The 10 Craziest Pizzas From Around The World

The word "Pizza" is special to everyone.  Men, women, and children all over the world can indulge in a slice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Strike up a conversation about pizza and it will likely evoke waves of nostalgia from those around you.  If you can't get to a pizzeria, chances are excellent that a local spot can shoot a pie over in less than an hour.

The oldest pizzeria in the United States and pioneer of the "New York Style" pizza is Lombardi's Pizza in Manhattan.  Located just one block east of the infamous Mulberry Street, Lombardi's first opened their doors in 1905 and continues to serve New Yorkers over 110 years later!

With over a century's worth of pizza boxes piling up in the wild, it comes as no surprise that the world has cooked up some interesting creations to separate themselves from the standard "pepperoni and cheese" flair that most people encounter.  You wouldn't think insects or sea creature droppings belong on a pizza, but we have proof that it's possible in this collection of the 10 craziest pizzas from around the world.

10 Cookie Dough Crust - South Korea

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"Mr. Pizza" is a sexy South Korean-based pizza chain whose target demographic appears to be single women.  Their menu consists of several outlandish options such as the Romantic Combo, Lovely Piece, Secret Garden and Gesal Montand:  Each more exotic (and expensive) than the last.

The big innovation here is The Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza, which starts with a sweet cookie dough crust and piles on the shrimp, potato topping, pumpkin seeds and raisins (to taste).

You may not find Chef Gordon Ramsay falling back to cookie dough, shrimp and raisins anytime soon, but he's no "Mr. Pizza".  To try The Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza, you will have to adventure to South Korea as their sole American location in Los Angeles, CA doesn't appear to include it on their menu.

9 Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb - Belgium

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Got $30?  Do you live on the planet Earth?  If so, The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company's got a treat for you - Their signature Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza™!

16 decadent slices of milk and white chocolate-coated honeycomb balls, vanilla fudge and milk chocolate curls on their special Belgian milk chocolate "crust".  When properly stored, this little number can stay alive for up to 9 months without spoiling... if you can keep yourself from sneaking in a taste of greatness every now and again!

Although it is alarmingly high in sugar and calories, the Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza™ is actually an extremely vegetarian-friendly option.  Although the origin of this dish is on the European continent, their devilishly tempting website enables curious foodies to have their pizza shipped anywhere in the world.

8 Cheeseburger Crown Crust - Abu Dhabi

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Pizza Hut has released their share of crazy gimmicks throughout the years, but it took the minds of the Middle East to fuse two American classics together into the Crown Crust Pizza.

This abomination pits patrons against "perfectly grilled" mini burger gems situated atop a bite-sized rounded crown crust.  For the bold, you can sauce up these sliders with classic condiments like ketchup, mustard, or Pizza Hut's own special sauce... but the eating adventure doesn't stop there!

The rest of the pizza takes the McDonald's motif to new heights with decimated all-beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and more of Pizza Hut's special sauce swirled on for good measure.

In June 2015, Pizza Hut brought the Hot Dog Bites Pizza to America for the first time... and it seems people couldn't get enough of it as many locations around the country are running out the ingredients to make it!

7 Swamp Critters - USA

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Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida combines New York-style pizza with roadkill to make a delicacy they like to call The Everglades.  This masterwork of the American south sets the tone with Evan's famous garlic butter crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese... then it starts getting crazy.

The Everglades features three "exotic" meats:  Fresh swamp Alligator, sizzling bits of python, and headless frogs beckon the denizens of Fort Myers to Evan's humble pizzeria.

Naturally there's more classical faire included on the menu for those aren't willing to adventure into the swamp mouth first... but for the bold, Evan's Neighborhood Pizza might have that fresh bite you've been craving - And at a reasonable price!

6 Guinea Pig - Ecuador

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Local cuisine is traditionally based on the kinds of foods that were readily available to the early settlers of the region.  Today's culinary scene in Ecuador is as ambiguous as it is the world over.  Supermarkets allow locals to get their hands on meats, fruits, and vegetables raised elsewhere on the planet, and at a decent price to boot.

Ecuador has a particular local delicacy that has spread throughout the region known as "Cuy", or "Guinea Pig" for most non-natives.  Cuy can be found in tacos, grilled on skewers, or (in this case) diced up and placed as toppings on a "Pizza de Cuy"!

People have described the taste of the meat as savory like pork, and when cooked properly, tender and light.  Others describe an oily, sinewy beast with no redeeming qualities.

Several studies on the subject of raising Guinea Pig for consumption reveal that the meat is high in protein, low in fat and low in cholesterol... making it a healthier choice than your traditional processed pork toppings popularized by Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza.  It's also better for the environment as the land / food requirements for raising Guinea Pig is minimalistic compared to the needs of cattle.

5 Squid Ink - Japan

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Since it's founding 2,675 years ago, the island country of Japan has had a love for seafood.  You can find country-exclusive crab meat, shrimp, and fish flavored variations of seminal American creations like Doritos Tortilla Chips.  Japan even has it's own take on pizza called "Okonomiyaki", which can best be described as a crepe-like pancake topped with whatever meat and sauce you'd like!

Squid Ink is fan favorite in Japan.  Children especially are fond of the sea creature's ejections as they will temporarily stain their lips, teeth, and tongues black.  Even adults are encouraged to play with their food a little bit, creatively wiping their hands on white paper napkins to write their names or doodle funny manga-style faces.

Variations of the Squid Ink pizza range from simply drizzling the liquid atop the pie as you would crushed red pepper flakes to the full-on substitution of tomato sauce for the black goop.

4 Pepper Kangaroo - Australia

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The Australian Heritage Hotel is the oldest pub in the city of Sydney, Australia.  Tucked away in The Rocks (a historical district), the Australian Heritage Hotel has an eclectic menu consisting mostly of imaginative pizzas.

Their most popular dish is the "Pepper Kangaroo" pizza on your choice of thick or thin crust.  Substantial hunks of Kangaroo meat is marinated in a blend of native Australian peppers and baked alongside roasted capsicum and cranberries.  The exotic combo of Kangaroo meat as well as the native pepper marinade means you are likely to find this exact recipe in Sydney, Australia and nowhere else in the world.

A large Pepper Kangaroo will set your party back around $20 plus an airline ticket to Sydney.  The Australian Heritage Hotel menu recommends pairing it with a McLaren Vale Ale to tie the whole meal together!

3 Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite Pizza - Japan / Korea

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Pizza Hut is at it again with another crazy crust creation!  This time we return to the Asias to marvel at one of the more peculiar looking pizzas on the planet:  The Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite Pizza!  Perhaps the individual components of this pie are unremarkable, but it's the artful presentation of the Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite itself that makes it so crazy...

Try to imagine the thought process that went into crafting this "topping" - You start with a hollowed out dough roll, stuff the head of a whole shrimp inside of it, pack it in with mozzarella, then bake until golden brown (and bright red).  Or, if you prefer a challenge, try to imagine the thought process that went into the official advertisement for this unholy union of surf and turf!

Thanks to the inclusion of this crazy topping, Pizza Hut currently has the only pie on Earth with 32 tails on it!

2 Crunchy Cicadas - USA

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One of the most outlandish pizza toppings on this list are the off-putting winged insect called "Cicadas".  Down in Missouri you can hear the Cicadas chirping on the trees in the summertime... but at night?  You can hear them crunching in the mouths of families gathered for dinner!

There is a slight crunch involved, but it mostly adds a smooth nutty flavor into the mix.  Aficionados claim the most tender Cicadas can be found emerging from the roots of trees in the morning hours when they're still soggy white or pus yellow.  People use it as a salad topping, in tacos, and of course - On pizza!

Keep it organic and take care not to collect Cicadas from orchards, farms, or any other place where pesticides were likely used!

1 24-Carat Gold Leaf - eBay Only

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Chef Domenico Crolla crafted a one-of-a-kind 12-inch pizza experience with real 24-Carat Gold Leaf in honor of James Bond and christened it the "Pizza Royale 007".  It was sold in auction on eBay for an incredible $4,200 and delivered to a lawyer named Maurizio Morelli (Rome, Italy).

It's been called "The World's Most Expensive Pizza", and it's defining characteristic is the 24-Carat Gold Leaf cherry on top.

The rest of the "Pizza Royale 007" is a feast fit for Bond himself:  Dom Perignon-soaked caviar, lean venison medallions, finely shaved white truffle, cognac-marinated lobster tail, savory custom prosciutto, Scottish smoked salmon, strips of beef soaked in Henry the VIII, fresh chicken soaked in tequila, italian free range mountain eggs and much more.

24-Carat Gold Leaf is one of the world's most visually luxurious ingredients and can be found adorning the world's most expensive desserts.


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