$195 000 For the Most Expensive Red Wine Available for Retail Purchase

Dubai prides itself for selling the “world’s most expensive bottle of red wine to be ever retailed.”

A wine shop at Dubai International Airport, the Le Clos, in Terminal 3 is selling three Balthazars (12-liter bottles) of Château Margaux 2009 for $195,000 each. Making it the most expensive bottle of red wine to ever be retailed.

Château Margaux created six Balthazars but only three will be sold at Le Clos. This marked the first time that Château Margaux has bottled Balthazars. It is housed in an oak case and raised on steel legs symbolizing the barrels resting in the Château Margaux cellars.

Managing Director Paul Pontallier has this to say, "To mark this fantastic vintage, we are delighted to create a unique opportunity by partnering with Le Clos to offer three Balthazars to the world's international and discerning wine buyers. Château Margaux's history stretches back over 400 years, during which the estate has produced some of the world's best wines time and again. The Château Margaux 2009 vintage is one of the finest we have ever produced, hence why we chose to bottle it in this magnificent format."

Buyers of the wine will also receive a first class flight to France to visit Château Margaux that will include trip and tours to its vineyard and cellar, plus a dinner to be hosted by Pontallier.

"Balthazars ... allow wine to keep almost forever in such a case so what can happen in 50 years time we don't know. We will certainly not repeat that very often. We want to keep it very very special," he added.

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