special dish for that special occasion? Or perhaps you wanted to treat that special someone or significant other to a wonderful meal. Well, there is no better way to bruise your wallet or even downright handicap it than to fork your money on these expensive meals. Some of them may sound unreasonable but if that occasion is really worth it then you will not feel the pain when buying these meals.

Or perhaps you would feel it and ignore the nagging sensation of your heart being squeezed dry along with your wallet. Some of these dishes come from remote corners of the world, hence their expensive price tags.

The process of manufacturing these products is also interesting and the manner in which the foods are prepared is also very intriguing. Did you know you can consume gold? Yes! You can literally be worth your weight in gold! Yes, you get to be royal from your gut! You get a chance to be beautiful both on the inside and the outside, which is a quality all human beings are looking for.

You might also be of the opinion that some of the foods are exaggerated and are only for the kings, queens, the guy who invented paper clips and mythical creatures, which is ok; everyone is entitled to an opinion. Whatever you decide is your choice, just sit back, read and decide whether any of the cuisines cited below are worth the hype or not.

10 Civet Coffee: $100 Per Cup

Via chinwijaya.com

This is said to be the world’s most expensive coffee. It costs approximately up to $100 for a cup. Here is the best part; it is made from animal feces! Yes! It is produced from the coffee cherries that have been collected from the waste of the wild Asian palm civet.

The manufacturers of this product took the concept that "one man’s waste is another man’s gold" literally. The civet’s digestive tract gives the coffee a sweet aroma and smooth, round taste. So go get yourself a load of delicious civet coffee and take crap from no one for having good taste in coffee.

9 Wagyu Ribeye: $250 Per Steak

Via dartagnan.com

This rare beef only comes from cattle bred in Japan. They receive regular massages and beer is infused in their diet. One would think that this affects the taste of the meat, but in fact the beer has no direct impact. It does make for some pretty relaxed cows though.

The cattle are massaged to prevent cramping of muscles because of the small spaces in which they are kept. The meat is said to have outstanding flavor and texture and has a price tag of around $250. Who doesn't like a good tender piece of meat on their plate? So throw in the extra money and enjoy.

8 Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn: $250 Per Bucket

world's most expensive food
via www.bercospopcorn.com

Have you ever thought of making movie night extra special or extra classy? Well how about this billion dollar popcorn to make that happen? The butter used comes from the Vermont creamery.

It is salted with the most expensive salt, organic sugar is used for the caramel and to top it off it is garnished with 23-karat edible gold flakes! The rare ingredients do push up the price of this popcorn. So cough up that $250 and get yourself a gallon of this rare goodness. You get to be a king/queen by crowning your royal tummy.

7 Pule Cheese: $1,000 Per Kilogram

Via dingdongsandpolyester.wordpress.com

This cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys from Serbia. The cuisine is distinctively Serbian and is said to pull in around a thousand dollars per kilogram. To begin with, the donkeys have to be milked three times a day. They produce little milk, therefore it takes more than 15 donkeys to yield a gallon of milk per day.

The entire manufacturing process is what makes this cheese worth its weight in gold. It is known for its rich saltiness and unique taste. So for you fans of making pizzas and burgers, embrace the donkey cheese and bring your meal to the next level.

6 Golden Phoenix Cupcake: $1,000 Each

Via thisisego.com

This is said to be one of the most expensive cupcakes in the world, retailing at around $1,000 each. The delicacy is baked using premium Ugandan vanilla beans and first class Amedei Porcelena chocolate. The cupcake is then frosted with chocolate icing and covered with edible gold dust (Do you notice a theme in these foods?).

The proceeds from the sale of these cupcakes go to the World Food Program to help children in times of humanitarian crises and casualties. Wonderful cause, eh? You won't have to feel so guilty about eating gold knowing that you are helping restore someone’s life.

5 Saffron: $1,500 Per Pound

world's most expensive foods
via saffronexport.biz

Saffron is dried yellow stigmas from the purple crocus. Each flower provides three stigmas which must be carefully handpicked and dried, making it the most expensive spice in the world.

The expense comes from the labor put into the picking and drying process. So if you feel your food needs a little kick, just chuck $1,500 and purchase yourself a spice guaranteed to give your food a burst of flavor. It might cost a fortune, but at least you get to eat spicy food in a candle lit setting. I mean who cares about the electricity bills?

4 230 Fifth Hotdog: $2,300 Each

Via paratic.com

The world's most expensive hotdog, found at New York City's 230 Fifth restaurant, is said to cost $2,300. Sounds like pocket change for some. This hotdog is topped with the finest caviar that can be found and is about the length of a baseball bat. The ones who wanted a taste of this hotdog had to order it forty eight hours in advance!

The upside of buying this hotdog is that all the proceeds go to charity. So once you're finished your meal you have the peace of mind that you've helped a charity somewhere. Fill your tummy and donate to charity; awesome!

3 Yubari King Melon: $12,000 Each

world's most expensive foods
via en.wikipedia.org

This is a cantaloupe cultivar farmed in greenhouses in Yubari. It is ranked as one of the most expensive fruits in the world at a whopping $12,000. This orange fleshed melon is prized for its juicy sweetness as well as its aesthetic proportions.

So why should you waste your taste buds’ time by eating unshapely fruits while you can indulge in this delicious, wallet bruising, beautiful fruit? It probably has a higher nutritional content than the rest so when you buy that fruit, it is money well spent. Go ahead and get yourself a delicious juicy Yubari king melon today!

2 Edible Gold Leaf: $15,000 Per Pound

Via ediblegold.co.uk

This product is used to decorate food. It can be used to cover whole candies or sparingly as a garnish. It is ideal for special occasions such as the day you manage to fly to Asgard on a unicorn. However, if you do want to drop 15 grand on edible gold, ensure that you get yourself the purest, that is 23-karat or 24-karat, gold leaves.

The leaves are said to go for around $15,000 per pound. The gold leaf is insanely popular around the Oscars. People use it for drinks and to make Oscar shaped cookies. For fancy parties the dust is sprinkled in the Champagne. Classy.

1 Almas Caviar: $25,000

Via pinterest.com

Iranian caviar is one of the most expensive caviars around. It is not one of those items that are for sale just anywhere. It comes packaged in a metal can bathed in 24-karat gold and is said to be a meal fit for kings and emperors.

So you can chose to either pay your bills and take your children to school or buy fish eggs in gold can worth $25,000. The latter will make you classy though, and your name will be used in sentences with words such as ‘developed palate’ and ‘exquisite taste’ so choose wisely.

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