The Top 10 Healthiest Foods in the World

What food can help a person become healthy? What are the things that we should take in for us to fight diseases effectively? Which food items can boost our energy? What food is the most effective way to burn off our fats?

Healthy foods are the ones that are most beneficial to our health. Popular health food items include natural foods, organic foods, whole foods and even dietary supplements. There are also food items that lay claim to specific health benefits.

There is no exact definition as to what a health food should be. However, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has instructed food manufacturers not to label their items as healthy if they contain a high amount of sugar, salt or fat.

So what particular food should we focus on? Below is a list of the top ten healthiest foods in the world.

10 Avocado

This fruit contains 50 percent of the fiber and 40 percent of the folate that you need to take daily.  This can help reduce the chance of developing heart problems. It also has healthy fats that can help reduce cholesterol by as much as 22 percent. Salads that contain beta carotene can be absorbed better by adding avocado, as it has been found to increase the absorption of the nutrient by as much as five times compared to salads without avocados.

9 Beans

A serving of beans four times a week can help reduce your heart problems by as much as 22 percent. It can also help reduce the chance of breast cancer. Dark beans have been found to be real effective, as it contains 40 times the antioxidants of white beans.

8 Broccoli

Two of the most essential nutrients to help build your bones are Vitamin C and Vitamin K. What better way to get these than by eating broccoli? Yes, the same vegetable that the former president of the United States, George Bush, hated so much that he ordered that it not be served in the White House back in 1990.

A single stalk of broccoli with medium size is enough to supply your entire Vitamin K requirement for the day, as well as 200 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.  It has also been found to prevent the onset of numerous kinds of cancer.

The best way to cook broccoli is by using the microwave. Steaming or boiling the vegetable will take away a third of its Vitamin C, as against using the microwave that will only remove a tenth of its nutrient.

7 Dark Chocolate

Who does not love chocolates? It is probably the comfort food item of millions of individuals. But not all chocolates were created the same. The difference is in the flavonoids. While milk chocolates contain only about 14 milligrams of flavonoids, dark chocolates have about 53.5 milligrams. These flavonoids act as anti oxidants that are known to help reduce your level of bad LDL cholesterol; conversely, they also help increase your good HDL cholesterol level.

Studies have found that eating even just one fourth of an ounce of dark chocolate daily can actually help reduce the blood pressure level of a person.

6 Garlic

Garlic contains allicin, which has been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It also serves as an anti inflammatory agent. Make sure not to overcook it, however, because it will lose its important nutrients when exposed to high heat for more than ten minutes.

The best way to maximize the allicin contained in this food is by crushing the garlic. Garlic is also known to help fight diseases because of its ability to counter bacteria, including the dreaded E. coli.

5 Lemon

Do you know that even just one piece of lemon can help satisfy your daily nutritional need for Vitamin C? It actually even surpasses the requirement. This will help you have strong bones, and it will also increase the level of your good HDL cholesterol. In addition, the citrus flavonoids found in lemon can help counteract the development of cancer cells. These flavonoids also serve as an anti inflammatory agent.

Experts recommend the consumption of green tea with a slice of lemon. This will help increase the ability of your body to consume the anti oxidants found in the green tea by as much as 80 percent.

4 Potato

You may not know it, but potatoes actually contain a starch that can resist fat. Be sure to allow the potato to cool down first before eating it, however. Studies have shown that you can burn up to one fourth more fats than if you eat it immediately after cooking.

Potatoes are also rich in Vitamin A, a nutrient that helps you fight cancer and boost your immunity. It has around eight times your daily requirement for the vitamin. It also has about 66 micrograms of folate, equivalent to the amount found in a cup of spinach or broccoli. Folates are essential in building cells in your body.

3 Salmon

Salmons contain essential omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to reduce the chances of cancer, depression and heart problems. Six ounces of salmon will help meet your daily requirement for niacin, which is important in fighting Alzheimer’s disease and loss of memory. Wild salmons are recommended, as farm-raised ones are known to have 16 times more of the toxic substance called polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB.

2 Spinach

Popeye loves his spinach because it gave him the strength to fight off his enemies. It can also fight off diseases, as spinach is known to be the most effective fruit or vegetable in the battle against cancer.

Spinach also has lutein and zeaxanthin. These anti oxidants can help boost immunity and are important for the health of your eyes.

1 Walnut

If you are nuts about nuts, then this one is for you. Walnuts are probably the best among all the nuts, as it has the most omega-3 fatty acid. It helps reduce cholesterol, fights cancer, protects against sun damage and improves a person’s mood. It also contains melatonin, which can help a person regulate sleep.

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