The Best Chefs In The UK

A chef refers to the chief cook in a restaurant or hotel. Chefs are the ones responsible for making orders, overseeing food preparation and supervising the kitchen staff, don't forget that they plan the menus. Attention must be paid to every detail when running a kitchen. Each step must be planned perfectly, which is why this profession is such an art. Below is the list of the top ten best chefs in the United Kingdom

10 Atul Kochhar

Born on 31st August 1969, Atul Kochhar takes the number 10 slot in UK's top chefs list because of his achievements as an Indian chef in Britain. Although Kochhar was born in India, he is currently based in Britain where he is a successful chef, television personality and restaurateur. He is popularly known for being the first Indian Michelin star chef. His modern Indian cuisine has also made him popular and successful. Atul opened his first restaurant; Benares restaurant back in 2007. Since then, he has appeared in a number of television shows i.e. Great Britain Menu and Masterchef Goes Large which is a great achievement considering he kick-started his career as a cook before starting his own restaurant and becoming a star. Today he is considered the best Indian chef in UK.


9 Tom Aikens

Aikens takes the number 9 slot of the best chefs in the UK because of being an award winning Michelin star chef and also because he is one of the most acclaimed and inspirational chefs in UK. Considering Aikens was born in 1970, he has achieved a lot in his career. Tom opened his first restaurant; Tom Aikens Restaurant in 2003 specializing in modern French Cuisine. He later opened his second restaurant; Brasserie-style Tom's Kitchen in 2006. Apart from the two restaurants, Aikens has 3 cook books and a website. Tom is also currently planning on expanding his restaurant empire and venturing into other related fields.


8 Michel Albert Roux

Michel Roux is also among the best chefs in UK. Michel is currently a 2 star Michelin chef at Le Gavroche. Born on 23rd May 1960, Michel found himself in a family of food lovers and a chef (His father). He took his first chef job and spent 2 years working under his father. Prior to that Michel had spent his early adult life training with the French Army. Michel Roux gained popularity because of television appearances in Hell's Kitchen alongside his friend Gordon Ramsay. Currently, he is the presenter of Food and Drink which is a new and popular series. He is considered one of the best chefs in the UK because of his numerous cookbooks and consultancy work as a chef.


7 Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc is another popular and successful chef in UK which is why he makes to the list of top chefs in the UK. Born on 19th November 1949, Raymond has achieved a lot as a chef despite starting out with no formal training. Although Raymond is French he is based in Britain where he owns Le Manoiraux Quat Saisons, a restaurant in Oxfordshire, England. Raymond boasts of having 2 Michelin stars and a 9 out of 10 Good Food Guide score. Raymond Blanc learnt to cook early in life from his mother. After working in a restaurant as a chef, he learnt the basics which helped him launch his successful fulltime chef career.


6 Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson also makes it in the list of the best chefs in the UK. Born in 1963, Fergus Henderson has done well for himself considering he started off like Raymond Blanc with no formal training as a chef. He is the owner of St John Restaurant in London. Following his parent's footsteps, Henderson studied architecture. He however abandoned architecture to pursue his love for food. His dishes are inspired by traditional British cuisine which he has perfected and loves serving in his restaurants; St John restaurant and St John Bread & Wine.


5 Antony Worrall Thompson

Born on 1st May 1951, Antony Worrall Thompson is number 5 on the top chefs list in the UK. Antony Worrall Thompson owes his success to his status as a celebrity chef having hosted television and radio shows as a chef. Antony Thompson kick started his career as a chef when he took his first job as a caterer. Prior to that, he had studies hotel management in college (Westminster Kingsway College). Anthony Thompson's started his first restaurant (Menage a Trois) in 1981. He later opened other successful restaurants i.e. Metro and Wiz and Woz. His most recent restaurant is The Greyhound.


4 Gary Rhodes

Gary Rhodes claims the number four slot on the list of best chefs in the UK. Born on 22nd April 1960, Rhodes started out as a sous chef at the Reform club in Pall Mall. This was after taking his fist job at Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. Gary Rhodes is popular because of appearing in popular chef shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef and Rhodes Around Britain which was his own series show. Rhodes currently owns 4 restaurants in Britain. He also has a cookware line and bread mixes. He is the living example of a successful chef in and out of the kitchen.


3 Gordon James Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is also another top chef in the UK popularly known for presenting a number of TV programs on food and competitive cookery i.e. Kitchen nightmares. Born on 8th November 1966, Gordon Ramsay has accomplished a lot i.e. he has 15 Michelin star award and numerous TV shows. He currently has interests in restaurants, consultancy and media all under his company; Gordon Ramsay Holdings. Ramsay's career as a chef started as a mistake. He initially started out as a footballer but ended up preferring to study culinary education. He later studied hotel management in college and started out his career as a chef.


2 James Trevor Oliver

James Trevor Oliver popularly known as Jamie takes the number two spot of the best chefs in the UK. Born on 27th May 1975, Oliver is currently one of the most famous chefs in Britain. He is known for his cookbooks, food television shows and most recently his highly publicized campaign against processed foods. He has a very broad international repertoire however his specialty and favorite dish is Italian cuisine. Jamie Oliver developed his interest in food and cooking in his parent's pub where he worked in the kitchen. He started of a pastry chef where he gained experience preparing Italian cuisine. In 2008, he started his first restaurant; Jamie's Italian. He is undoubtedly one of the best chefs in Britain.


1 Heston Marc Blumenthal

Heston Marc Blumenthal tops the list of the best chefs in UK. Born on 27th May 1966, Heston Marc Blumenthal owns two very popular restaurants in UK namely; The Fat Duck and a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in Berkshire. Blumenthal tops the list because of his tremendous achievements as one of the top celebrity chefs in UK considering he is self-taught. He started earning money as a chef when he opened The Fat Duck which was his first restaurant. Prior to opening his first restaurant, he had no experience as a chef. The first ever dish he made (triple cooked chips) is now one of the most famous dishes in the UK. He truly deserves to be Uk's top chef.





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